Arama Ren was a known prodigy for science back in his early age. By the time he entered high school he was hired by a famous research company. Unfortunately for Ren, his career ended when he hit nineteen do to a hypothesis, he created about living in a world of numbers or known as a world made by computes. To the people, he was seen as a childish fool who got too cocky. Now Ren is twenty-two living in an apartment feeding off of convenience store food and his parents' money they send him every month while wasting his life scrolling the web for junk. Ren was scrawny and had a sallow face. His attire was a crummy white lab coat, a worn-out black shirt, and pants, and scratched up black slip-on shoes. It was around twelve-thirty when Ren received an e-mail from a strange company.
"Good afternoon Mr. Arama, we are a research organization called Greger. We have developed a world based on your early hypothesis and need your help in finishing it. If you're interested please do not hesitate to e-mail us back."
Ren read it over a couple of more times and couldn't believe that his idea was actually possible, but he thought the are being just as childish as he was or still is.
"A world of numbers."
Ren scratched his face and was reminded of how his career fell because of this, but now he has a chance to prove them all wrong.
-where are these guys located?
Ren rolled over to his computer and looked up the company known as Greger, and then there it was in England.
"Out of country huh."
He held his chin trying to think about what he should do on whether taking up on this offer or not. He closed his eyes for a brief moment and let out a long sigh.
"Alright, alright I'll go."
A few days later Arama Ren had arrived in England. It was hot and humid as Ren looked up to the sky he could feel the suns hot rays hit his burning face.
"Welcome to Greger Mr. Arama."
A man probably in his forties in a brown tailored suit had come to welcome Ren in. The two men had exchanged bows and started to walk side by side.
"This place is a bit small."
"Yes, well after we finish this project and go public, we should have enough funds to have a bigger place of operation."
"I see, so what exactly have you done here?"
"Ah, straight to the point I see, please do continue to walk with me and on our way, I'll explain everything."
The man smiled at Ren and he gave a wryly smile back.
"Now then here a Greger we had successfully created a computer-generated world and along with it people that have what we call artificial souls."
"Artificial souls?"
"Yes, unlike an AI these guys have real emotions and intelligence as if they were human beings too."
"No way is that even possible?"
The man lifts his head high and smiles full of pride.
"Not only that but with your help, we can create a machine to allow us to be physically transported into this world allowing so many problems in this world to be solved such as overpopulation and recourse drainage."
Ren scratches his head while trying to hang on the mans every word.
"So wait let's say it all works and we send people there what happens if the server shuts down or something?"
"Ah-hah-hah don't worry kid this world was created where it's impossible to shut down or even alter it."
The man was harshly patting Ren's back.
"Now then have a look for yourself lad."
Ren looked down at a huge monitor that was
showing off the world made of codes.
It was so realistic, but looking more closely at it Ren noticed the time frame was medieval-like with carriages and cities with castles. Ren took an even closer look and saw weird creatures pulling the carriages and walking around.
"Hey what are those things?"
Ren had pointed out what he had seen on the screen.
"Oh, those are ground dragons or known by the people of the world a Gyu and the weird people are Demi's."
"So let me get this straight this first world you guys created is based on a fantasy."
"Aw doesn't make it sound so bad this here is a masterpiece."
Ren shook his head and turned to the man who he had been talking to.
"Okay, so what do you need me for."
"Kid we need you to help create a machine to top everything off."
The man placed his hand on Ren's head.
"I see and being the original man who came up with this ludicrous idea, I'm the only one who knows how to finish this."
Ren looked around trying to understand his situation and the surroundings.
"Yep and one last thing I also want you to not share how this thing built, not with me or the team."
"Why's that?"
Ren furrowed his brows and looked at the man in the face.
"You see, I don't want any leaks out or anything like that, so keep it to yer self-till it's done okay."
The man gave another hard slap on his back and then walked away."
"Sure thing I guess?"
Ren was a bit confused by all this, but he was quite excited about working on this project.
-being able to live in a fantasy, man we really are children.
After months of hard labor everything was ready for a test phase.
"Well, kid we did it everything's ready."
The man who he first met was beside Ren.
"Hey, I have a favor."
"You do, well shoot."
Ren takes a deep breath.
"Please let me be the test subject."
The man's eyes opened wide, Ren started to shrink at the ridiculous request he had asked of the man.
"Ha-ha, well then go get yer self-ready kid."
The man seemed pleased and was willing to let ren be the one to test this project. 
-alright! a new world to see.
Ren stepped on the platform and looked up giving a thumbs up.
"Alright, Ren in ten seconds we are going to start."
Ren couldn't help but be excited, the fact he was getting the chance to discover new things and possibilities was a dream that he and all his fellow scientists had.
The machine was ready and fired up.
"See you guys on the other side."
Ren waved his hand just as his body started to fade away in blue shining light.
Ren opens his eyes and blinked a couple of times to see that he was no longer on earth.
"Amazing it worked, it really worked guy's."
Ren happily smiled while turning all around to see the scenery and to feel a cool gentle breeze pressing upon his face.
"Alright, guys bring me back."
Ren held his arms up high waiting for a response, but there was none.
"Hey, guys this isn't funny come on now."
Ren gave a wryly smile and started to panic while continuously hitting a remote button that would send him back in case of an emergency.
-this isn't good there not responding and the remote isn't helping.
Ren threw the remote and looked down at his shivering hands.
"I'm... stuck here!"
Arama Ren a twenty-two-year-old who shot himself in after he turned nineteen had been trapped into a fantasy world.
Ren started to laugh as if his brain was becoming unstable or as if he were going mad.
"Well, I guess all I can do now is learn about this place and make a living here."
Ren had noticed there was a town not too far from where he was standing, therefore he decided to go look.
As he walked into town he had noticed all the people in the town seemed cautious and had fear look in their faces as he walked by.
"You their white coat, how dare you casually walk in here."
A women knight with long blonde hair had drawn her sword and pointed it towards Ren.
"White coat? I have no clue what you're referring to nor where I am at."
The women did not let her guard down at Ren's claim.
"White coats are evil creatures sent by the great demon to slaughter the people."
"Well do I look like a demon, I don't even have horns nor do I have a tail."
The women shook her head trying to understand the logic he had pointed out.
"I suppose your right, but you should change that outfit and I'd like to request you to make an audience with the duchess."
Ren nodded his head politely.
"Hey is there a library here?"
Ren was curious about this world and if anything a library could shed some light.
"Yes, there is just go down this path just before you reach the church."
-I see they even have their own religion too.
A little time had passed as he walked down the path he was kindly shown before he ended up at the doors of the library. Ren walked inside to see that the place was deserted and only had dusty old books. As he walked Ren noticed large tome-like books in the back of the library. 
-well, I guess these are to tell me what magic I have or whatever.
Ren had remembered that one co-worker had told him in this world there were classes and magic.
He walked up to the books to touch them one by one to see if any would react. To his surprise, all but one would only reject him. The tome if the alchemist had shown its light, therefore, he was an alchemist.
"I see... you found your class... sir."
The young women who must have been the librarian were cowering behind a desk as she spoke to him.
"Oh, I'm sorry I didn't know someone was here."
"Do not strain yourself it was my fault for hiding behind my desk."
Ren looked at the girl who was speaking to him, she had long dark hair and a beautiful face with a small mole on the bottom right side of her eye.
 "I see, well then I need some help if you don't mind."
"Oh... not at... all."
The girl spoke in a soft tone than had slowly and carefully stood up.
"I was wondering is there magic to change my clothing's color?"
Ren had smiled at the girl to show he had meant no harm.
"Ye-yes there is a magic that can do that for you, I also happen to know the spell."
Ren had told the girl what he wanted and stood still as she made the changes.
"Well there you go, you look much more approachable."
"Thanks, uh what is your name."
"Oh, excuse me I'm Ami."
"Well, Ami I thank you to the bottom of my heart."
Ren had made a deep bow towards Ami showing his gratitude towards her help.
"Excuse me sir, but the duchess is ready to see you."
The women knight from before had come to take Ren to see the duchess.
"Well aren't you a young one."
The woman known as the duchess looked at Ren and put her fingertip to the side of her lip. She then slowly licks her dark red lips as she stares deeply at Ren with her droopy eyes.
"My oh my your quite something."
Ren had a nervous feeling about this situation.
"Well uh... duchess I'm Arama Ren."
Ren bowed at the duchess presence.
The woman leaned forward with a big smile and a blushed face had appeared.
"You certainly are a naughty one I can see, well then what is your reasoning for being here."
The woman had switched her legs position while still grinning at Ren.
"Well you see duchess I have no clue where I am as I seemed to have lost my memory."
-man, I hope she buys it.
Then the woman quickly stood up and clapped her hands.
"Splendid, remarkable oh how beautiful of a man that knows nothing to come to a high woman like myself, oh where are my manners I am the duchess Erza."
She had sat back down to then lean her head on her hand while still smiling at Ren with great pleasure.
-I guess I need to ask her for help in a way to live here but how?
Ren closed his eyes then snapped his fingers.
"Erza I'd like to request your aid in helping me start a new life."
"I see oh yes how wonderful please ask what you require."
Erza seemed more and more attracted to Ren and his nature.
"I humbly request help on becoming a merchant and if I become successful I'll pay you back in full and if I don't you may have my head."
Erza jumped up full of joy clapping her hands.
"Oh you truly are beautiful, very well I accept your offer, but instead of your head you shall be mine understand."
Erza once more slowly licks her soft dark red slips.
"Very well I'll agree with this as well."
Erza claps her hand summoning a maid to come.
"Now then please let Arama-San wash up in our bath before he leaves. Please do take your time."
Ren was taken by the arm from the maid to the bath.
-I can't believe it all went quite well, although Erza was a bit energetic.
The bath was huge like a pool and was quite damp and foggy, not only that but at the corners had the heads of dragons spurting out water.
"Hello there Ren."
Erza had appeared in the bath and had sat on the ledge next to Ren.
"Er-Erza what are you doing here."
Ren had stuttered his word at the sight of Erza and her body that was completely bare. Looking at her she had to be around his age, she had long silky dark navy hair and dark blue droopy eyes. Her body was slim like she was a model and her chest, well its size was bigger than a typical female.
"I just had to see you again Ren, because of you everything has gotten a bit hotter."
Erza lifts Ren's chin with her long black fingernail.
"Re-really you sure?"
Erza slipped into the bath next to Ren.
"Oh yes, my heart it's beating so fast and hard."
She holds her chest then places her hand on Ren's chest.
"I see you have the same feeling too, that's good."
She looks up to Ren's face and gives a sinister smile. Shivers had gone up Ren's spine.
"I see... well I think I'm done so if you would excuse me."
Just before he got up Erza grabbed Ren close to her and gave him a kiss on the cheek.
"Till next time Arama."
Ren gave a wryly smile and walked out of the room.
-okay, I think I'm more afraid of women than I already am.
The maid from before had walked up to Ren.
"Sir everything is ready for you."
Ren walked outside to see a carriage set up for him with a black and yellow Gyu at the front.
"Well, then I'll see you later Arama Ren."
Erza was holding her right cheek while blushing as she had come out to send Ren off.
"Yes, well it was something I guess, so I'll be seeing you then."
Ren boarded his carriage and started to take off.
"Goodbye my love!" she holds her face trying to contain her lust.
It had been a couple of hours since Ren had left, along with the carriage he was given some food, money, and a dagger in case of bandits.
"Well, this will be my life for now till I can find a way back home."
As Ren rode down the bumpy dirt trail he could feel the cold breeze of the south and see the slowly setting sun, a brief moment had passed by when Ren caught the sight of something strange in the corner of his eye.
"Whoa, their girl stop right here."
The Gyu had stopped moving forward at Ren's tug on the rope. Ren jumped down to go see what it was that caught his eyes.
As he walked closer a foul odor could be smelled. As he brushed the leaves to the side he had seen six women in old ragged clothing that had been hung and beaten.
"This is disgusting, who would do this."
He held his hand to his nose to block out the smell, then he saw a girl about up to his neck in height that was still struggling to hold on to her last breath. Ren ran immediately to cut the rope from which she hanged. As he cut the rope her small fragile body fell to the ground giving a thumping sound. Ren jumped down the from the tree from where she was hanged and checked if the girl was breathing. To his surprise she was still alive, as he looked at her, he noticed she had cat ears and a tail.
-she's a demi-human, by the look of things she must have been a slave.
He picked the girl up to go treat her in his carriage, she was light as a feather and had short white hair. Ren then laid her down to rest and set aside the carriage only to doze off on the soothing grassy plain.


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