Doll of Death

by CarlosCross

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Fantasy Anti-Hero Lead Female Lead High Fantasy LitRPG Magic Non-Human lead Portal Fantasy / Isekai Reincarnation Strong Lead
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

A 10-year-old girl with no family was raised by an organization of assassins. Due to her killing all their best clients she was hated by everyone. After reaching the bottom line of the organization she was poisoned but found out about it and decided to bring everyone down with her.

This is her story afterward in a different world where death is always a looming threat. She will have to do what she knows best to survive even without being human anymore.


Girl in cover from Pinterest.

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  • Overall Score

Good if you don't mind infodumps everywhere

Reviewed at: Chapter 8

Interesting enough story, but might difficult to get through if you don't like infodumps. You don't need to provide descriptions for literally every facet of their skills and the system, and every single trash mob, since most will skim it at best. Especially since most of the info is pretty generic stuff you should know if you've read any fantasy novel before. Just give the relevant information and show the reader more as the story continues.

  • Overall Score

Fast Paced but Good

Reviewed at: Chapter 13

I can't GIve this a Five star like I want. The Pacing is a bit fast for what it is. However, It's Cute ... Read it. I can't really say more without being Nit picky. 

The Grammer isn't bad. It has a nice flow, and you can even picture what is happening as you read.

Seriously this has Five Star Potential if it wasn't so fast paced. 

  • Overall Score

The story is going good the main duo is likeable and its fun to read about what they do and how they interact with each other

Grammer and spelling is fine no real issues there and there isn't much to complain about if it keeps going like this then it'll be a solid story worth reading

  • Overall Score

If all you care about is fights and leveling up worth a read.