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No science this time but some information dump for Ada and readers. More coming up. They're still floating on a cloud. Don't worry, the action will pick up after this initial setup.

And in other news, as a disclaimer, daily updates is very hard to do. I have been traveling this week and hence the reason for the delay. I'll keep it to at least 2 - 3 updates a week with longer chapters for each update.

Before Ada started the tour, she had decided that if they were going to have an extended conversation, they might as well talk in the most comfortable place in her palace which was why she reserved the lounge for last. The lounge situated next to the main door was large with three large oval stained glass translucent windows which filtered the afternoon sunlight into a myriad of rainbow colors. The floor was covered by a soft velvet rug with a simple geometric design of subdued color. The ceiling far above was covered by transparent glass which let into a view of higher clouds outlined against the blue sky. Though there were no couches or sofas since those didn't exist in the standard database, there were more than a dozen large feather pillows encased in silken cases placed in the corners. Comfortable blankets made of silk and cashmere were scattered around and on the pillows. Just for kicks, Ada had also created several clumps of divine clouds which floated in the room within easy reach. These were even more comfortable than the pillows and blankets but required some practice to manipulate since they tended to float away if there is not enough weight on them.

Leanne gasped when she saw the room. Ada gestured that Leanne could sit anywhere she would like. The girl found a place and sat down (or rather sunk down since the pillow was so soft). She walked to another corner and found a larger pile of pillows which she plopped down on. Leanne thought this was more comfortable and situated herself here with a blanket that covered half her body. Meanwhile, Ada grabbed a cloud near the center of the room and rested her body against it. As a goddess, Ada was comfortable regardless of the physical environment but there were still degrees of comfort and resting on a divine cloud was quite up there.

Ada sympathized with Leanne. God had snatched Ada away from her normal life. Now, analogously, Ada had snatched Leanne from her normal life. Leanne so far seemed to be capably coping with her sudden transition. Though Ada could clearly fix Leanne's physical ailments, she wasn't quite sure if she could cure any mental ailments such as depression. Though Ada was an only child, she felt a protective instinct towards Leanne like that of an older sister.

"Leanne, now that we're comfortable here, let's just talk. This isn't an interrogation and you can ask me any question you want. I want us both to understand each other."

"Goddess Ada, I'm ready," Leanne said as she nodded.

"Actually, you don't need to call me goddess any more when it's just the two of us."

"Goddess Ada, that is not acceptable when you're a deity and I'm just a mortal," Leanne exclaimed.

"You're right that I can't say we're all humans here since I'm not. You've probably guessed by now that I don't have many followers. In fact, to be honest, you're the first one. I don't know how the other gods operate but I know I don't want just a mindless follower who says Goddess Ada this and that. I want to have people that talk honestly to me without fear. Possibly even friends."

"Goddess Ada, I did not know a goddess need friends."

"Everyone needs friends, Leanne. I won't go into the full details but let's just say that similar to you, I was taken away from everything I have ever known and placed here in a position I didn't ask for."

"Goddess Ada..."

"Call me Ada."

"Ada, I believe I understand. You did not ask to be sent into the mortal realm."

"Leanne, you're correct in saying that coming here to Urth was never my intention. The divine realm has its own issues but I would still have preferred to be there. However, now that I'm here I plan to make the best of the situation," Ada said. She could have said the truth but decided talking about multiverses, her world and infinite incarnations of God would just make Leanne very confused.

"Goddess Ada, I understand,"

"Old habits take time to change. Call me Ada remember? But let's continue. We have dawdled long enough. Basic question number one is how do you think the world begin and where did the gods come from?"

"Goddess Ada, excuse me, Ada. According to the Holy Book, the world began in complete darkness. There was nothing until The Creator appeared. With His power, he created pure light. The light mingled with the darkness and formed the five elements - air, earth, water, metal and fire. The element air floated and formed the sky. The element earth sunk and formed the ground. The element water molded around that of earth and formed into oceans, lakes and rivers. The element metal lodged itself into the earth. The element fire flew past the air and formed the sun.

After Urth was formed, the Creator rested for a day. He next created life by combining the elements in different proportions. Plants formed from a combination of metal, earth and water. Birds formed from a combination of air and water. Fish formed from water. Humans formed from a combination of earth and water. Dragons formed from a combination of earth, air and fire."

"Hold up! Did you just say dragons?" Ada suddenly interrupted. I wonder if they're objects as well since they're clearly not users, Ada wondered.

"Goddess Ada, excuse me, Ada. Yes, dragons. Are there no dragons from your realm?"

"Hmm, of course there were but they disappeared a long time ago and now are just relegated as fairy tales. Are you going to tell me there are elves, dwarves, gnomes and such as well now?"

"Ada, I have heard of other mortals besides humans but I don't know where they reside or what they call themselves. Wherever they may be, they are not on this continent and I have never seen one. I'm sure they were also formed from a combination of earth and water. All creatures walking on land formed from a combination of these two elements."

"I guess I'll have to wait to see how accurately the movie tropes portray them. Never mind. And also what absurd alchemy here but who am I to judge? Please continue."

Leanne looked confused at Ada's side commentary but she continued when Ada gestured for her to continue.

"Ada, the story of the creation of the gods comes after life was formed here on Earth. God in His infinite wisdom decided to form guardians to watch over the world, each with its own powers and domain. These gods were created from a sixth element not found on Urth called aether.

The first god was Ayula, the Goddess of Life, who has domain over all plants and animals.

The second god was Dartho, the God of Death, who has domain over all those in the afterlife.

The third god was Poden, the God of Ocean, who has domain over all the waters.

After the first three gods were created, God rested for another day. Then, seeing that humans have started working together and building towns, he decided that we needed gods of our own. These nine gods were

Alula, the Goddess of Beauty,
Mara, the Goddess of Healing,
Serina, the Goddess of Truth,
Sludomo, the God of Dreams,
Karren, the God of Farmers,
Edayth, the God of Thieves,
Thuro, the God of War,
Yuano, the God of Wealth,
Catiano, the God of Wisdom.

But that is just the official story."

"What do you mean by the official story?" asked Ada curiously.

"The Holy Book states that God created these twelve gods but some people in the Temples have said that there are other gods not created by the God. Some of them even claim that they have talked to these gods. Those who publicly proclaim these beliefs are executed immediately but I know that many of my former brothers and sisters harbor such doubts on just the existence of the twelve. I myself have always thought there were more."

"Whether they're part of the twelve or not, have you talked to any of these gods?"

"When I was the Adept of the Temple of Ayula, I always felt her presence but I never talked to her. It is very rare for a god to talk to a mortal directly. Those who have are truly blessed."

"Then you must be blessed to talk to me," Ada laughed. "And I'm so glad you stopped addressing me as Goddess every time."

Leanne blushed. Ada thought it was cute but decided not to push her further. The girl deserved a break.

"Leanne, let me let you on a little secret. I don't know much about these gods but I know who the other gods your church or your temple has neglected to mention whether on purpose or just ignorance. They are the Goddess of Sky, God of Fools, God of Urth and the World System though I doubt the last one would be considered a god. Oh, and then there's me."

"Goddess Ada, in all respect, would you be kind enough to tell me what god you represent?"

"Leanne, I'm not sure if you will understand even if I tell you. I'm the Goddess of Computation."

"What is that?" Leanne asked with genuine puzzlement.

"Exactly, that's a good response," Ada chuckled with amusement.


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