The slime wants to party with me? It sure is fearless and shameless. It is still a good deal though. It can help increase my fighting force and its specs complement what mine doesn't have. Access to magic is useful. So I'll accept.

You have joined a party with the Black Slime. While in the party all members gain experience from defeated monsters, party members can't hurt each other with attacks and can communicate telepathically. Telepathic communication is exclusive to parties composed of non-organic members.

Parties are absurdly good! We all gain experience from defeats monsters which will make training the slime easier. We also can't hurt each other which is crazy, and we can communicate telepathically. Since that is the case let's communicate with the Black Slime.

(DoD) [Hello?]

(BS) [Hello Big Sis!]

The slime sounds like a little girl.

(DoD) [Why are you calling me Big Sis]

(BS) [Because Big Sis is Big Sis, you have a big sis voice and aura, you are also stronger.]

Well, that's simple enough.

(DoD) [Why did you approach me, you could've died?]

(BS) [I've been watching Big Sis since she started using monsters as bait, I saw you run away from the humans who proceeded to take the shell of the scorpions and leave, I then ate the monsters and followed you. After seeing you try the bait trick again I was going to approach but Mr.Snake appeared so I stayed hidden since I would just die in that battle. Afterward, I got closer thinking that Big Sis wouldn't bother killing a weak monster like me that provides no benefit anymore.]

This slime has been following me that long!? It sure deserves those titles.

(BS) [Let's have fun, Big Sis!]

(DoD) [Okay, Lil Sis.]

(BS) [Yay!]

After that, I had Lil Sis show me her Dark Magic which was a basic dark missile attack. Then she spent an hour eating the big snake. We then proceeded to kill any monsters lured by the pile of weak monsters. We killed four lv4 goblins, three lv4 bats, four lv5 scorpions, three lv6 spiders, two lv7 snakes, three lv8 lizards, and two lv9 wolves. It was a good hunting spree. Monsters level 6 and below no longer gave me experience.

Level Up! Black Slime reached Level 7!

Level Up! Stone Puppet reached Level 10!

Evolution Available!

I can evolve! I tell Lil Sis that I can evolve.

(BS) [Congratulations Big Sis! You can now become even stronger.]

Evolution Available!

Evolution Options:

Stone Golem

A golem made of stone. Has high Attack and Defense but at the cost of Magic and Dexterity. Danger Rank: E

Unique Evolution Available!

Stone Doll

A unique intelligent golem that has less attack and Defense than a Stone Golem but far higher Magic and Dexterity. It can also wield weapons. It can use a special type of magic. Danger Rank: E+

The evolution of choice is fairly obvious. The Stone Doll is far superior and useful compared to being a big stone golem. I can actually use weapons and magic in that form. It fits my combat style far better.

I choose the Stone Doll!

Evolution chosen.

Evolution will now commence.

I started glowing and I can see my body change into the shape of that of a 7-year-old girl at rapid speed. After it finished I examine my body, I look like a little human girl despite two things, me being completely made of stone and I don't have a face. They designed me with a dress and hair but no face. Sad.

(BS) [Wow, Big Sis you look just like a small human!]

(DoD) [Yeah, this form should be far better I can now use weapons.]

I look at how my arm and legs of stone perfectly bend and move without restriction. So illogical. Let's check our statuses.

Name: (-)
Unique Race: Black Slime
Species: Slime

Level: 7

HP: 250/250

MP: 500/500

Experience: 600/650

Endurance: 90

Attack: 1

Defense: 80

Magic: 350

Dexterity: 110

Innate Skills:

Slime Body

Presence Erasure

Dimensional Stomach


Stealth (A)

Dark Magic (F+)

Physical Attack Resistance (C+)


Dumb Courage

Dependant Leech


Name: (-)
Unique Race: Stone Doll
Species: Spirit Golem

Level: 10

HP: 600/600

MP: 270/270

Experience: 1050/1250

Endurance: 300

Attack: 150

Defense: 260

Magic: 250

Dexterity: 400

Innate Skills:

Language from Another World


Assassin's Touch

Golem Body

Body Regeneration


Kodachi Skill (S)

Dagger Skill (S)

Scythe Skill (S)

Hand-to-Hand Combat Skill (S)

Hand-to-Hand Combat Arts (B)

Enhancement Magic (E)

Physical Attack Resistance (D+)

Acid Resistance (E)


Reincarnated from Another World


Titan Killer



We are far stronger me especially if I run into another Demon Snake it wouldn't even be a fight. There's a lot of new things let's check them out.


Given to those who gained at least 5 levels without killing any enemies. Grants any party members an increase of 10% on all stats in battle.

Spirit Golem

An advanced type of golem that has acquired a conscious and has high intelligence. They are highly adept at magic. 

Body Regeneration

As long as the owner has MP it can regenerate any damaged or lost body parts. It will not recover HP by doing so.

Hand-to-Hand Combat Arts

Rank D : Axe Kick

Does an axe kick to the enemy. Deals double damage if it hits the head or neck.

Rank C: Judo Throw

Grabs opponent and throws them back onto the ground. Heavier opponents take more damage when using this move user ignores opponents' weight when throwing.

Rank B: Dragon First

You give the opponent a corkscrew punch with the aura of a dragon. Does double damage when hitting the abdomen and can break through weak scale skills.

Enhancement Magic

Ability to cast magic that grants buffs to the target. Spells available based on rank.

Rank F: Body Reinforcement 

Grants the target 20% increased defense. It lasts for 5 hours. MP: 5

Rank E: Iron Limbs

Grants the target 20% increased attack. It lasts for 5 hours. MP: 10


Given to those with the body of a doll. Grants immunity to being dirty. If the owner of the title's body receives visible damage, the owner now deals 50% more damage to the perpetrator of said damage.

Well, these all look interesting.


What the hell is that Doll title!?

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