Reversing Supernova

by IoshiLeo

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Drama Fantasy Female Lead Reincarnation

May Ling (borrowed name, FYI) wants to file a complaint!

When other people woke up in another world, they got cool dungeons, fantastical lores, legendary weapons, obscure magic, helpful system - all in all, a grand life to strive towards.

May Ling (still wasn't her name) woke up on a planet with technology so advanced she might as well label herself the village idiot.

Instead of meeting cute magical beasts, awe-inspiring old-legends-come-to-life, and sexy elves, May Ling (this name came with the package) encountered all sorts of weird aliens who might or might not be prejudiced against humans.

As if it wasn't enough, May Ling (still not - oh never mind) consciousness is now trapped in a defective body that came attached to freshly dead parents, a declining company, an overprotective brother-figure, and absolutely zero memory on any of them.

This is unacceptable! She demands a refund!

She. Wants. Her. Life. Back. Now!

(And what is this nonsense about someone looking to take her life? Wasn't May Ling supposed to be an ordinary civilian? Somebody help!)


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