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I apologize for the previous (prologue) chapter being so short, I will strive to make them longer and better !

-Edited to incorporate colors to indicate who is talking :)

After sitting on a rock for fifteen minutes, I started to get impatient, constantly checking my surroundings to make sure nobody was sneaking up on me.

After another minute or so, I suddenly hear a whisper, directly behind me "I hope you like bananas kid" I almost jumped out of my skin, how had this person snuck up on me, I didn't even hear any footsteps.

no sooner than when I heard the whisper, I also heard a soft thump next to me... a fruit basket? I peered inside the small basket, to see exactly six bananas and two apples

"Eat, go on... eat" the light but still masculine voice urged me, I looked up from the basket of fruit, to see... sandals, and hairy feet? "Enjoying the view down there?" the man in front of me grinned, in front of me stood a Beastkin, that looked like a monkey.

the figure was around 160 centimeters tall, of average but athletic build, grasping a staff in one hand and a small wooden cup in the other, his hair was goldy brown, and pretty spiky, the same with his beard, it was full and of the same brownish color, like his hair.

He reached the cup towards me and urged me to take a sip, "This is a special kind of water, one that balances out your spirit, I can tell that your whole spirit is out of wack" I looked pointedly at him, thinking how dumb he must think I am, to accept 'special water' from a random stranger I met in a forest...

"Go on... wait a minute, are you afraid of me? you haven't uttered a single word since I arrived!" he said almost teasingly.

Ignoring his question, I posed him another question that had been nagging me "Hey old man... you said that you could tell that my spirit was messed up, what exactly do you mean by that?" the man looked almost confused by my question.

after thinking for a second, probably about what he was going to answer, he said: "you're a monk aren't you kid?" I nodded "then you should know, what I mean by your spirit... did your elders not teach you anything?"

"They did, but they never talked about Spirit as a thing you can see or measure, only as your will, and bravery" the man looked... well irritated would probably be the closest to the expression he expressed, "Those stupid old fools, they wish to pass on the tradition of the Spiritwalker Monk, without even telling their students about stats and the status screen..."

I must have had a stupid expression on my face, when I looked at him because he just said, "The best way to show you is to just say it... try saying 'Status' ... go on!"

I looked pointedly at him, the man was obviously talking gibberish, 'status screen' and 'stats', these words made no sense... but I decided to humor the older monkey...

"Status" I called out, to no one and nothing in particular.

Name: Sau Escel

Age: 12

Level: 2

Class: Spiritwalker Monk

Spirit Pool: 20/20

Mana Pool: 5/5


Strength: 15 (Novice level)

Durability: 20 (Novice level)

Agility: 17 (Novice level)

Intelligence: 10 (Beginner level)

Spirit: 15 (Novice level)


"What the... is that me?" I asked the monkey, "Yes, that is your information, and do you know what, I've taken a liking to ya, I'll even make you a deal if you can hit me with-" he trailed off as he looked around us for something to use.

"Aha! if you can hit me with this stick!" he picked up a large branch that had fallen off a tree, it almost looked like a staff... a really unpolished and flawed staff mind you. "I will teach you the way of the Spiritwalker Monk!"

Getting excited about learning more about these... stats, and the way of the Spiritwalker Monk, I swiftly agreed to his proposition, grabbed the branch, and started swinging, but as soon as the tip of the branch was about to hit him, he disappeared, and reappeared right behind me, and tapped me on the shoulder, "Too slooow~"


A note from GodlyRealph

Again I know that the chapter is short, but I am still a novice at this, so bear with me :)

Thanks for Reading!

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