Opening an orphanage in another world

by Azumiazmee94

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Fantasy High Fantasy Magic Male Lead Reincarnation Slice of Life Strong Lead

I got reincarnated and one thing lead to another, I decided to open up and protect the orphanage

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: Reincarnated into the world of Achalasia ago
Chapter 2: World of Achalasia ago
Chapter 3: Meeting that will change my life in this world ago
Chapter 4: Soloing a Behemoth ago
Chapter 5: Meeting with the noble and royal ago
Chapter 6: The ten orphan ago
Chapter 7: Shopping part 1 ago
Chapter 8: Shopping part 2 ago
Chapter 9: Test ago
Chapter 10: Merchant guild master, Gizzere ago
Chapter 11: Grandpa Claude ago
Chapter 12: Housey ago
Chapter 13: Training part 1 ago
Chapter 14: Training part 2 ago
Chapter 15: Training part 3 ago
Chapter 16: The meeting ago
Chapter 17: Lesson learned ago
Chapter 18: Finding the cause ago
Chapter 19: Ash vs King Behemoth ago
Chapter 20: Imitating ago
Chapter 21: Achalasia Externa ago
Chapter 22: Condition to become an adventure ago
Chapter 23: Rumia, Vincent&Maria ago
Chapter 24: The new training hall ago
Chapter 25: Opening of the training hall ago
Chapter 26: Helping Alice part 1 ago
Chapter 27: Helping Alice part 2 ago
Chapter 28: Helping Alice part 3 ago
Chapter 29: Helping Alice part 4 ago
Chapter 30: Meeting the noble and royal once again ago
Chapter 31: Abyss ago
Chapter 32: Testing the bus golem ago
Chapter 33: Making new friends part 1 ago
Chapter 34: Making new friends part 2 ago
Chapter 35: Making new friends part 3 ago
Chapter 36: Visiting the sick ago
Chapter 37: Maris's soul ago
Chapter 38: Meeting the goddess once again ago
Chapter 39: Helping Qis part 1 ago
Chapter 40: Helping Qis part 2 ago
Chapter 41: Rafiah ago
Chapter 42: Teaching the young healers ago
Chapter 43: Outing with others part 1 ago
Chapter 44: Outing with others part 2 ago
Chapter 45: Outing with others part 3 ago
Chapter 46: Plan of action ago
Chapter 47: The orphans and Rafiah ago
Chapter 48: Worker get ago
Chapter 49: Start of Investigation part 1 ago
Chapter 50: Start of Investigation part 2 ago
Chapter 51: Start of Investigation part 3 ago
Chapter 52: Treating others part 1 ago
Chapter 52: Treating others part 2 ago
Chapter 54: Treating others part 3 ago
Chapter 55: Evening after the 1st day of investigation and treatment ago
Chapter 56: The second day ago
Chapter 57: Getting the water crystal part 1 ago
Chapter 58: Getting the water crystal part 2 ago
Chapter 59: Getting the water crystal part 3 ago
Chapter 60: Getting the water crystal part 4 ago
Chapter 61: Getting the water crystal part 5 ago
Chapter 62: Getting the water crystal part 6 ago
Chapter 63: Out ago
Chapter 64: After the attack ago
Chapter 65: Grim reaper ago
Chapter 66: Thanatos ago
Chapter 67: Community center ago
Chapter 68: Selfish? ago
Chapter 69: Magic class part 1 ago
Chapter 70: Magic class part 1 ago
Chapter 71: Nothing ago
Charlotte 72: And still nothing happen ago
Charlotte 73: Princess Nurhaliza ago
Charlotte 74: Proposition ago
Chapter 75: Official visit to orphanage part 1 ago
Chapter 76: Official visit to orphanage part 2 ago
Chapter 77: Before going to Malsia ago
Chapter 78: Departing to Malsia ago
Chapter 79: Malsia ago
Chapter 80: Orphan of Malsia ago
Chapter 81: Unexpected information ago
Chapter 82: At Estel part 1 ago
Chapter 83: Scythe boss ago
Chapter 84: At Estel part 2 ago
Chapter 85: Scanning the church ago
Chapter 85: The Traveler King ago
Chapter 87: At Estel part 3 ago
Chapter 88: Another one join us ago
Chapter 89: Contradiction ago
Chapter 90: At Estel part 4 ago
Chapter 91: At Estel part 5 ago
Chapter 92: The fallen god blessing ago
Chapter 93: Ash and Kana Vs Corrupted Thanatos ago
Chapter 94: Welcome back? ago
Chapter 95: At Estel part 6 ago
Chapter 96: Gift from Earth dungeon part 1 ago
Chapter 97: Gist from Earth dungeon part 2 ago
Chapter 98: Gift from Earth dungeon part 3 ago
Chapter 99: Gift from Earth dungeon part 4 ago
Chapter 100: Night talk ago
Chapter 101: Director of Orphanage ago
Chapter 102: Crystal spawning block and peculiar portal stone ago
Chapter 103: Second Housey and Birdy (Pterodactyl) ago
Chapter 104: Crystal factory ago
Chapter 105: Before leaving ago
Chapter 106: Leaving Malsia ago
Chapter 107: Mermaid kingdom ago
Chapter 108: Rean register with the adventure guild ago
Chapter 109: First request part 1 ago
Chapter 110: First request part 2 ago
Chapter 111: Ash vs Mahsuri ago
Chapter 112: Suspicious Muse ago
Chapter 113: And getting another job once more ago
Chapter 114: Angelic and Devil ago

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Like a RAW from a Chinese LN as of Sept, 17, 2019

Reviewed at: Chapter 17: Lesson learned

Hmmm.... the author is not a native user of English.  The grammar is all over the place, sentence fragments, odd word choices, stilted dialogue. 

However I do like stories of this kind, reincarnated isekai, help the orphans, defeat the wicked and powerful etc. 

The characters so far have been fairly generic but it can be hard to tell inner dialogue and motivations with the overall writing being so unclear. 

If you are really in the LN genre and have read google translated raws and thought they were okay then this might be for you. 

Moon Wolf 96
  • Overall Score
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Interesting premise, but couldn't read due to Grammar issues

Reviewed at: Chapter 2: World of Achalasia

I tried to get through the first chapter and had to give up due to the grammar issues. Might want to look into getting a beta reader or even just a free grammar program like Grammarly to help fix the issues.

  • Overall Score

Truly unreadable. Interesting concept ruined by reading like it came straight out of Google Translate, maybe with another language or two in between.

  • Overall Score

I couldn't get through half of the first paragraph, this is unreadable at this point in time. If anyone can work through this they have the patience of a saint and/or the mental fortitude of a brick.

  • Overall Score
Spoiler: Spoiler


Victor DoUrden
  • Overall Score

This ain't a 5 star story but I feel compelled to rate it five stars cause stupid morons with poor comprehension can't piece words together. This is extremely no where as bad as they make it out to be. I've seen far far worse and even stories with great grammar be outdone in complexity and character by my shampoo bottle.


Anyhow story is very meh. The op abilities are a dead give away to low writing skill. It's pretty much op slice of life adopts kids with forced action tossed in. Not awful but rather bland. 

  • Overall Score
Spoiler: Spoiler


Terrible English, to the point where it's unreadable even to another non-native English speaker.

Author also doesn't take the effort to correct mistakes, when pointed out.

I don't understand why this is trending, how can anyone enjoy reading this? 

  • Overall Score
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  1.  The author is too naive... cant even create a "right" persona at diff person... like the you even believe that mortal's spirit can pressure a god?   Here-

    Ash's Scythe


    The first Scythe weapon on World of Achalasia, it's a gift from God of Death to Ash, created with part of Ash parents soul after they pressure the god of death itself, it had become an intelligence weapon that will grow alongside it's user. Can only be used by Ash or those that Ash had approved.                    ------------- - - - - - - -  and the consept of "good" and "bad" has deep meaning that only an experience people may understand...and the author is obviously NOT one of them...

  2. This work has a grade no diff. Than that of WATTPADS ... obviously un experience author... and the english too messy. Thoug im not am english neative speaker too i have read enough to know the diffs.
  3. There is NO power building ! Its like he just straight up got his power- forget bout those naive gods...their just part of "plot" to acquire- i mean to easily acquire the power that the author desire for his MC...
  4. if you continue reading this untill the latest update then your a "dwarf" ... the most simplitic being that describe like a "muscle-brainer" ...congrats
  • Overall Score

Read till chapter 5. The English is bad. Struggle to make sense of a lot of sentences. It might improve in more recent chapters but I couldn't.

@author, I'd recommend following the normal conversation layout - "I want to go home" said Ash. It makes multiple people talking easier to read. And try read your story once over after you write so it makes sense to you