Lil Sis and I were walking down the road wondering where our adventure will take us next.

(???) "Kyaa!"

A scream? We head in that direction and see a carriage surrounded by men. It seems a carriage was attacked by bandits, the situation isn't too bad, the guards protecting the carriage are far stronger than the bandits even if it is 12 vs 3. The issue lies in them having to protect the people in the carriage, from the scream I heard earlier there is definitely a girl in the carriage.

(Guard A) "Shit, why did there have to be this many bandits, if I had more space this would be easy."

(Guard B) "Life isn't fair."

(Guard C) "Hahaha! Buckle in guys this will take a while."

Well, they seem to be fine. Oh, a bandit is trying to sneak by their blind spot.

(BS) [Hey Big Sis, should we help them?]

(DoD) [Why should we?]

(BS) [I'm hungry.]

(DoD) [Why would you want to eat dirty bandits? We can just go kill a few wolves or something.]

(BS) [I just want to entertain myself, the hunger was just an excuse.]

(DoD) [You should've just said so.]

Well, time to join in. I grab my dagger and throw it at the bandit trying to sneak through the guard's blind spot.

(Bandit) "Gah! collapses"

(Guard A) "What the? He almost got through! Where did that dagger come from?"

Everyone there paused and looked into the direction the dagger came from. I was casually walking towards them.

(Bandit) "A little girl?"

(Guard B) "What kind of little girl can throw a dagger from that distance and perfectly nail an opponent in the head."

I arrive walk to the dead bandit and pick up the dagger wiping it clean on the bandit's clothes.

(DoD) "Hello."

(Guard C) "Who are you? Wait, why is there a slime on your head!?"

Everyone then noticed Lil Sis who was sitting on my head.

(DoD) "Oh, we are just a pair of traveling monsters."

Everyone there looked surprised.

(Bandit) "Whatever, kill the guards. We haven't completed our task!"

The battle between the bandits and guards continued. Why was I ignored? Well, let's continue what I was doing. I walk up to another bandit and punch his stomach, he bent over and I chopped is neck and he collapsed. Everyone turned to look at me again.

(Bandit) "What are you doing!?"

(DoD) "Isn't it obvious? I'm killing bandits."

(Bandit) "Wha-? You bitch! Kill her!"

Three bandits came up to attack me but then Lil Sis bounced on my head and three Earth Spikes stabbed them through their hearts.

(DoD) "Did you forget I'm not alone?"

I say while pointing at my head. They underestimated an opponent who had just killed two of their own in seconds.

(Bandit) "Grr. You-! collapses"

Ah, the bandits got distracted and the guards killed them from behind. There's just one bandit left who was at the back of the group. Oh, he ran into the forest. I'll follow him, might lead me to their base, I wonder what loot I can find at a bandit camp. Lil Sis eats the dead bandits and we proceed to follow the bandit that fled.

(???) "Wait."

I turn around and a young lady who stepped out of the carriage was looking at me.

(DoD) "Yes?"

(Young Noble Lady) "Why did you help us? Monsters have nothing to gain."

(DoD) "Two reasons. One, I wanted to see if the bandits had anything interesting on them. Two, my Lil Sis here points at head wanted some entertainment."

After saying that I walk into the forest to give pursuit to that bandit.

Back at the carriage

(Young Noble Lady) "What a weird monster."

(Guard A) "Princess Sarah, please return to the carriage and let us be on our way."

(Princess Sarah) "Yes. Alex, Clyde, Matt, thank you for always protecting me."

(Clyde) "It is our duty and pleasure your majesty."

(Matt) "Oh! Now that I think about it I heard a rumor about two monsters plaguing a dungeon near Novican, it was apparently a doll-like golem and a black slime. I can't believe I didn't realize it sooner."

(Alex) "Really? Looks like Novican couldn't deal with them if they're out and about here."

(Princess Sarah) "It would be nice to meet them again someday."

(Maid) "Princess, come in don't let the sun harm your skin."

(Princess Sarah) "Thank you, Claire."

Back to Doll of Death

We have been quietly following the bandit after easily catching up. After about an hour we arrived.

(Fleeing Bandit) "Guys!"

(Bandit) "Oh? Where are the others, did you pull off the attack?"

(Fleeing Bandit) "It was going normally, we almost succeeded, by then this weird monster appeared and started killing everyone except those from the carriage!"

(Bandits) "What!?"

(Bandit Leader) "How did you survive?"

(Fleeing Bandit) "I was the furthest back when I saw everyone dead I ran away."

(Bandit Leader) "Did you make sure not to be followed?"

(DoD) "He did not."

I casually stand at the entrance of the camp. Everyone turned to look at me.

(Bandit Leader) "Who are you?"

(Fleeing Bandit) "Hieee! Boss that's the monster!"

(Bandits) "What!"

(Bandit Leader) "That thing is the monster?"

(Bandit) "Hahaha. Are you sure you haven't gone crazy?"

A smug looking bandit walked towards me, the bandit leader narrowed his eyes.

(Bandit) "Ha! Just a girl, what monster?"

He tries to grab me, I grab his wrist and crush it.

(Bandit) "Gyaaaaaahh!"

I then kicked the bandit flying away.

(DoD) "Well, I'm not in the mood to kill a bunch of bandits right now. Lil Sis just blow them up."

Lil Sis bounces on my head and everyone looked at it. Lil Sis then used the first War Class magic spell, Explosion!


In front of us, a giant burning explosion happened. Destroying everything, it then died down. I look around, there are burnt corpses everywhere, I then search around their camp. Most of the stuff here was burnt, I check the area the boss was at and notice an area of dirt that looked like it gets dug up often.

After digging for a bit I find a safe, it was in good condition due to having been protected from the explosion. It seems to be made of iron, I punch a hole through it and rip the door off. Inside the safe, I find a rolled-up parchment and multiple leather bags. I check the bags and find coins with an assortment of them, copper, silver, and gold. I have Lil Sis store them in her stomach and proceed to check the parchment. It was a map, of the entire continent. This should prove useful, I check the map there are 6 countries on this continent. There is the human country, Victus. The elven country, Almant. The dwarven kingdom, Mitho. The beast-men country, Savan. The demon country, Cryptica. Finally, there is the monster kingdom, Unique.

We appear to be in Victus. To the south is Mitho, to the west is Savan, to the southwest is Almant, to the east is Cryptica, and then to the north is Unique. According to the map, Unique takes up at least 30% of the continent, I can see why the northern part of the continent is isolated by a mountain range making it difficult for other countries to invade. And the only reasonably possible part of the climb is the area north of Victus, but a place called Death Forest is in front of the mountain. Unique has a perfect natural defense. The mountain range is too steep to climb in other areas.

So many choices for exploration.

(DoD) [Lil Sis, which should we visit first.]

(BS) [I'm interested in what a country full of people like us is like.]

(DoD) [North it is then.]

Oh, we gained experience from all the bandits we killed, I forgot to look.

Black Wizard Slime

Level 24

Magic Doll

Level 27

Okay, that's good, now northwards. I point in the direction by relying on the moss growing on the trees.

(BS) [Adventure! bounces]

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