I don't have a name, ever since I can remember I have been raised and worked for this underground assassin organization. By the age of 6, I was being sent on missions, killing whomever the client wanted, if they could pay for it that is. In a few days, it will mark 5 years since I have started taking missions. In these 5 years, I have gained a reputation, I have a 100% success rate, I was given a title for it "Doll of Death".

Why "doll"? Well, it is because I apparently have an emotionless doll-like face. With my reputation, you would think I have a high standing here. I do not. The reason for it is not surprising, although this is an organization the clients directly contact the assassin and not those above, and every target I was hired to kill was one of the top clients of the organization, which has given me infamy for costing everyone else clients. Why do I not reject the assignments? It is a very simple reason, I like killing, I take any chance I get to accept missions. Not for work or duty, it is for pure enjoyment.

What am I currently doing? Well, I am eavesdropping on some higher-ups. Is it crazy? Of course. I don't care though. Now time to listen.

(Higher-Up A) "That Doll of Death is costing us too many clients every year! This year we have lost another 158."

(Higher-Up B) "You think we can't tell! That's why we are getting rid of her."

(Boss) "Did you plant the poison?"

(Higher-Up B) "Of course. I saw her drink it this morning. It will kill her on her 5th anniversary. There is no antidote, I guarantee it will work.

(Higher-Up A) "Wonderful!"

(Boss) "Now we wait, nobody will mourn her loss."

(All 3) *laughs*
Well then, it looks like they finally decided to have me killed. Since this will be the end might as well go out with a bang. First time to taste more blood.

(Higher-Up A) Geh! You were eavesdropping. Well, you are dead anyway we will just speed up the process."

All three pulled out guns. I pulled out a combat knife and a kodachi. I never liked guns, they were always too loud for me. Time to show them why I have a 100% success rate. I have superhuman reflexes and kinetic vision. All three started firing, I started deflecting and dodging the bullets coming towards me at absurd speeds. Then I reached the first higher up and cut off his head.

(Higher-Up A) "Gaaa-" *collapses*

(Higher-Up B) "Shit! Sound the alarm! Gaaahhh!" *collapses*

(Boss) *presses alarm* * turns on mic* "Attention everyone, the Doll of Death is on a rampage! Kill her! Do i-... Gaaahhhh!" *collapses*

Looks like everyone will be after me. Well since I have gone this far let me just kill my way to the bottom floor where the reactor is and blow this place up.

I start running to where the reactor is.

(Random Grunt) "Crap! The Doll of Death everyone stop her!" *starts shooting*

These stupid grunts. I cut down everyone in my way and continue down.

(Another Random Grunt) "She's headed to the reactor! *turns on intercom* Everyone evacuate the Doll is headed to the reactor she plans to blow this place and everyone here with her! Gaaahhh!" *mic cuts off* *collapses*

Well, good thing I grabbed the lock-down switch from the boss' room. *click* Now everyone is trapped.

After another couple minutes of killing grunts, I reached the reactor, at least there is already a self destruct switch. *click*


Well then time to sit here, this life was not great. *sigh* Hopefully whatever happens after death, I can continue bringing things to death. That was fun. Goodbye Earth.

(Computer) "3. 2. 1."




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