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The continent of Averys, a place where the beings and creature in it can cultivate to absorb energy from heaven and earth. To strive and to fight against fate, they must get stronger with the two main paths. Martial Artist and Magic Caster.

Surya Yitha, a youth with a unique constitution is born in the Yitha Family, the strongest mage family in the Hunth Empire. He was born with the strongest physique. However, no matter how strong his physique was, he could never cultivate heaven and earth energy.

He, as a mage descendant, wasn’t able to be one of them. As a result, he was exiled from the family as a failure product. But Surya isn’t someone who will give up that easily.

He gave up to be a mage. He chooses the path of martial arts. Walking along the thorny path is never easy. He must train his body until it breaks. One day, heaven took pity on him. He found a treasure that would help him in his adventure.

Now, what will he do to his family who cast him away? Revenge? No, that is not his style. He doesn’t want any fracture between theirs. Surya just wants to be noticed. He just wanted his parents to take pity and loved him as any parents do to their child.

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