Mindflaying Rebirth



Chapter 5: Difficult creation and reminders of the past


A note from Shiroun


{Chapter 5}

Cuphaask completed the lessons far quicker than he expected, so he decided to satiate his curiosity. He went to the experimentation chambers and hoped to see some experiments.

When he entered the chamber, some experiments were going on just as he hoped. And even some kind of ritual.

Five illithids were standing on opposite ends of the ten brains. They repeatedly casted some kind of psionic spells on them. This sight wasnt horrible but what was beside those brains were stone tables. And on those tables were corpse with brains that were removed. The skin of the corpses had a sick pale mixed with green color. The smell was also nausiating. But what was the bizzare thing was that the brains suddely grew two pairs of small dog like legs. They.. were brains on four legs that could even move on their own. He couldnt believe it. This went against everything what he believed being possible in his past life. Well, he also believed that there would be no way octopus headed humanoids that sucked brains actually existed and here he was.

"Hello there, can I ask what you are doing?"
The five illithids tentacles twitched a bit from suprise. They quickly made a small bow and explained: "Good day noble devourer, we just made the ritual to create ustilagors"

"Oh! The larvae forms of intellect devourers, correct?! Could you teach me how to create these?"
"With great pleasure! Can we take that as a sign that you are interested in our experiments?"

"Oh definitely! So many possibilities to create new types of creatures, who wouldnt be interested?!"
The tension of the five illithids fell off almost instantly and one of them began explaining how to create intellect devourers with great passion. He was so polite before but now the atmosphere around him was so.. relaxed.

"For the creation of an intellect devourer, we need to have suitable hosts. Those hosts must have healthy brains and are preferably children because we can insert information that the devourer needs to have later into them. This doesnt work on adults so we need to let them learn all the information in our libraries. This learning usually takes no more than two years. After the learning is done, we bind them to those stone tables" He pointed at the stone tables with corpses on them. He proceeded with the explaining.

"Then we inject a special poison that consist of a bit of elf blood, one moon flower and a pinch of black salt. This poison melts away any viruses, bacteria and immune cells the host might have. Next, another poison is injected. Its ingredients are dragon's blood, troll fat, and nightshade. This removes all senses from the thrall and eliminates the ability to talk. After an hour, another dosage of the same poison is applied and this makes the intellect devourers only obedient to the illithid race. Then, a dosage of poison that consists of a banesroot and a deathcap is injected.
This poison suffocates the thrall over the course of three days while we cast our psionics to protect the brain and nervous system, then when the slave dies, we extract the brain and drench it in baby blood while we cast a spell to transform the brain into an ustilagor"

That was one of the most fucked up things Cuphaask has ever learned or heard of in his entire life. Although he was rather.. disgusted about hearing of such a cruel experiment.. he was curious. So curious that he wanted to try it out sometime in the future.

"Fascinating. Are there any other experiments that you could tell me about?"
"Not with such a process, no. But we have another complicated ritual that creates a ceremorphic creature that would
usually die along with the tadpole"

"Oh? I am interested, proceed"
"Well.. that creature is disfigured and has a lot of imperfections though, should I proceed?"

"As you command, if we get our hands on a deep gnome, which aren't that usual on this world, a weak tadpole that
would normally die in the pool is inserted into the gnome, we can then transform him into a mozgriken. They are imperfect and a disgusting sight to behold but they inherit the psionic ability to disguise themselfs in their surroundings from the gnomes. They are used as spies by us. Since both the tadpole and the gnome would usually die, we channel
energies directly from the shadow dimension into the the ceremorph. But it isn't certain if it succeeds or not. More
often than not, both die even though we perform the ritual. Because of their impurities and chance of failure, we
usually don't even try to create them"

"What a shame that they usually die, we could use minions that can disguise themselfs"
"Even though they are impure you would still use them?"

"Of course. If they are useful, then who cares how they look?"
"So you prefer usefulness and not status or appearance?"

"Definitely. And everyone who doesn't, is an idiot. If you want to achieve victory, you need to use everything you have
at your disposal, it doesn't matter if impure or not"

The illithids beside him were suprised. Although they agreed that you should use everything at your disposal to win, they didn't understand why especially a ulitharid thought that impurities were irrelevant. Were the rumors true that this time a, well, 'weird' ulitharid was born? And yes, the head researcher kind of agreed. He also heard how the ulitharid called ephreyuk 'teacher'. Although he was the best psionic in the colony, he by far didn't deserve the respect of a ulitharid! He was a bit envious but he was also very interested in this weird ulitharid. He almost wanted to cut up his skull and research his brain. Of course, he would never do that but he still had the desire.

Now that Cuphaasks curiosity was satiated, he was growing a bit tired, thus he returned to his chambers to get himself some sleep. This day was incredible, he thought back at how he killed his first person. Only now did he realize that he actually killed a human. Normally, people would panick even a tiny bit but since Cuphaasks brain was already so fucked up, he actually was happy. He loved it. The feeling of taking a life, the sound of the brainless corpse collapsing onto the ground. He found it amazing.

He entered his chambers and plunged onto the bed. The softness of his bed was great but.. it also reminded him of that particular bed at home where that.. scene happened. These memories instantly calmed his bloodlust, instead, sadness resurfaced once again. He didn't understand why he would feel sadness when he remembered it. And the sadness was not only directed at his dead pet. It was also directed towards his ex. Sadness, disappointment, hatred. Every single one of those feelings was directed at her. It seemed like he still couldn't process what happened to him, which absolutely sucked. These thoughts gnawed at him. It destroyed him bit by bit that he couldn't do anything yet.
He began to wonder if he would be ever able to take his vengeance. He began to doubt if his goal was even possible.

This doubt gnawed at him, it teared away at his soul like a wolf that was ripping apart a human. Only that the wolf was taking pleasure in ripping the human apart, slowly. That was how it felt like. It was mind numbing.

When he somehow calmed himself about an hour later, he now noticed that his claw pierced deeply into his flesh when he formed it into a fist. violet blood slowly flowed down his hand. It hurt but what was this pain against the pain that was going on inside his brain? One could say that it was almost not existant.

Since he calmed himself down, he took this chance to go to sleep and drifted once again to the dreamland with hope of not having another one of those horrible, horrible nightmares like last time.

His wish for an undisturbed sleep, sadly, was not granted. He experienced the same scene over and over again. Being killed and tortured multiple times. His nightmare was as if it was placed on a loop. Once it ended, it began again.

He woke up multiple times during the night. Sweating and gasping for air, everytime. It was four in the morning and he already woke up from his nightmares three times. He was absolutely done with this shit, so he just decided not to go to the horrifying dreamland once again. Since he was drenched in sweat, he went to the cleaning chambers to take a shower. Or a bath. He didnt know how they cleaned themselfs, afterall, he was in a fantasy world. Maybe they had some freaky magic for that, he certainly didnt know.

When he entered the chambers, he was relieved that there in fact were some showers. If he was completely honest, he was a bit scared in going into one of those since they looked like those pods in the experimentation chambers. But the uncomfortable feeling of having a ton of sweat, negated that little fear and he went in. He turned on his shower with his tentacle. The feeling of water dripping onto him was simply amazing. He felt that if he didnt go out soon, he would stay forever in this shower-pod. He wanted to go out but decided to stay for a few minutes. This repeated itself a stunning number of three times but he actually had the willpower to go out of this watery heaven. He dried himself up with a towel that was hanging there and put on his clothes again.

He exited the chambers without a clue what to do next. He thought about what to do. Maybe he should go and see if there is an experiment going on? Or should he try finding his teacher? Maybe he would be awake at this time. Only three hours were remaining for the training afterall. He found the latter more alluring, so he went to the experimentation chamber first since the elder brain said that his teacher was most of his time there. When he arrived, no one was there so he moved onto other chambers. After thirty minutes of searching, he found a room that he never was inside before. Unbeknownst to him, this was Ephreyuks personal chamber. It was quite a big room and quite comfy.

He saw his teacher being awake and called out to him.

"Cuphaask? What are you doing here? I dont believe I ever showed you where my chamber is.."
"I couldnt sleep that well so I stood up and searched for you. It took thirty minutes but its good to see that my efforts werent wasted.. or am I not welcome here?"

"Oh no, I do not mind that much but you wasted thirty minutes? Thats a shame but now you probably know the layout
of the colony better so it probably isn't that much of a loss. But I only woke up, so I didn't think about what we could do
"Thats okay, I didnt expect that you have prepared any lessons"

"That is a bit reassuring but.. what could I give you to do? Oh! I completely forgot that I prepared a robe extra for you"

Cuphaask widened his eyes in suprise. His teacher prepared a robe just for him?
"Really? How does it look like?"
"Heh, dont worry it looks fantastic. I designed it afterall!"

He was excited to say the least. His teacher made a robe by his own design just for him.
Normally, Ephreyuk never gifted anyone, anything but because he treasured his new student so much, he decided to make a special robe for him.

Ephreyuk opened his closet and took out a very finely crafted robe and a pair of boots.
The robe was out of a very fine black material and there was a metallic ulitharid head symbol under the belly. The position of it was similar to a belt but only a slight bit higher. The robe also had a collar integrated in it, it was bit higher than where the eyes were. It of course only went along the back of the head, not the front. Wouldnt make much sense otherwise. These were typical illithid robes. The only difference was that where the metallic skull on normal illithid robe was, a ulitharid head replaced it. And the biggest difference was of course the materials with which the robes were crafted. This robe would have costed a few thousand dollars in his past life for sure.

Cuphaasks eyes glittered from happiness. His tentacles wiggled around wildly. His happiness was overflowing. He couldnt believe that such a fine looking robe was being gifted to him.
His teacher noticed his obvious happiness. He asked himself how his student would react to such a gift. Since he normally would expect the opposite reaction, he decided to expect exactly this reaction since he knew that no normal reactions could be expected from this ulitharid.

A note from Shiroun

Little more information: What he experienced before his sleep is 100% legit. I experienced this myself, so you can believe that this is how it feels like. Atleast how it felt like for me. Hope you enjoy the novel so far!!

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