"You can't hit me, you can't hit me, ha ha ha" a mocking voice can be heard, almost like in a sing-songy tone.

"you'll never be able to hit me at this rate !"


My name is Sau Escel, and I am 21 years old, atleast I think I am, it's been a while since i've had any other company than the old man... I've been on the move for almost a decade,

I was kicked out of my old temple by the old geezers there, they claimed I had "Issues" I do admit that i probably shouldn't have killed that other student, but he was insufferable, cornering me every day to beat me up, so i simply made the problem disappear, this resulted in my expulsion from the temple, that was back when i was 12 years old, I was forced to wander for days, trying my best to survive.

Until that day... after 2 weeks of the never-ending cycle of walk, rest, eat, sleep, I entered an area filled with trees as tall as the skies, (or atleast that is what it seemed like at the time) and as beautiful as can be, after walking for around two hours, I neared a body of water, hoping that it was drinkable, I rushed over and dipped my face into the water, and again, aaannnd again.

"Oh boy, we're thirsty aren't we?" It sounded like the voice was coming from everywhere around me, "Who's there??" I yelled out, maybe a little to panic-stricken, not having had any kind of company for 2 weeks, suddenly hearing another voice startled me.

"Don't worry about who I am, just drink your fill, and i will have some food brought to you shortly, sit down and rest!" the voice sounded genuinely concerned, seeing a child bruised and filthy from being in the wilderness and living off the land for so long.


Sorry if this was sub-par, It's the first time i'm writing anything, so let's see what this turns into shall we ?


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