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Chapter 12: A Mistake That Must Be Corrected


When Aariv touched his mother's and father's noses, he used biokinesis to push their bodies to the natural limit. With this, they would not get sick or feel weakness until they are above 80 years of age.

Aariv did this because his parents were always in constant danger to life, at all times somewhere, someone was plotting their assassination.

All these assassination attempts were warded off by Baldy's intelligence and assassination organization. Even the emperor didn't know how many times he was saved from these assassinations.

Aariv had adapted to his new baby body. He tilted his sideways while remaining in his father's embrace, he looked at baldy and started pointing his little hand at him, constantly opening and closing his fist like he wanted baldy to come near.

Acharya Kautilya(baldy) was confused and amused by the kid, he was happy that the child was asking to be held by him.

He was a celibate(abstaining from marriage and sexual relations, typically for religious reasons). so he treated Aariv as his own son.

He came close to Chandragupta(Emperor) and brought up his arms to hold Aariv.

Aariv saw his plan succeed and lifted both of his arms towards baldy.

Kautilya smiled and picked Aariv up, he looked into Aariv's deep black eyes, he felt like his mind was going blank.

Aariv lifted his tiny arm so that he could touch baldy's forehead but he could not reach it. Seeing Aariv like this, Kautilya brought his face near his hand. He thought that Aariv wanted to touch his face just like he did with his mother and father.

He was right but not fully, Kautilya saw the kid touch his forehead and the moment he felt the touch his view blacked out. he found himself in a pitch-black room. He could see his own body well illuminated but the surroundings were all black.

Kautilya felt like his body became weightless and slowly started to float then suddenly he saw that he was back in the room but there was no baby in his arms. He looked around but realized that everyone in the room had become a statue. It felt like time had stopped.

Then his floating body started gaining altitude, he panicked seeing himself about to collide with the ceiling of the palace but nothing happened, he just passed through the ceiling like there was nothing. the more height he gained, the more speed increased. It was like zooming out from a single point in the picture to the whole picture.

He saw the royal palace from the sky and then the whole city of Patliputra. he kept on going higher and reached the clouds, then the speed increased. He passed through the exosphere and reached outer space. Because it was all an illusion the vacuum didn't affect him. He looked at the small earth behind him as he was accelerating.

He passed the Moon and Mars and went through the asteroid field. His speed increased so much that he was passing planets every second.

He crossed the solar system and then the whole galaxy. He looked at the beautiful image of the Milky Way galaxy.

The speed kept on increasing, he crossed hundreds of galaxies every second, to him everything looked blurry now due to his speed. He felt like going through a tunnel with lights stretching around him as he moved but he abruptly stopped when he reached the edge of the observable universe.

Kautilya looked around and noticed a golden ball very far away which was getting bigger and bigger. He continued looking at it as it grew bigger, he understood that it was getting closer to him. Soon he saw the golden ball much bigger than the sun in the earth's solar system. It was radiating a godly aura.

Beliving that he was in the presence of God, he kneeled down and started to chant something in Sanskrit.

He heard the golden ball say "Get up child, I have a mission for you"

Shivering Kautilya replied "Yes, god"

"I am no god and this is not my real body but just a means to talk to you, there are no gods in this world child. Only powerful beings who evolved beyond what is considered normal."

Aariv wanted to instill some thoughts in Kautilya's mind about Gods and the so-called religious practices which did nothing but divide humans and slowed their scientific evolution. Aariv believed that the gods that humans talk about were people just like himself, who tried to change humans for the better but the religion those gods started for the unification of mankind ended up becoming the reason for their divide. Some foolish men made their own interpretation of god's word and distorted the real meaning behind the establishment of that religion.

In the beginning, every religion in the world preached peace, love, and unity.

Aariv was going to bring some changes to the world and he needed people who had the same thoughts as him, he didn't want extremists who would do anything in the name of religion.

He had no problem with religion because it gave people hope and people seriously needed hope in these dark times But he would not tolerate religion being used for political gains.

Listening to the words of the Golden ball, Kautilya was shocked and asked: "Can you teach me how to evolve?, noble one"

"Yes but you are still young, you will not be able to process the knowledge. It will corrupt you," the golden ball seriously replied.

Kautilya had a shocked expression "but I am 51 years old"

"Hahahahaha" the golden ball laughed.

"Child, I am 2 Billion years old"

Kautilya's jaw dropped "WHAT? HOW?"

"Don't think too much, as long as you follow this child you will get your answers, the meaning of your existence lies with him" With those words, an opaque image started to form on the golden ball, It was an image of Aariv in the arms of Kautilya."

Kautilya saw the Image and felt like he was holding something in his arms, he looked down but saw nothing so he lifted his face again, there was nothing except darkness. The golden ball was nowhere to be seen.

Suddenly his body started accelerating once again, in the same direction he came from but this time his speed was much more than before. He crossed millions of galaxies, black holes and finally reached the Milky-Way galaxy. His speed never decreased.

His body was moving towards the solar system, then earth and finally the palace. He came back to the room and saw everything paused. He even saw himself holding the baby, his floating body stopped just centimeters above his own body.

Then all of a sudden he felt his body getting sucked into his real body. In a split second Kautilya was back to reality, He was so shaken from what just happened that he stumbled and fell down on his knees still preciously holding the baby in his arms.

Tears came out of his eyes. He felt like he had received enlightenment and finally knew what he needed to do, he finally had a purpose in the scheme of the universe.

Kautilya looked at the baby and then Chandragupta(emperor).

Everyone was looking at Kautilya, they were shocked seeing tears in the old man's eyes but he was also smiling which was even more confusing. Why the hell is the prime minister happier than the child's father?

"What happened Acharya(used to address a very knowledgable person)" Chandragupta asked with concern for this old man who was like a father to him.

"Nothing, my king," Kautilya smiled, wiped his tears and stood up.

"This child is blessed by the gods themselves. He is meant for great things, this land is blessed by just having him born here" Kautilya proudly announced, but was still being very vague, and he doubted that anyone would understand what he just went through.

"From now on this child will be called Aariv Maurya, The king of wisdom" he shouted loudly.

[Aariv is an Indian name which literally means King of wisdom]

Kautilya showed the baby to everyone, everyone's eyes were fixed on the baby who was radiating a domineering yet warm aura, their minds were telling them to kneel.

In reality, Aariv was just manipulating the natural energy around them. He was really enjoying the moment but then he heard his mother's scream.

The scream took everybody's focus back to Durdhara(queen) lying on the bed.

The old caretaker looked at her belly and realized that it was still bloated.

"Everybody out! there is another one," she shouted to everyone.

Chandragupta was shocked and came near his wife and held her hand. She was continuously screaming. The lady doctor was massaging her belly to help Durdhara push the baby.

While all this was happening, Aariv, who was taken outside by Kautilya, was racking his brains. He didn't understand where this new brother/sister came from but then suddenly he realized something.

He said to Juno, "Juno, do you think it's that tiny souls that I was taking care of?"

"yeah just what I was thinking but..." she sounded worried.

Aariv understood what she was worried about. "Yeah I am also worried about that, I could not care for it since I started trying to level up, and the poison also... I just hope that it's born healthy."

He tilted his small head and looked at the curtains covering the room's entrance.


Soon the screams stopped and the caretaker came out and announced that it was a boy but she had a sad expression.

Aariv and others were confused, if the baby was born then why is she sad.

They all got their answers as soon as they entered the room. They saw a very small baby curled into a ball in Durdhara's arms.

Aariv first looked at his brother and then his crying mother who was being hugged by his father.

He was silently looking at everything happening with sad eyes. This was rare for a baby born just a few minutes ago. newborn babies are like empty living dolls, they don't understand anything as their brains are empty.

Nobody noticed Aariv's expression except old fox Kautilya who was holding him.

But behind the silent face, Aariv was cursing himself, he felt like he was the one responsible for his brother's condition. He blamed himself for forgetting about him.

~ I must correct this ~ Aariv thought to himself.


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