The gift from earth dungeon, just like its name suggests, the overwhelming concentration and abundance of earth mana in this dungeon makes it covered with nothing but caves and small mountain after mountain. Just like the usual dungeon structure, this dungeon also contains a straight safe main road in the middle free of any sort of danger (from monster or natural hazard from dungeon, not from human action). As for the means of transportation from one level to another, here, there's a very fast escalator bringing people and carriage up and down. Plus, the elevator here is sincerely quite cool, manage to change it bases to accommodate the carriage or group that will be using it. I wonder how or what mechanism is responsible for that. Truly, another mystery on its own.

And like the name, the monster and the treasure chest being spawned here are also earth related. Name it, from usual clay, to lime, to diamond and precious steel like titanium. The monsters are the same, plus, Naoto had mentioned that an A rank Earth Behemoth can be found inside this dungeon (That if you're straying to far from the main road especially on the lower floor of the dungeon)

Well, my target for today is to find the crystal similar to what Diana's currently wears as to mask Rean's blessing. No, maybe I should find it for all ten, nope make it eleven as Rafiah will also appreciate it as well. Don't want her secret being half angel half demon half witch to be exposed.

But before all of that

"Rock monsters!" [Elf boy]
"It is" [Little boy]
"It's cute!" [Cat girl]
"It is" [Charlotte]
"Can I pet one!" [Farhah]
"How about bringing it back home?" [Mara]
"That's a little bit..." [Seo Ah]
"Nope" [Ash]
"EEEEHHHH!!!" [Girls]
"Obviously. How will you feed it?" [Zerolith]
"Our mana!" [Little girl]
"And what if it hurts other people? Will you take the blame?" [Rean]
"..." [Girls]

Rean and Zerolith presented a good argument there. Guess I don't need to tell them how wonderfully dangerous their idea was. Still, rock monsters. Rock monsters is basically and literally a rock that have been supplied with some mana by the dungeon (usually), thus becoming alive. They're weak (not as weak as slime though) and all they can do is shoot or hurl themselves towards people. Luckily most of them are small and should they attack, it felt like small children throwing stones at you, which is relatively harmless as compared to other kind of danger that dungeon have to offer. Still, I should exercise caution and cover them with my mana as to avoid any sort of injuries to them.

"Well then, how about we begin today practice" [Ash]

I should start first. As mentioned before, rock monsters usually get their mana from the dungeon, but that doesn't mean us human can't give it to them. This is a phenomenon that can actually happened inside certain dungeon like this dungeon or the ice dungeon back at Estel. Basically, you supply some mana to these rocks and

"Haa!" [Ash]

As I give my mana to the surrounding rocks, they become alive one by one. And one by one, they started to hurl themselves towards me. Well, such ungrateful children, biting the hand of those that feeds you, but then again, so am I, killing something that I give live to with my scythe. This keep ongoing until hundred upon hundred of them comes at once, for which I started to use magic to defend myself. And then,

"Watch out!" [Kanji]

Yup, I gave birth to a boulder monster. Well, not that it will cause trouble to me, in fact, it is beneficial. These types of monster will usually dropped almost no loots. They're occasionally some loots depending on the type of rocks and minerals that we defeated and generally speaking, the stronger and the bigger it is, the higher the chances of it dropping some loots. And now

"Tadaa!" [Ash]
"It's a jewelry!" [Kara]
"And some strong metal!" [Karon]
"So pretty. Brother Ash, can we have it?" [Elise]
"Nope!" [Ash]
"Come on!" [Elise]
"Ash, don't do that to them..." [Diana]
"Yeah, that's mean" [Haliza]
"They're still children if you ask me, so no. I mean, I might consider giving it to Seo Ah, or maybe Elise if she really, really wanted to, but no. If I gave it to them, the other will become jealous" [Ash]
"Regrettable but I do agree" [Mira]
"Same here" [Qis]
"Then how about giving us the metal? We can use it to make some super strong armor!" [Savel]
"I can imagine it now! My large sword cleaving the enemy!" [Singa]
"That will be cool!" [Little boy]
"Nope" [Ash]
"EEEHHH!!!" [Boys]
"And why is that?" [Kanji]
"I will sell them and use it as an emergency fund for the Orphanage" [Ash]
"I see" [Kana]
"Well, enough chatting for now. Let us start some training" [Ash]
"Yes!" [Kids]
"They sound disappointed" [Thug D]
"Can you blame them" [Thug F]

Well, for the first practice, I'll have all of them to be divided into several groups, with each group having kids from Estel and Malsia orphanage. Those back at Estel are better at chantless magic as compared to those at Malsia, plus, they are also being trained by me longer as compared to those in Malsia (in which, this is their first training session inside the dungeon with me).

Their training is simple, just do what I do at their own luxury pace. They can be fast, slow or have boulders come at them for all they want, but what important is that they must know not only their limits, but also others as well. This will also serve as communication training for them as they have to relay information from time to time so that they can avoid getting hurt by those monsters.

(Well, I did cover them with my mana, so they will only get some scratch) [Ash]

Well, I can cover them completely and had no scratch should they get hit, but sometimes, you have to make the choice that you dislike for the benefit of others. In this case, I have to make them getting hurt just a little bit as to make them take their training seriously. Sorry in advance but yeah, it's for your own good.

And they started. All of them started slowly, well almost all of them. Zerolith, Singa, Savel and few boys in this group started hastily and get overwhelmed by the number of rock monsters attacking them. Yup, they quickly learn an important lesson. Still, I'm glad they're fine. It can't be helped that they feel some pain, but otherwise, it only leave a scratch mark here and there. That's all


(I can't find the crystal that Diana's mentioned. Should I consider searching it in other places?) [Ash]


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