(Lilith) [You have a humanoid form now!]

(Rosa) [Yep! Isn't that cool! spins in a circle]


(Lilith) [Try walking forward.]

(Rosa) [Okay! falls Uumph!]

(Lilith) "sighs"

I then proceed to spend a month teaching Rosa, everything from walking, running, using her arms, jumping, talking, every useful language, and any other useful movement.

(Lilith) "Okay, we spent a month teaching you to use your human form. Now to see how well you learned, clear this obstacle course without using magic."

(Rosa) "Yes, ma'am!"

(Lilith) "Ready, set, go!"

Rosa then started running, avoiding every obstacle perfectly. After a minute she finished with a perfect score.

(Lilith) "Good job! You passed!"

(Rosa) "Yay! bounces"

I walk over to where she was and pat her head.

(Lilith) "Now let's finally get out of this damn forest."

We start walking north to where the mountain range protecting Unique should be. Let's check how our status is currently.

Name: Rosa
Unique Race: Black Witch
Species: Slime

Level: 32

HP: 4000/4000

MP: 6700/6700

Experience: 34200/36400

Endurance: 1050

Attack: 0

Defense: 1000

Magic: 6000

Dexterity: 1240

Innate Skills:

Slime Body

Presence Erasure

Dimensional Stomach

Magic Affinity

Size Modification

Magic Body



Witch's Eyes


Stealth (S)

Dark Magic Mastery (-)

Four-Attribute Magic Mastery (-)

War-Class Magic (S)

Life Magic (S)

Electric Magic (S)

High Electric Magic (F)

Poison Magic (S)

Dimension Magic (S)

Enhancement Magic (S)

Alchemy (Low)

Physical Attack Resistance (S)

Magical Attack Immunity (-)

Instant Death Immunity (-)


Dumb Courage

Dependant Leech


Pure Mage


Battle Champion


Perfect Mage


Master Adaptor


Name: Lilith
Unique Race: Reaper Doll
Species: Spirit Golem

Level: 35

HP: 5400/5400

MP: 2900/2900

Experience: 42100/45000

Endurance: 1720

Attack: 1000 (+150)

Defense: 1490

Magic: 1520

Dexterity: 3100

Innate Skills: 

Language Translation 


Assassin's Touch

Golem Body

Body Regeneration

Doll Face

Magic Scythe


Kodachi Skill (S)

Dagger Mastery (-)

Scythe Mastery (-)

Hand-to-Hand Combat Mastery (-)

Enhancement Magic (S)

Dimensional Step (Medium)

Physical Attack Resistance (S)

Acid Resistance (S)

Magical Attack Resistance (S)

Heat Resistance (S)


Reincarnated from Another World


Titan Killer



Battle Champion

Rosa having Humanization was expected but the other stuff? Flight!? Rosa can fly? Witch's Eyes, apparently it can do two things, analyze materials used in potions and their effects, and it can also inflict a variety of mental statuses on opponents she uses it on, but this skill is only usable in her human form. Rosa acquired even more magic types, which isn't surprising. She also got Alchemy, it seems it allows her to magically create items if she has the materials, the quality of the item and the success rate is based on the rank of the skill. Her new title lets her switch between slime and human in an instant instead of it taking a few seconds. 

Some of my combat skills fused since I maxed them out and my Dimensional Step increased in rank increasing my usable teleport distance from 3 meters to 10 meters.

I ask Rosa to test out her flight skill. She starts floating in the air and spends a couple of minutes getting used to it, it seems it came naturally to her, she's already smoothly flying quickly with no trouble. While in the air I ask her which way is the mountains to make sure we were going the right way. We were.

After another two days of walking, we see a clearing and leave the dense trees. I look up and see a huge mountain. 

(Rosa) "Wow! Big Sis Lilith look at how tall that mountain is!"

(Lilith) "Yeah, it's pretty huge. We just have to get to the other side, we don't have to go to the peak."

(???) "Grrrraaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!"

That was a loud roar, we turn and look where that roar came from. What stood in front of us was an 8-meter tall monster. It has the head of a lion, wings of an eagle, tail of a scorpion, scaled legs of a dragon, and long devil horns.

Name: Rey
Race: King Chimera
Species: Chimera

Level: 53

HP: 12400/12400

MP: 4500/4500

Endurance: 2900

Attack: 6000

Defense: 2000

Magic: 1800

Dexterity: 2200

Innate Skills:

Dragon Breath


Dragon Scales

Oppressive Aura


Lethal Venom



Claw Skill (S)

Poison Sting (S)

Four-Attribute Magic (S)

High Four-Attribute Magic (D)

Body Strengthening (S)

Physical Attack Resistance (S)

Magical Attack Resistance (S)

Poison Immunity (-)

Mental Status Immunity (-)



Battle Champion

King of Death Forest

Trial Master

King Chimera

Danger Rank: B+

Now, this is a boss monster. He actually has a name. This will be a tough battle, I'm excited. Rosa casts enhancement magic on both of us, and then she starts flying to have one of us in the air and one on the ground to make it harder for Rey.

I start the fight by running toward him, he glares at me and shoots a fireball at me. Rosa neutralizes it with a water spell. Using the steam I use Dimensional Step and appear above Rey and hit his neck with an axe kick and then use Dragon First on the back of his head, he throws me off, I land and he fires an Ice Breath, Rosa casts an Air spell to deflect the Ice Breath coming at me and then fires a high-rank Dark Spear at Rey. Who proceeds to avoid it and fire a giant fireball at Rosa. I smirk at that and take the chance to use my dagger to attack his neck again, I slit his neck, but the cut sealed a second later, it seems this guy has a high regenerative ability. The damage was still done though, but I was too close and was kicked away. I roll on the ground and get back into the correct posture. He notices that the fire spell did nothing to Rosa and glares.

Rey, King Chimera

Level 53

HP: 10200/12400

MP: 4200/4500


Lilith, Reaper Doll

Level 35

HP: 4500/5400

MP: 2850/2900


Rosa, Black Witch

Level 32

HP: 4000/4000

MP: 6620/6700

That kick took away a sixth of my HP! That thing really is strong, this battle would be absurdly difficult by myself. I then start glowing and feel refreshed. Rosa used healing magic on me. Rey starts flying up to attack Rosa knowing it has no chance of winning without dealing with her first. Who said I'd let you have the chance, Rosa uses Dimension Magic to teleport me in front of her, I start falling towards Rey, he moves to the side to avoid me but I use Dimensional Step to appear in front of him and grab his horns and spin in midair and throw him straight down and follow him down he crashes into the ground and I body slam him while falling at high speeds.

We both get up from the crater that impact caused. 

Rey, King Chimera

Level 53

HP: 8500/12400

MP: 4200/4500


Lilith, Reaper Doll

Level 35

HP: 5000/5400

MP: 2800/2900

Rosa, Black Which

Level 32

HP: 4000/4000

MP: 6530/6700

This is an exciting fight, now will Rey ever get a chance at attacking Rosa, the one thing preventing his victory. We glare at each other, I proceed to create a scythe out of magic, now it's time to have a lot of fun.

A note from CarlosCross

I hope you enjoyed this chapter. Please leave comments down below and look forward to the conclusion to the battle next chapter.

Very Happy

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