The following morning I opened up the map of Unique, I noticed it also marked dungeons, there is an A-Rank dungeon called Hell's Ruin about half a day from town. This should provide a lot of experience so we decide to head there later.

First, we're going to check out the weapon shop, after looking around for half an hour we find the shop. We enter and the place is filled with a wide array of weapons.

(???) "Welcome! Are you looking for a weapon?"

Given Name: Clay
Race: Earth Spirit Oni
Species: Humanoid Monster
Level: 35

An oni shopkeep. He's probably the blacksmith too.

(Lilith) "Hello, we're just looking around, I think it would be impressive if I find a weapon capable of replacing either of mine."

(Clay) "Ho. I see you must think highly of your weapons."

Rosa was just looking around the store, like a kid in a candy store. I walk up to the shopkeep and show him my weapons.

(Clay) "The sword is a very basic Kodachi made from mithril, but the dagger, it is also made from mithril but it seems far superior and it has spirit energy inside, this is a true piece of art. Who forged it?"

(Lilith) "It was originally a magically enchanted steel dagger, but my friend over there has the Alchemy skill so I had her combine the dagger and my severed arm and this was the result."

(Clay) "Your arm!? I see you must be a golem."

(Lilith) "Yes, I am a golem. I'm currently composed of mithril. I have a skill that lets me regenerate lost limbs."

(Clay) "I see. Do you mind selling me some of your mithril, using such high-quality material would be a good test for my skills."

(Lilith) "Sure, how much?"

(Clay) "Enough to make a sword."

I pick up my dagger and cut off an arm, I regenerate the arm, cut it off again, and regenerate it again. I give Clay both arms.

(Clay) "Thank you. As payment, you can have this box of magic stones, it's filled with B and A-Rank magic stones."

(Lilith) "Thanks."

I pick up the box, I look around the store and then leave with Rosa. We decide to now leave and head to Hell's Ruin. We leave through the gate we came in through, and start walking to where the dungeon is.

After half a day of travel, we arrive at the area indicated by the map. Around us were broken pillars, collapsed building, and in the center was a building covered in vines, it leads down a staircase. We walk toward the center building and next to the entrance is a sign.

Hell's Ruin

Beware of undead.

Danger Rank: A

Seems that it is an undead themed dungeon. We start heading down into the dungeon, at the bottom of the staircase was a hallway, it seems the dungeon is a labyrinth. We start walking down the hallways and run into our first group of monsters.

Armored Skeleton Knight

Danger Rank: B+

Magic Warrior Zombie

Danger Rank: B

There are three zombies and two skeletons, their levels are ranging between, 50-53. I ignore the zombies and go straight to the skeletons, I crush one of the skulls of the skeletons with a double-handed bash. The skeleton with no head tries attacking me, it can't see well, and is flailing around. I turn around and see the three zombies have life magic used on them and they turn to dust. I go all out against the skeletons and break all their limbs, preventing any form of retaliation. We finish off the skeletons and continue deeper into the dungeon.

While exploring we run into Nightmare Armours, Blood Wraiths, Elder Liches, Zombie Knights, Dark Wights, and Nightmare Zombie Wolves. They are all B or B+ rank and are leveled in the 50s. It was annoying killing things that kept moving without a head. 

Level Up! Rosa reached Level 50!

Level Capped.

Evolution Available!

Destroyer Witch

A Witch that has acquired the Destroyer title, they are very fond of large AoE magic. Danger Rank: B+

Level Up! Lilith reached Level 50!

Level Capped.

Evolution Available!

Nightmare Doll

A doll golem that embodies dread, gloom, and nightmares. Emits an aura of pure fear. Danger Rank: B+

We can both evolve. We both initiate the evolution process. I start glowing, my appearance becomes even more realistically detailed, I now have the appearance of a 10-year-old girl, I look like myself from my past life just shinier, and my dress is getting modified to look a bit spookier. Rosa is in her slime form, the only change is the pink symbol getting even more intricate, she changes into her human form she now looks like a 9-year-old girl, the pink symbol on her slime body is on her hat and dress. Let's see what's new with our status.

Name: Rosa
Unique Race: Destroyer Witch
Species: Slime

Level: 54

HP: 33000/33000

MP: 63000/63000

Experience: 345600/380000

Endurance: 5400

Attack: 0

Defense: 5120

Magic: 21500

Dexterity: 5780

Innate Skills:

Slime Body

Presence Erasure

Dimensional Stomach

Magic Affinity

Size Modification

Magic Body



Witch's Eyes

All-Out Destruction


Stealth (S)

Dark Magic Mastery (-)

Four-Attribute Magic Mastery (-)

War-Class Magic (S)

Life Magic (S)

Light Magic (B)

Alternate-Four-Attribute Magic (S)

High Alternate-Four-Attribute Magic (A)

Poison Magic (S)

Dimension Magic (S)

Enhancement Magic (S)

Alchemy (High)

Physical Attack Resistance (S)

Magical Attack Immunity (-)

Instant-Death Immunity (-)


Dumb Courage

Dependant Leech


Pure Mage


Battle Champion


Perfect Mage


Master Adaptor


Name: Lilith
Unique Race: Nightmare Doll
Species: Spirit Golem

Level: 57

HP: 45400/45400

MP: 22000/22000

Experience: 453000/500000

Endurance: 6530

Attack: 4500 (+450, +350)

Defense: 6890

Magic: 6620

Dexterity: 10460

Innate Skills:

Language Translation


Assassin's Touch

Golem Body

Body Regeneration

Doll Face

Magic Scythe

Nightmare Aura


Kodachi Mastery (-)

Dagger Mastery (-)

Scythe Mastery (-)

Hand-to-Hand Combat Mastery (-)

Enhancement Magic (S)

Illusion Step (Low)

Dimensional Step (High)

Physical Attack Resistance (S)

Magical Attack Resistance (S)

Acid Resistance (S)

Thermal Fluctuation Resistance (S)


Reincarnated from Another World


Titan Killer



Battle Champion

We are far stronger than before, we both acquired new innate skills, Rosa's All-Out Destruction does one thing, all spells have double AoE. Mine, Nightmare Aura, generates an aura around me that causes weaker monsters to suffer a variety of mental status, fear, panic, confusion, etc. I can manually turn it off, so I can at least go into towns without causing an incident. Rosa gained more magic types, Alternate-Four-Attribute encompasses, Electric, Lava, Ice, and Plant Magic. She also has Light Magic now. I acquired the Illusion Step, I can leave shadow clones while moving, and my heat and cold resistance merged.

We arrive at the boss' room around an hour later. We enter through the door, it's a wide-open room, there's an arena in the middle, we step in and the floor surrounding it disappears. Interesting a boss that wants to be an ass and knock you off the ring to your death. Too bad for it, Rosa can fly and we both have ways to teleport. 

(???) "Graaaaagh!!"

The boss is here, it swooped down from above and landed in front of us.

Race: Elder Zombie Dragon
Species: Dragon

Level: 72

HP: 154000/154000

MP: 47000/47000

Endurance: 12400

Attack: 17800

Defense: 9500

Magic: 6700

Dexterity: 8500

Innate Skills:

Dragon Scales

Dragon Breath



Claw Skill (S)

Fire Magic (S)

High Fire Magic (A)

Poison Fang (S)

Physical Attack Resistance (S)

Magical Attack Resistance (S)

Holy Immunity (-)


Dungeon Boss

Elder Zombie Dragon

Danger Rank: A+

An Elder Zombie Dragon, level 72. At least the boss isn't susceptible to his own arena, because that would be poor design. If the boss didn't have Flight, I would just Judo Throw him off the ledge. This should be a fun fight, too bad he's alone, this battle will probably be similar to the battle against Rey, the difference is that this dragon is less smart. Well, let's get this show rolling, I create a scythe and step forward.

A note from CarlosCross

I hope you enjoyed the chapter. I changed Lilith and Rosa's stat box color to give it some uniqueness, I will probably change the one's in previous chapters eventually, as well as giving special characters unique colored status boxes too, please leave comments down below, and see you next time. 


Edit: Start box color changed to be less bad in dark mode.

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