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Rosa starts flying behind me as I run at the dragon. The dragon breathes fire at me, I jump over the blast and use Dimensional Step and appear over its head. I proceed to use the B-Rank Kodachi technique Meteor Drop directly on its head. I pull the kodachi out of its head and jump on its back and grab the dragon's wings and use Judo Throw to toss it back. As it flung in the air Rosa cast the S-Rank Dark spell Embrace the Dark. A huge Dark X flew towards the dragon which impaled it and then exploded. The dragon landed and started screaming.

Elder Zombie Dragon

Level 72

HP: 125000/154000

MP: 47000/47000

It already lost a fifth of its HP, let's keep up the pressure. It started flying and is shooting a purple looking breath at Rosa, Rosa teleports to dodge it, I jump up and use Dimensional Step, I create a Scythe and stab into its side and throw the dragon back down, I fall after it using Death's Saw Blade, an A-Rank Scythe technique, which I unconsciously used against Rey back in that battle without realizing the name. I land the hit and jump off the dragon.

Rosa uses Abyss while the dragon is still stunned on the ground, I jump into the explosion and use True Close Combat on its head. The dragon after all that is missing an eye and one of its wings is all bones now.

Elder Zombie Dragon

Level 72

HP: 93000/154000

MP: 47000/47000

The dragon produces a loud roar that causes the room to shake, he starts glowing and a bunch of magic circles appear. In front of us, a bunch of monsters appear. Two smaller zombie dragons, three zombies wearing red armor, and five Zombie Knights which we saw while exploring the dungeon. It summons back up when it's at around 60%HP, this dungeon must be aware of how frail the Elder Zombie Dragon is compared to other A-Ranks. Now he has the numbers advantage, we have to be careful.

Zombie Dragon

Danger Rank: B+

Level: 65


Blood Zombie General

Danger Rank: B+

Level: 62

Right when everyone was about to start a crazy battle we heard a voice.

(Rosa) "True Combination Magic! S-Rank Spell: Embrace The Void!"

I turn around and see Rosa with glowing pink eyes and her hand out. A huge pitch-black orb with purple lightning flies at the group of enemies and swallows all of them, after a few seconds the orb disappears, all that remains in its place are the armor the zombies used, the zombie dragons but most of their skin is now just bones and a heavily injured Elder Zombie Dragon. Holy fuck! Rosa just nuked them. What was that?

Rosa has achieved True Combination Magic! 

True Combination Magic

Only those who have reached perfection in Magic can break the limitations of the magic system and acquire the ability to use True Combination Magic. Able to combine, create, and modify any magic.

This looks like something big! Isn't she just a magic god at this point. Well, we'll look into it later, first, let's finish this battle.

Elder Zombie Dragon

HP: 47500/154000

MP: 24000/47000

The two zombie dragons are on their last legs and will die with a single attack, I rush at the boss while Rosa finishes off the two zombie dragons using dark magic. I jump at the boss and take out my scythe.

(Rosa) "True Combination Magic! A-Rank Spell Death's Blade!"

After hearing that both my scythe and I start having a black aura, I feel far stronger, let's finish this.

(Lilith) "S-Rank Technique! Soul Reap!"

At that moment I slashed at its head and his head broke apart. The corpse collapsed, it's over. I pick up all the magic stones in the area and eat them.

Level Up! Rosa has reached Level 64! Lilith has reached Level 67!

We gained 10 levels from that fight not bad.

Congratulations! Hell's Ruin cleared! Flawless Boss Fight! Best Reward obtained!

Two chests appeared in front of us like other times. We opened them and checked their contents.

Martial God's Bracelets

Bracelets that used to be worn by a person who has reached the pinnacle of martial arts. When equipped unarmed combat power increased by 50%.

Ancient Magic Sceptre

A sceptre that was once wielded by a royal sage. When equipped spell power increases by 40% and spell cost decreases by 20%.

These are very interesting rewards. They feel worth being this dungeon's best rewards, the bracelets are made of solid gold with black engravings. How aesthetically fitting with my look. The sceptre Rosa got is all pink with a big black onyx inlaid on top. Really too coincidentally fitting with our aesthetics. 

(Rosa) "The sceptre is made out of orichalcum according to my Witch's Eyes and the onyx is magically enchanted."

(Lilith) "Orichalcum?"


Ranked third in the metal rankings.

Metal Rankings

1.God's Steel

2.Star Metal




Interesting third place among metals. My body is composed of mithril which is fifth. According to this Orichalcum isn't as strong as mithril but is 5x more receptive to magic, making it far superior to create better magic items. Adamantite is less receptive to magic than either but is far stronger. Meanwhile, the top two are just all-around better. Star Metal is slightly weaker than Adamantite but is just as receptive to magic as orichalcum. God's Steel is twice as strong as adamantite and twice as receptive to magic compared to orichalcum. This is good to know for the future. Let's check out our status.

Name: Rosa
Unique Race: Destroyer Witch
Species: Slime

Level: 64

HP: 55000/55000

MP: 95000/95000

Experience: 567000/600000

Endurance: 7400

Attack: 0

Defense: 7120

Magic: 28500

Dexterity: 7780

Innate Skills:

Slime Body

Presence Erasure

Dimensional Stomach

Magic Affinity

Size Modification

Magic Body



Witch's Eyes

All-Out Destruction

True Combination Magic


Stealth (S)

All-Magic Mastery (-)

Alchemy (High)

Physical Attack Resistance (S)

Magical Attack Immunity (-)

Instant-Death Immunity (-)


Dumb Courage

Dependant Leech


Pure Mage


Battle Champion


Perfect Mage


Master Adaptor

Ascended Mage

Magic System Breaker


Name: Lilith
Unique Race: Nightmare Doll
Species: Spirit Golem

Level: 67

HP: 72000/72000

MP: 42000/42000

Experience: 720000/800000

Endurance: 8500

Attack: 6600 (+450, +350)

Defense: 9000

Magic: 8800

Dexterity: 14000

Innate Skills:

Language Translation


Assassin's Touch

Golem Body

Body Regeneration

Doll Face

Magic Scythe

Nightmare Aura

Ghost Blade


Kodachi Mastery (-)

Dagger Mastery (-)

Scythe Mastery (-)

Hand-to-Hand Combat Mastery (-)

Enhancement Magic (S)

Illusion Step (High)

Dimensional Step (High)

Physical Attack Resistance (S)

Magical Attack Resistance (S)

Acid Resistance (S)

Thermal Fluctuation Resistance (S)


Reincarnated from Another World


Titan Killer



Battle Champion

Soul Reaper

Well, some new skills and titles we're gained, Rosa's status is way shorter now. There is True Combination Magic which we saw during the fight, All-Magic Mastery, she can use all magic spells. She has two new titles, Ascended Mage, it grants her complete control of magic, and Magic System Breaker, it grants her True Combination Magic. Even I might be hard-pressed to beat Rosa in a fight, Crya would still flatten us though.

As for me, I acquired Ghost Blade, it lets my attacks ignore an opponent's physical body and attack the soul. Illusion Step reached High rank, I can now create illusion clones now. I gained a new title, Soul Reaper, I gained it for killing the boss by attacking his soul using Soul Reap, it gave me Ghost Blade.

Let's leave and head back to Hart. After that let's go to the capital of Unique, Monstro.

A note from CarlosCross

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