The time was 10:58 according to the LED display of the alarm clock next to the bed where a girl sat furiously typing on her computer. If anyone was to ask what she was doing, the girl named Adas Newth would have surely ignored that person for her assignment was of paramount importance. If she doesn't submit the code in by midnight her grades in the class would be equivalent to F. Currently, her computer display showed a black screen filled with esoteric symbols and a slew of errors. Tiny grunts of frustration came unbidden from her throat. These grunts were tiny since despite being absorbed by the screen, she was considerate enough to subdue the display of her frustration for the sake of her slumbering roommate above her on the upper bunk.

"I'm going to totally fail this assignment," she muttered to herself. "You would think the first class would not be this hard."

"And this will only prove to the dudes that women are inferior in logic. I can't believe that in a world where more women are going into the STEM fields than ever in history that there are only five girls in the entire introduction to computer science class," she muttered a little more loudly.

Her roommate made a small sound and rolled into a different sleeping position. Mary was a light sleeper so Ada quieted down immediately. These angry thoughts were not helping her to complete the assignment. She yawned and acknowledged that she was tired and frustrated. Usually, she wouldn't let the nerds get to her. She considered the guys studying computer science to be nerds though she didn't consider herself one. She stared at the screen and noted the number of debugging errors remained at three. There have been little progress in the last hour. These last errors have been infuriatingly difficult to rectify and she could not understand what the error messages even meant. Google is not a know-it-all when it comes to code. She yawned again. According to my psychology professor, taking a catnap is the best way to reboost the brain, she thought. That may be an excuse for her extremely overworked brain but who was she to doubt a professor? Taking a quick nap and then getting back to the assignment doesn't sound like a bad idea.

She shut the lid to her laptop and placed it on the nightstand. She set her smartwatch to vibrate and to wake her up in half an hour. Sleeping while wearing a smartwatch was not comfortable but setting an alarm would wake up Mary. Before she dozed off, she briefly wondered why the setting on her watch read "Shift" instead of "Vibrate". She would have to Google that one later on why the latest app update changed the name of the setting. At least Google would be of help in finding the answer to at least this question.

[include <standardlibrary>]
[include <earthtech>]
[include <algorithm>]
[include <adaclass>]
[import goddess Ada to system Urth]
Ada felt completely refreshed and clear-headed. She stretched her arms and opened her eyes. The moment she opened her eyes, she blinked several times rapidly. Then she rubbed her eyes and opened them again to ensure that she wasn't dreaming. Unless this was a lucid dream, she was clearly not in her bedroom any more or anywhere on Earth. She was floating in space above a blue-green world which did not look have any continents that looked like Earth's. Beyond the planet was a yellow star similar to the sun. She looked at her body and realized that although she was not naked, she was also not wearing a spacesuit. Oddly enough, she didn't feel like she was going to explode, freeze or suffocate. In fact, she felt quite comfortable just floating there.

No one was around and in this kind of situation yelling was warranted.

"Where in the hell am I?" she yelled. "What the ..."

<Calm down, young one.>

"Who said that?" Ada looked around in a panic and realized that no one had verbalized anything. The words were resonating in her mind.

<I thought that. You must have many questions. I will let you ask three before I send you off to join your brethren.>

"What the hell? Why just three?" Ada exclaimed.

<That is one question. I used to allow an infinite number of questions but then I would be stuck here answering question after question and frankly that's just really boring to me. As the God of the multiverse, I can generate infinite versions of myself at once but oddly enough each incarnation feels the same level of boredom so that really doesn't help for the particular incarnation that is talking to someone like you. Next question?>

I better be careful now and think of a better question, Ada thought. She needed to ask the most general question that can give multiple useful outputs. She has been clearly transported to a different world. She paused for a moment before asking.

"Why is a mortal like me in this world that has nothing to do with me?"

<You're here since you won my lottery. I placed one device on each world among the infinite worlds and chose one person to be the Goddess of Computation here for the world of Urth. We need one since the traditional pantheon of gods are becoming obsolete. Times change and even worlds that are more primitive are expected to progress along instead of staying in stasis. You are no longer a mortal and you will discover that you have powers which no usual mortal possesses. At the very minimum, as a divine being, you are immune to all diseases, resistant to almost all injuries and you won't age. Also, you may thank me when I tell you that you won't have unnecessary bodily functions and you won't need to eat nor sleep. You can still die though that would be highly unlikely. This world now has everything to do with you as you would be the goddess of your chosen people. There are other gods and goddesses here but none of them possess the unique abilities you have. You may find them to not feel the same way that you or I do about the need for change. Last question?>

Ada paused again. This is it. She could ask what she needs to do but that would probably not elicit any useful reply. She could ask when she can go home but she wasn't sure that any answer she heard would be satisfactory or be helpful in the current situation.

"Who are my enemies and allies in this world?"

<Your enemies are other gods and goddesses. Be especially careful of the ones considered good by the mortals. They are the ones who most likely want to preserve the status quo. Some of them are very powerful and I would highly advise that you do not get on their radar until you feel ready to challenge them. As for your allies, you would need to find them among the divine beings or create mortal worshipers. As a divine being, you are forbidden to interfere directly with mortal affairs on a large scale but you can have followers who will further your cause. With more followers, you not only gain more influence but you will also be able to gain greater understanding of your own skills.>

<And with that, we are done here. I'm going to send you to your floating palace where you can get started doing whatever you're going to do.>

There was no bright flash or thundering sound. One moment she was floating in space and the next she was standing in the middle of an empty building that was supposedly her palace. The place was so empty and silent it reminded her of a morgue. I suppose a smarter question would have been to ask what abilities I possess and whether I can get a better place, she thought with resignation. On the bright side, no more tests.


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