[Saintess Rumia point of view]

At the headquarters of the church, a red hair saintess is flipping through bunch of documents. Being the second most important person in this country, it isn't strange for her to keep working on and on even at the expense of her own free time.

It's tea break time, and she's now flipping through the letter that she got from Estel Kingdom, from her friend Princess Diana. Eager to read it, she actually torn the letter a bit when she hastily open it up.

The letter: Its looks like my suspicion are true. There are prove that the old follower, the R&D of church and the Achalasia Externa are all connected. Right now my official will continue to investigate it further.
P/S The Behemoth Slayer might not be working under me, but we can consider him as an ally. He knows what we are doing right now and thus will cooperate on further notice, though he's a bit reluctant that we had to lured them out by sending him off with Haliza.
Double P/S That Haliza sneak out of her castle once again... That girl really don't think of her position isn't she
Triple P/S Please come to Estel, there's something that I wanted to show you

(Aren't you the same...) [Saintess Rumia]

Still, looks like our suspicion are true. King Druser and her Paladin Aries also gave the same prove the other day, but even they can't find the exact number of people involved. Furthermore, there might be a connection between the two fallen princes of the Demon Kingdom as well as that group.

And then there's the Saga note. Should I consider... no. Not yet

I'm sure those bastard back at Estel had made their move. I'm getting this fuzzy feeling inside my stomach, hoping that my little cutie pie will be alright. I'm sure they're now under the protection of so many people, but Jacks wanting to involve Rean is a bit... Yeah, we have an argument there. I'm sure Rean can handle it, plus, if he can't handle this kind of thing, then he will have difficulty in the future where his blessings will be awaken. That's why I reluctantly agreed to it, on a condition that it will not put him on so much danger. Urgh... I so hope everything will be fine...

(I can't treat them like this, but I can't help but to feel worried all the time. Is this how a parent feels about letting go of their child?) [Ash]
"Something wrong?" [Seo Ah]
"Oh... nothing" [Ash]
"Scythe boss, are you nervous?" [Thug Boss]
"No Kanji, I'm not" [Ash]
"Aren't big boss the one nervous... suddenly having to go to the church" [Thug C]
"Looks who talking" [Kanji]
"We are all nervous aren't we?" [Thug F]

It's morning after our discussion on how to enter the church yesterday

After Haliza and Mira brings out a collection of dresses that they had, we properly dress ourselves and go undercover. There's no way we could allow these guys here entering the church like "that". Even if it wasn't for infiltration purpose, you can't just go to a holy place like that, it just plain rude. That said, Both of them didn't have the slightest of faith in us, so they send in Seo Ah to tag along with us (Mira is also well known as the Princess close friend, so that's why we have to exclude her out as well). As the final step, I changed my hair and eyes colour from Blonde to Black, similar to Rean by using my illusion magic. I could just changed my appearance, becoming a girl is possible, but I will scan the building, so maintaining my illusion while scanning effectively might deter either one of them, or maybe both. That's why, I opt for a simpler illusion.

As we see a sea of people heading out to enter the church, we naturally blend in with them. That way, we (or more specifically, me myself) would avoid getting detected. The eight of them surround me naturally, even talking about various topics (while avoiding the topic about orphanage etc since we don't want people to find out about me), I realized something

(Is it to late too realized that I actually don't have any friends my age?) [Ash]

I mean, Diana, Qis, and Alice are around my age, but they're girls. Jacks, Syah, Borg, Flinar and Erinmorlin, they're older. Yeah I just realized that. On the other hand, Seo Ah is the youngest among us currently, being 15 years old, and as for others, The Blonde Kanji who is the boss of these thugs are the oldest, being 18 years old.

"There's the church!" [Thug B]
"Just act naturally!" [Seo Ah]

She said that, but yeah, all of us not convinced. If the eight of them didn't know about this operation, maybe they will not be these nervous, but that said, it will be more troublesome should they're left in the dark, so telling them about it will be more beneficial, that way, they can act for the best interest of me scanning the building

Once inside, we take our seat at the mid row. I can see a large statue resembling Goddess Achalasia beautifully carved out from diamond. That seems overly excessive, but then again, I do remember about the gift from earth dungeon in this country, so maybe they found a ridiculously large diamond there? Who know, but one thing that pique my interest is

(Did the carver ever met Goddess Achalasia? Or is there a portrait of her somewhere?) [Ash]

Well, I mean I myself have met her, so it isn't strange for other to met her as well. Still, it's beautifully designed that I admire it for a full minutes

(You better start your Job Ash) [Goddess Achalasia]
(Right!) [Ash]
(Still, I'm upset you know, this is the first time you visit the church and offering your prayer) [Goddess Achalasia]
(I, I have no excuse... Sorry) [Ash]
(It's fine. Good luck investigate about this issue) [Goddess Achalasia]
(Sure...?) [Ash]

Is there a meaning behind her cheering? Could this be an important lead for me to know more about this world? Well, I should just start scanning this building. I give a light tap to Seo Ah and Kanji, both just beside me, signaling that I will start scanning the building. They both nodded, so does the other. Please don't make those nervous look... Well, Seo Ah is smart, she closes her eyes and start offering prayer, so others (including me) start imitating her

When I start sipping out my mana into the surrounding, I did it ever slowly and blend it naturally with the surrounding mana as to avoid being detected. I can't afford to fail. Haliza did mention that there is number of people within the church rank who received their training on magic, so they will be able to detect my mana outflow should I become careless, that's why, I will treat this as one last chance for me.

(Good, look like everything went fine) [Ash]

That said, it wouldn't be possible if there aren't any underground pathway being built and yup, jackpot! Now I feel like a spy in those old movies. There aren't anything worth mentioning inside (or should I say in the surface), but I still record my finding. Remembering it and sketching it will be a pain, instead, just like how sonar on a ship works, the mana of mine will keep on updating what it finds in sheet of papers that I meticulously crafted yesterday. That way, my hand will be free and it will make me look less suspicious. Still, the looks on their face when I demonstrated this latest (and spontaneous) creation of mine will never get old. At first, I was bewildered by their reaction, then become annoyed, but now, I started to enjoy it.

As my mana started to dive even deeper underground.

"Hm!" [Ash]
((Something wrong?)) [Seo Ah, Kanji]
(I'll tell you later) [Ash]
((Got it)) [Seo Ah, Kanji]

I don't know whether it is coincidence or not, but they're number of different findings that got me curious. Plus...

(I think I found our man of interest) [Ash]

Or so I thought, but there are number of wave corresponds to human, so that mean that...

"Thank you all for coming today, may the Goddess blessed us all" [Priest]

We quickly went out, and

"That's nerve wrecking" [Thug A]
"You could say that again" [Thug D]
"That's nerve wrecking" [Thug E]
"To think that someone actually repeat that again..." [Ash]
"Hey, the boss doesn't found it amusing, say your sorry!" [Kanji]
"Kanji, that isn't what I mean..." [Ash]
"Sigh... no wonder Princess Nurhaliza and Sis Mira ask me to follow all of you. More importantly..." [Seo Ah]
"Yes, but let us buy some sweet crepes first and discuss it later at the orphanage" [Ash]

The other nodded.


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