Sometime in Autumn: A Fallen Noble’s Journey to Immortality

by Qairi

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Short Story Male Lead Reincarnation Xianxia


In a sudden twist of fate, marked by vicious scheme, Marcus Cornelius, a fifteen-year old Bronze ranked Knight and the second son of Count Augusto of Thorns, suddenly became a Baron but was subsequently ambushed on his way to his new fief..

Upon death, he woke up in a body of a three-year old boy in a world distinct from the lands he once knew..

After having been played by fate, he opportunely took the identity of the boy and went on to live a new life.. in a world full of fortune and secrets.. a place where men can transcend mortality.. a vast land where Immortals reign supreme..

Follow our MC in his own journey to Immortality..






Hello fellow novel readers,

This is just an attempt to write my own novel. And from hereon, I will have to warn you that english is not my native language, so please bear with the grammatical or spelling mistakes.

Also, this novel is really intended to be a short one so there might be a lot of time skips.

Thanks and enjoy,


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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue ago
1 Marcus Cornelius ago
2 Bronze Ranked Knight ago
3 Fallen Leaf ago
4 Saved by a Giant ago
5 Forsaken Land ago
6 Herbalist ago
7 Striking Information ago
8 Spear Skills ago
9 Reserve Squad ago
10 Venturing into the Forest ago
11 Wild Beasts ago
12 Guandao ago
13 Beast Horde ago
14 Spirit Beast Bison ago
15 Beast Core ago
16 Defying the Current ago
17 Into the Mountains ago
18 Old Bu ago
19 Frog in a Well ago
20 Protector ago
21 Cultivation Method ago
22 Transcending Autumn ago
23 Massive Battle ago
24 Shadows ago
25 Wood Element ago
26 Qi Condensation Pills ago
27 Immortal Cave ago
28 Falling Out ago
29 Severing Ties ago
30 Sect Disciples Arrived ago
31 Cannon Fodder ago
32 Bait ago
33 Treasures ago
34 Cornelia Flame Flower ago
35 Leaving the Island ago
36 Precious Tree Sect ago
37 Self Inspection ago
38 Shocking Breakthrough ago
39 Spiritual Mark ago
40 Cultivation is Gold ago
41 Flight ago
42 Extending Help ago
43 Mo Disciples ago
44 Big Spending ago
45 Maple City ago
46 Servants ago
47 Ranking Competition ago
48 Turtle ago
49 Dark Horse ago
50 Taking Advantage ago
51 Unexpected Result ago
52 Planning Ahead ago
53 Cultivation Pagoda ago
54 Grandmaster Rank Knight ago
55 Spirit Artefact ago
56 Meteor Slash ago
57 Major Conflict ago
58 Preparations ago
59 Departure ago
60 Bai Clan ago
61 Devil Dao Cultivators ago
62 Death Valley ago
63 Scarlet Feather Camp ago
64 Reuniting with the Team ago
65 First Battle ago
66 Lord of the Hill ago
67 Soldiers Gone Missing ago
68 Payback ago
69 Ganging Up ago
70 Turn of Events ago
71 Decision ago
72 Saints Hall ago
73 Citadel ago
74 Magnanimous Young Master ago
75 Starting Up ago
76 Spontaneous Invitation ago
77 City Lord ago
78 Vassal City ago
79 Ageless Bone Pill ago
80 Foundation Establishment ago
81 Blood Knights ago
82 Mission ago
83 Soul Attack ago
84 Fang Clan Patriarch ago
85 Hundred Graves ago
86 Stone Artefact ago

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The main character is 3-4 years old but acts like an adult,which is btw impossible through human biology but still could be acceptable as he is a 15 y/o transmigrates to the new younger body.What is not acceptable is that all the children are the same.The adults in this world are shown as noobs who couldn't even use logic to learn basic weapon moves despite hunting animals for food.All that foolish xianxia bulls**t is also present such as weird language,telling us readers how to think,and so on.The english is also atrocious,more like a cheap translation rather than one written by an author.Not recommended at 9chapters

  • Overall Score

Dull, by the numbers Xianxia

Reviewed at: 53 Cultivation Pagoda

If you've ever read a simple xianxia that basicly follows a how to template then you'll know what this fiction is like.  It's not bad or good, it's just bland and dull.  

The protagonist, Qai, reincarnates into a nameless village filled with unimportant people.  They exist simply to fill out the stage for one of Qai's extended training arcs and have no meaningful role in the story.  While there he grinds his body tempering technique, which he reincarnated with and impresses everyone, this goes on for around 24 chapters. During this period he's never really challenged and everything he does is amazing.  Even his body tempering advances rather easily and only requires eating meat and training/combat which provide him with disproportionate benefits.  

Eventually a cultivator appears who sets Qai upon the path of joining a sect where all the typical antagonistic sect tropes take place.  But before that Qai picks up a Core Formation insect hive in the woods and effortlessly binds with it.  Conveniently they require no care or maintenance and can be summoned instantly to deal with any threat he faces.  They'll even complete complex tasks on demand and if that sounds boring that's because it is.  

To add insult to injury Core Formation has been represented as being the pinnacle of power as of chapter 53.  So we have this little noob cultivator who's guarded by all these over powered bugs.  As a result any sense of tension or danger became impossible and any challenge he faced at this stage came across as mere filler.

If you don't have much experience with the genre then you might enjoy this story.  But if you do then nothing here will stand out as original and you'll likely become bored with how easy and unimaginative the plot has been so far.  Hopefully the author can pull it around in the future by devoting more attention to his characters and by diverging from the standard template that he's using. 

  • Overall Score

I'm not great at reviews, but I wanted to say so far this story is an enjoyable read. I am on chapter 11 and am excited to see how the story progresses. I will check in daily for updates. 

Mister Bill
  • Overall Score

Quite enjoyable cultivation story

Reviewed at: 75 Starting Up

A lot of fun so far and very much a cultivation story. Better than 90% of the translations I read (and I'm picky about those). Good pace, good writing, and worth reading. 

A couple unique bits to it, too.

  • Overall Score

I love this novel keep it up is quite well written and i love the power system of the MC, his growth of the world around him as it is quite interesting to.

Sun Da 21
  • Overall Score
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