Now that this dungeon has no more benefits, Lil Sis and I are going to leave this place. I pick up Lil Sis and start walking in the direction of the exit. We didn't run into any monsters, they all ran in fear at the sight of us, after a few hours of uninterrupted walking we can see sunlight coming in, symbolizing the exit is near. We head toward the light and see the exit, the moment we step outside we see a bunch of adventurers who in turn see us and have shocked faces.

(Adventurer A) "A little girl?"

(Adventurer B) "Wait a minute, look what's in her arms! A black slime! It's the rumored Golem and Slime!"

Rumored? It seems we garnered attention from the adventurers while going on a massacre the past few days. I hope that doesn't cause any problems.

(Adventurer C) "The Golem looks different from the rumors. Did it evolve!?"

(Adventurer D) "Everyone get your weapons ready!"

(Adventurer E) "Anyone with an appraisal skill, get any information and go report to the guild!"

They are shouting their plans in front of the enemy? Maybe they think, that because I'm a monster I can't understand them?

(DoD) [Lil Sis, do you know what they're saying?]

(BS) [Nope!]

I see unless you learn the language or have a skill like mine monsters don't understand humans, makes logical sense I suppose. Hm, since I actually look human and have a mouth, can I somehow magically talk. I try using magic to mess with the air inside my mouth, I don't have a throat since the inside of my mouth is just decorative. I open my mouth and try saying something by manipulating the air.

(DoD) " H-He. H-Heeel."

All the adventurers are looking at me confused.

(DoD) "H-Hello."

All the adventurers look surprised and wary, probably not expecting that I could speak.

(Adventurer D) "whispers It can talk?"

(Adventurer E) "whispers It seems so."

I can hear you two you know? I turn to look at them and they react like they just got shocked.

(DoD) "Let us leave. We won't kill you."

(Adventurer B) "How can we believe that!"

They obviously can't just blindly trust a monster. Understandable. I start walking forward while still holding Lil Sis. I walk through the crowd of adventurers. When I nearly got through one adventurer tried attacking me with his sword.

(Dumb Adventurer) "Take this!"

I catch the sword with my hand. It is an iron sword, I proceed to break the sword with my grip and give a light kick to the adventurer's stomach. He then went flying and hit a tree, then fainted. I continue walking and then go on my way down the road.


A few hours later

Novican Adventurer's Guild

(Adventurer G) "The Golem and Slime duo left the Novice's Cave!"

(Everyone in the lobby) "What!"

A staff member runs up to tell the Guildmaster, the Guildmaster than rushes down.

(Guildmaster) "Is it true!? They left!?"

(Adventurer G) "Yes, a bunch of us were outside the dungeon when the two walked out."

(Adventurer F) "The golem evolved again. It can even speak."

(Guildmaster) "What!"

(Guildmaster's Assistant) "Did anyone appraise the two?"

(Adventurer G) "Yes! I appraised them and got some information. The golem is actually a Spirit Golem. Its race is Magic Doll a Rank D+ monster. The slime's race is Magic Black Slime a Rank E+ monster. The Magic Doll was level 20 and the Magic Black Slime is level 19."

All the adventurers in the lobby gasped.

(Guildmaster) "Was there any other information?"

(Adventurer G) "Yes, I learned their HP and MP. I still shiver thinking about it."

(Guildmaster) "Say it!"

(Adventurer G) "Magic Doll, HP 2000 MP 850. Magic Black Slime, HP 1000 MP: 2000."

A very sharp and loud inhale sounded throughout the lobby.

(Guildmaster's Assistant) "What did the two monsters say and do?"

(Adventurer D) "The Magic Doll first tried to speak but couldn't get it to be clear bit then managed. It first said hello, and then it told us to let it leave and that it wouldn't hurt us."

(Adventurer E) "After someone asked it why should we believe that it started at them and then proceeded to walk forward. It ignored everyone and was walking through us. When the two nearly got through a young adventurer tried attacking them. The Magic Doll caught the sword with one hand and broke the sword, it proceeded to then kick the young adventurer who went flying and hit a tree. After that, it just continued walking and went along the road in the opposite direction of town."

(Guildamaster) "Hmm, I see. What happened to the young adventurer?" 

(Adventurer F) "They were given first aid and brought back here. It seems the Magic Doll decided to hold back considering the adventurer only had light injuries."

(Guildmaster's Assistant) "Guildmaster, we should report this to the main branch in the capital. They can spread information faster and can warn anyone in areas where they are spotted about them. It will also help keep any information about them up to date."

(Guildmaster) "Yeah. sighs More paperwork. Let's use the magic communication mirror to give them the gist quickly."

(Guildmaster's Assistant) "You still have to do all the paperwork."

(Guildmaster) "Ugh!"

At a table in the corner of the lobby sat three adventurers.

(Chase) "Looks like that golem really caused a commotion."

(Emily) "That subjugation request if it ever appears will soon be classified as a B-Rank."

(Dave) "Of course. Considering the level of the slime it's about to evolve as well. By the time any C-Rank parties find them, they would be nothing but a warm-up."

(Chase) "Hoo boy. I'm curious as to what that golem looks like now in comparison to the stone puppet from before."

(Emily) "Just wait a few days, a picture of them will appear soon, and once again we remind ourselves, we knew nothing about the golem until the rumors appeared."

(Chase & Dave) "Agreed."

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