Lazy Dragon Queen: Gaming in an Illogical World

by Ace Arriande

Original ONGOING Action Comedy Fantasy Romance GameLit Harem High Fantasy LitRPG Magic Male Lead Portal Fantasy / Isekai Slice of Life
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content

Other Tags: Tower Defense | Crafting | Anti-Cat Propaganda

Have you ever thought to yourself, “tfw no qt3.14 dragon girl gf to play vidya with?” Are you one of those lonely people who claim to prefer single-player games because you have nobody to play multiplayer games with? Do you wish that you could have a harem of cute, 10/10 waifus who just want to play video games, be lazy with you, and do cute romantic things?

Then congratulations! You don’t get any of those things, but Drake does. You do, however, get the opportunity to live vicariously through Drake as he goes to a lazy dragon’s (read: best girl’s) pocket universe that has been designed to be the perfect survival / tower defense / crafting hybrid game-turned-reality! Have I mentioned that there are cute dogs and bees involved? What about the bodybuilder cat enemies? Or the fact that I, the best informational status window and synopsis writer ever, Window, am in the story?

Oh, and you might want to keep in mind that the dragon in charge of the universe dislikes all things rational, logical, and other boring things like those.


Cover art by ErosPanda!

Full-sized version of the cover art here!

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Ace Arriande

Ace Arriande

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The word "vidya" hurts my soul

Reviewed at: Volume 1, Chapter 1

So for such a negative title why the four stars? Its simple really. The book is still good. This is a strange series, and quite illogical. This continues into the real world and my perception of it. I have a number of problems with this book and yet I still enjoy it. The dogs are cute, the mystery archer is a question I want answered and status windows are surprisingly compelling characters. However the start of this was a bit of a slog. I likely would have dropped this book early on if I hadn't read ace's other stuff. So I'll say this, If you hate the opening like I did, keep going until the bee's, or the 3rd round at least. You will know what I mean.


So far its pretty good will update as it goes along either that or when its finished.


All of them are so cute it's almost painful. It's a story about a dude and a girl being super cute with their adorable pets in a world that just does whatever. It's 100% slice-of-life, but a really weird life. Generally, Drake is the straight man to the... well, everything else, but it doesn't take him long to learn how to make the nonsense work in his favor.

I've felt literal, physical pain in my cheeks from smiling at this.

I just gotta say, cats deserve love too, man.


You want wacky? We got it. You want romantic? We got you. You want fluffiness? Boooi you're covered. You want action? We got the action.

Ace is one of my favorite authors, probably the favorite honestly, and this novel is exactly the reason why. Unique characters that use existing tropes to provide an old, but new, type of casual novel that you can only find from the King of Weebs. References, jokes, and teasing galore with very few coming off as forced or infodumpy, and character interactions and conversations that put main-stream authors to utter shame. 


The storyline is still relatively new, but like all of Ace's books, it provides a setting and pace that's become rare in a web-novel community(as in, the whole internet, not just RR) full of overpowered f-bois who's greatest character developments are their plots to gain even more insane power or enact revenge on some floober that you stopped caring about the chapter after they inevitably die.


NNNNOT ONLY THAT, but this story has one of the most interesting takes on the Window System that's become prevalent in LitRPG's and GameLit novels. Without spoiling too much, even with the Window taking the place as the 3rd character for the beginning of the novel, this decision has only made the world more nonsensical, comedic, and endearing. 


Lastly, since I don't want to rant forever, this story can only get a 5 star rating, but it deserves 10 sweaters easily. Whether you're a normie or a weeb, this story has everything necessary to give you a few hours of respite from what is by far a less entertaining world than the one our Grand Weeb has created.

xenophobic biscuit

The newest miracle anti-depressant

Reviewed at: Volume 1, Chapter 20

I binged up to chap 20 in the middle of the night while i was big sad now im not big sad 5/5, regular doses recomended.


The adventures of a gamer duo in a weird gaming world

Reviewed at: Volume 1, Chapter 6

Once again, another story by Ace Arriande, those who have read the other stories by the author should know what type of story to expect. A fun read, with quirky characters and weird comedy, along with a lot of weeb-ness.

The town's greatest virgin, Drake Hunter, who has a easy if boring life, suddenly finds it turned upside down as he has been summoned as a sacrifice to the great dragon in the mountains. But contrary to all his expecations of what would happen, the dragon is actually a lazy shut-in who loves gaming but has a tendency to cheat with her powers, which are by the way the strongest in the world. Now he finds himself on a journey alongside the dragon, in a weird gaming world, that is utterly illogical and ruled by Window-chan. By the way, they also share a utter dislike of cats.

As said, Drake Hunter is a virgin to the core, a weak character, but in a way, that makes it only better, as he is already shown to grow bit by bit in the new world he is in. Its to be expected that eventually more characters beyond Drake, Vala and Window will be added to the story.

The setting is quite interesting, its a weird blend of many game types at once, for example crafting, survival, tower defense along with a couple more, this adds quite a lot of potentional for just what this story can be, but on the other side, this story by all accords, is going to be a relaxed, simple story without much happening plot wise.

No complaints with grammar in this story, maybe some hard to detect typo's in this story, but most readers will not find that to be a problem for their reading experience at all.

The author has a writing style that flows quite well, its rather enjoyable to read and can suck in a reader for reading this story for hours. This story has only one viewpoint so far, with no signs of that going to change yet.

Expect a lot of tropes here, the story is quite full of em! And its to be expected from this author.

Its a fun read for sure, can be something actually great, but doenst have to. So come enjoy it if you just want a relaxing fun story, even more so if you like reading Ace Arriande's stories.




Like someone took a crack experience and added wholesome.

Reviewed at: Volume 1, Chapter 23

This piece is chaotic, ridiculous, and wholesome. Mixing laughs with chaos and then throwing in truly wonderful character interaction, this work is a true gem. I rate the story as 3.5 stars because there doesn’t appear to be a story beyond chaos. The style is distinctive and the few grammar mistakes are corrected quickly. As for characters, I rate them 7 stars because they are beyond perfect. This work is driven by the characters, and the fact that I say it is 5 stars even without a plot says something about the characters. Highly recommended. 


Hilarious fun. Also this story reminds me of something I once saw on a license plate frame. "I like cats. They taste great". Aaannywho this story is a great relaxing story with good humor that can cheer you up after a bad day while still having a good storyline. 

Spoiler: Spoiler

The description was not interesting and I almost skipped this story. I'm not much into haram stories but the other reviews had me wondering. I just binged the entire series so far and it's a wonderful mix of...well lot's of things. It's definitely funny.


A nice ane cozy story with chibby VR dragoness

Reviewed at: Volume 1, Chapter 1

This is a nice story, haven't gotten to the whole of it but it is as simple as the synopsys says. 

Story: It is a nice ride, where you get a viscious... Well virgin drake hunter summoned as a sacrifice by a lazy she-dragon that wants to play games. Its very fun and simple at the start it gets better apparently. Its not unique story but it has the nice touch of a good writer.

Style: Fairly good, the type of style that gets you to continue reading and never stop. Binge the available story is as easy as watching a movie. 

Grammar: Same as above, some minor typos that no one will care about and can be sometimes subjective to the reader's opinions. So In doubt, I prefer saying that it is above 4.5. 

Characters: Well, for drake and Val as I like to call her. I am mich intrigued. I just hope that whatever extra addition goes above 2D. For now its well developed enough that its easy to get into mc as some self immersion. 


Mc is foreshadowed in the typical plot of being the lowest bug in the world. It triggers the inferiority complex of most readers and the need to strive above the top. Something I don't like much, cause its a very used troupe to make people feel like the character. But it is useful to make a story feel fullfiling for many. 

Conclusion: A fun read, can't tell if it can become a masterpiece, but it has the potential to make you have an enjoyable and fun read. 

My thanks to the author!