[Diana point of view]

"Same like me?" [Diana]

After the discovery of the ancient tunnel believe to be made by the traveler king, as a mean for the ten heroes to travel safely during that time, Qis, Jacks and Rean were asked to explore it. Unexpectedly, they managed to find that the tunnel not only connected to the underground passage that the church built, but was also had been long exploited by them.

And during the scuffle that they had, Rean awakened a blessing, similar to mine. A blessing from Goddess Achalasia herself.

(Could those ten children be...) [Diana]

The original ten heroes, they're the one that manage to take down the now fallen god. Every few hundred years, the fallen god is said to be awakened, and their followers will rush in ravaging Achalasia. But, there will always be a group of ten people who are blessed with Goddess blessings. Sure, there are more and more people in history getting blessed to fight them, but the core being those ten people will always be in the front line, and their fate are...

"I wonder if Ash knew about it?" [Qis]
"My intuition tells me he does" [Diana]
"I see..." [Qis]

Plus, Ash is also blessed. The blessings that he received might not be similar like us, but I have no doubt he is blessed by Goddess Achalasia herself. Could it be that, the goddess ask him to raise those ten? No, no. No way, I might think too much into it.

"Well, we should see him. I wanted to confirm it myself" [Diana]
"Right!" [Qis]

This takes precedence than anything else right now. The ten heroes, and the ten orphan...

(God, please...) [Diana]

The carriage arrived in front of the orphanage, but

"Get out from here!" [Claude]
"What's happening!" [Diana]
"Princess!" [Qis]
"Yes!" [Diana]

Qis rush to the commotion. I can see that they're number of people whom I assume to be from the church trying to "talk" to Claude. They're being rather forceful about it.

"Alaric, if anything happens, ensure the safety of those ten children" [Diana]
(But princess...) [Alaric]
"That's an order!" [Diana]
(Understood) [Alaric]

The male vampire guard agree to it. I know what he is thinking, but it's no exaggeration when I say those ten will determine the future of Achalasia should they really are blessed like the ten heroes

"We just wanted to talk to the black hair boy" [Priest A]
"Sorry, but that won't do!" [Syah]
"And who do you think you're?" [Head Priest]
"And who do you think you are?" [Qis]
"The royal bodyguard. And the princess!" [Priest B]

So, they come for Rean. I see, well, the one captured must have told something, probably about how Rean uses his blessing, but let us not make assumptions here. Maybe they're just here to hold Rean accountable for what is happening

"And may I know what business do all of you have in this orphanage?" [Diana]
"You see, we are here to talk with the Black hair boy. About how he knocked out one of our member" [Head Priest]
"It is I that did it! Surely you can talk to me all you want right now!" [Qis]
"Well, he is also responsible according to that person" [Head Priest]

He seems persistent, and I have this feeling that is not all. I should just confirm it

"Right now, the Orphanage is under my care as the behemoth slayer had entrusted me to it. Should you want to talk to the black hair boy, you should follow the castle protocol. Or, you can just have the talk with him, but with me overseeing it" [Diana]
"That's..." [Head Priest]

He seems reluctant. Guess he really is trying to hide something, or he just doesn't want to mess with the castle, or both and my intuition is inclined to it, 85% because he wanted to hide something, and 15% because of my authority

"If you please excuse us, your majesty" [Head Priest]

They all bow and quickly take their leave. What a mess

"Thank you so much Princess Diana. Who knew what will happen if you aren't here to help us" [Claude]
".. .----. -- / .-. . .- -.. -.-- / - --- / -.- .. .-.. .-.. / - .... . -- / - .... . -." [Housey]
"What did Housey say?" [Diana]
"I'm ready to kill them if you aren't here to help just now" [Claude]
"Seriously..." [Qis]
"Meow!!!" [Behe]
"Behe too..." [Diana]

Claude welcome us inside, and there, I can see that Rafiah is trying to protect all of the kids. Rean try to go out to settle this but was hold back by the other nine. That's the smart choice. Plus, Claude and the other male adventures are here, it's the right choice to let them handle it

"Are you alright Rean?" [Diana]
"I am. Thank you Princess, for just now..." [Rean]
"It's fine. Plus, your Brother will be angry should I not interfere, so much so that he might leveled the castle" [Diana]
"He wouldn't!" [Zerolith]
"I can imagine he do exactly that vividly" [Borg]
"Still, just why did they come?" [Male adventure]
"Rean..." [Elise]
"Maybe it is because of what I did?" [Rean]

Maybe, but maybe also because of your blessings. Figuratively speaking, it's small right now but I can clearly sense it, it's there. If I'm not mistaken, the current head priest shouldn't be able to detect it, unlike the late head priest, but knowing him, he will still take Rean to the especially made goddess orb and scan him. Luckily that goddess orb in question have been tampered by me back then, so I shouldn't worry about Rean status being exposed. But that doesn't mean he is 100% safe. He is right now being targeted by them. Plus, they could always ask someone sensitive enough to tell them whether Rean do awakened a blessing or not

(Now, what should I do?) [Diana]

"If only Brother Ash is here, he can just kick their ass!" [Farhah]
"Word!" [Qis]
"Sorry..." [Farhah]
"Honestly..." [Mara]
"We think the same" [Kara]
"Yes..." [Karon]
"Well, you can't just go to Malsia right now" [Syah]

If Ash is here, he will take the brute force way, and that's no good. Right now, I have to think of a way to deceive them. Unlike me who have this special crystal to hide my blessing, Rean doesn't have one. If I'm not mistaken, this crystal can be found in gift from earth dungeon at Malsia, at least according to Linda...

"You guys, don't you want to know how your Brother is doing right now?" [Diana]
"Ehh..." [Other]
"Princess, you don't mean..." [Qis]
"""We want!!!""" [Singa, Savel, Charlotte]
"Going to Malsia..." [Farhah]
"That's a bit sudden" [Karon]
"Well, I did have something to do there as well, so that's why I can bring you guys with me should you wanted to" [Diana]
"""We want! We want! We want!""" [Singa, Savel, Charlotte]
"Princess Diana, with all due respect, don't you think that's a bit sudden?" [Claude]
"You guys, give us a minute" [Diana]
"?" [Kids]

I gathered the adults

"You see, I'll bring them with me to Malsia for a while and let my father handle the church while they're there. That way, we can ensure their safety. Plus, don't you think they will be the safest when they're with Ash?" [Diana]
"I see" [Qis]
"That does make sense" [Rafiah]
"But to do it so suddenly. Won't it burden you?" [Syah]
"Just leave it to me! Is it alright Claude?" [Diana]
"Well..." [Claude]

Claude think for a while before giving the permission to do so. He also mentioned that he will use his illusion magic (alongside Housey helps) 24/7 to give off an illusion that those ten children will always be here, that way, we can deceive the church even if it is for a short while. What a splendid idea. The adventure also agree to keep their mouth shut and also to continue guarding the mansion as usual as to further deceive them. Splendid!

"Alright! Who wants to follow me to Malsia, raise your hand!" [Diana]
"""Me. Me. Me. Me!!!""" [Singa, Savel, Charlotte]
"Ehh..." [Others]
"I'll take that as a yes!" [Diana]
"Come now, let us prepare your clothes" [Claude]
"I'll help" [Rafiah]
"Let me telly father first. I'll come back after an hour or so" [Diana]
"Understood" [Claude]
(This all happen... because of me?) [Rean]
"Don't worry. It isn't" [Diana]
"!" [Rean]

A lie here wouldn't hurt. Still, I have to tell father about it. Plus, once I met Ash at Malsia, I should ask him directly about it.

"Princess, an urgent letter from Malsia arrive" [Butler]
"I see, thank you" [Diana]

Huh... so that actually happen at Malsia. Plus, they also request guild master Ram to come. Very well, off we go then (after telling father that is)


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