I had Lil Sis eat the monsters we were using as bait to go into a deeper part of the cave dungeon, to look for stronger monsters considering the monsters in this area are too weak for me now. Lil Sis climbed my body and is now sitting on my head, cute, I start walking deeper into the cave. After about an hour of walking, I started to see new monsters.

Demon Scorpion

Demon Bat


Cave Spider

Demon Snake

Demon Lizard

Big Cave Wolf

Small Drake

All the monsters here are Rank E lv10 and higher! Jackpot!

We quietly follow a Hob-Goblin who was alone and then I have Lil Sis try using a Dark Shot to see her strength against a Hob-Goblin.

(BS) [Okay Big Sis! Dark Shot!]

A black sphere went flying at the hob-goblin, the moment it hit its head came off.


350 in magic sure is dangerous. Well, at least Lil Sis finally killed a monster.

(DoD) [Great job Lil Sis!]

(BS) [giggles]

I walk up to the dead hob-goblin and pick up its magic stone and crush it. Well, now we have our bait, now we sit back and let the experience roll in. The hob-goblin Lil Sis killed was level 12.

After five minutes a pair of Demon Snakes came over. Both are level 13, stronger than the one I fought before, now how much stronger am I. I sneak up behind one and jump up and give it an Axe Kick. I then jump off of it and give the other who turned this way a Dragon Fist to its face. The first one died instantly and the second is barely alive but Lil Sis shot magic at it and it fell. Well, the difference is shocking. Now let's wait for more victims. I crush the two magic stones.

After ten minutes three level 13 Demon Scorpions appear. I sneak up behind one and grab its tail Judo Throwing it to the second one and then grab them both and slamming them on the third one. All of them died. Later a level 15 Small Drake appeared. It was sniffing the corpses and I attack with an Axe Kick killing it.

Level Up! Black Slime reached Level 10!

Evolution Available!

Level Up! Stone Doll reached Level 13!

I'm now Level 13 and Lil Sis reached Level 10 and can evolve.

(DoD) [Lil Sis what can you evolve into?]

(BS) [I have one option I can evolve into a Magic Black Slime, Big Sis.]

(DoD) [Hmm, sounds promising.]

Lil Sis starts glowing and just gets slightly bigger and has weird sparkles inside of her. Well, that didn't have a dramatic change but appearances don't matter.

(DoD) [How do you feel Lil Sis?]

(BS) [I feel stronger.]

Let's check our statuses.

Name: (-)
Unique Race: Magic Black Slime
Species: Slime

Level: 10

HP: 500/500

MP: 1000/1000

Experience: 1080/1250

Endurance: 200

Attack: 0

Defense: 180

Magic: 800

Dexterity: 300

Innate Skills:

Slime Body

Presence Erasure

Dimensional Stomach

Magic Affinity


Stealth (A+)

Dark Magic (C+)

Four-Attribute Magic (D+)

Physical Attack Resistance (B)

Magical Attack Resistance (S)


Dumb Courage

Dependant Leech


Pure Mage 

Name: (-)
Unique Race: Stone Doll
Species: Spirit Golem

Level: 13

HP: 720/720

MP: 360/360

Experience: 1850/2000

Endurance: 420

Attack: 210

Defense: 350

Magic: 340

Dexterity: 550

Innate Skills:

Language Translation


Assassin's Touch

Golem Body

Body Regeneration


Kodachi Skill (S)

Dagger Skill (S)

Scythe Skill (S)

Hand-to-Hand Combat Skill (S)

Hand-to-Hand Combat Arts (B+)

Enhancement Magic (D)

Physical Attack Resistance (C+)

Acid Resistance (D)


Reincarnated from Another World


Titan Killer



fake spit-take What is Lil Sis' status!? She's a walking tank. I need to appraise this!

Magic Black Slime

A unique slime monster that is a master at magic. Ignores physical attack power for all magic power.

Magic Affinity

Skilled in the arts of magic, magic is part of their body. All Spells cost 50% less mana.

Four-Attribute Magic

Ability to use the magic of the four elements, fire, water, earth, and air. Spells available based on rank.

Magical Attack Resistance

It reduces damage from Magic, the amount of damage reduced based on rank.

Pure Mage

Given to those who solely pursue the ways of magic ignoring any and all forms of physical combat. Grants all attack spells 50% damage increase, Magic Affinity skill, and Magical Attack Resistance (S).

Enhancement Magic

Rank D : Clear Mind

Gives a 20% boost to magic, it lasts for 5 hours.


Will Lil Sis ever run out of MP!? Can magic even hurt her at this point!?

(BS) [giggles]


Missing Monster Descriptions 

Lesser Demon Lizard

Weakest of all lizard monsters that rely on speed. Danger Rank: F

Cave Wolf

A wolf that inhabits caves are dangerous for their speed and sharp claws and fangs. Danger Rank: F

Demon Scorpion

An evolved Scorpion monster has a very strong carapace and wields very strong poison in its stinger. Danger Rank: E+

Demon Bat

An evolved bat monster. It is known for its fast speed in the air and weak air magic, dangerous for beginners. Danger Rank: E


An evolved Goblin, are bigger and stronger than a normal goblin, has the strength of an adult human but are highly dangerous in groups and if they wield decent weapons. Danger Rank: E

Cave Spider

An evolved spider monster, are covered in tough exoskeleton and shouldn't be fought by solo adventurers due to the risk of the poison or of being caught in webs. Danger Rank: E+

Demon Lizard

An evolved lizard monster that is a bit frail but very fast and can use weak earth magic. Danger Rank: E

Big Cave Wolf

An evolved wolf that is bigger, faster, and stronger. They can use weak air magic. Danger Rank: E+

Small Drake

A weak young Drake, are very dangerous to low-rank adventurers. They possess tough scales and weak fire magic. Danger Rank: E+

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