It's my first morning at Malsia, and once again, I wake up at a site of new ceiling. With me are all the orphan boys sleeping like a log. They're 14 of them with the oldest one being 13 years old and the youngest one (and also the youngest in the group) nearing 4 years old. Well, they're sleeping peacefully, so let me just use the kitchen first and make some good breakfast for them.

This small mansion, they're Mira's parents property which was passed down to her since they end up dying as a result of the succession war. Apparently, like what Lisa had told me, the two leader that opposes King Druser of Demon Kingdom as well as his Paladin Aries, one day launch an attack to Malsia and almost ravage this kingdom as a result of it. Her parents as well as those working in this mansion die and Mira left this mansion as she can't help but to feel sad, reminiscing about her childhood day when living here. Must be tough.

"Morning" [Ash]
"You're up early" [Mira]
"Have to cook some breakfast for them" [Ash]
"Let me help as well" [Mira]
"Gladly" [Ash]

And we started to cook. I have to make some heavy meal for me as well since I will start my investigation today itself.

Last night, after making sure all the orphan asleep, Haliza, Mira and I went to the castle and meet King Malsia. I presented to him the letter from King Estel before him, and to my surprise, King Estel did have good impression on me, just that he tell King Malsia not to bother with the way I talk and how I greet the noble and royal (by writing what actually happened during our first meeting). Well, as long as I don't have to make a fake smile and all that, I guess it's fine.

"Morning" [Teenage girl]
"Morning, you sure wake up early" [Mira]
"Can you cook? If not, I can teach you" [Ash]
"..." [Teenage girl]
"Alright then, start with chopping these carrots" [Ash]
"I'll try my best" [Teenage girl]

Seo Ah, that's the teenage girl name. Like her Korean name, she followed the same features especially her long black hair that she's tying right now, but

"Hahahaha. That's not how you hold a knife" [Ash]
~Blush~ [Seo Ah]
"Ash!" [Mira]
"Sorry, sorry. Here, I'll teach you" [Ash]

This is exactly how Farhah first uses a knife. Well, she might not know it, but that's the beauty of keep on living your life everyday. You'll learn something new and for her, today is learning how to cook. I'll just make a simple sweet Malaysian curry, they use coconut milk in their ingredient to make it more delicious, and that's exactly how I'm doing it right now and...

"Call the other please" [Mira]
"I will" [Seo Ah]
"Ash, can you please lift this up?" [Mira]
"Sure" [Ash]

As we prepare the table, one by one, the kids come downstairs and start taking their sit and we have our breakfast after they all gather. Instead of talking with other, they're more focused on the food right in front of them. And here I am, wanting to memorize their name during breakfast itself, but I guess that can wait. Haliza barge in halfway through and join us for the second breakfast

"You'll get fat" [Ash]
"How dare you!" [Haliza]
~Scare~ [Kids]
"Really Ash..." [Mira]
"Kids, Don't follow this bad example of his. Don't get me wrong, he is a nice and strong person but his foul mouth part, absolutely don't follow that!" [Haliza]
"Yes" [Kids]
"That actually hurts" [Ash]
"You reap what you sow" [Seo Ah]

Thanks to Haliza, the meal become even more delicious as they started to open up to us. That's good.

After breakfast

"That guy come and tell you not to worry!" [Haliza]
"That's right" [Cat girl]
"He seems suspicious at first, but we were told by him not to wander around during that time" [Seo Ah]
"Interesting" [Ash]
"It is, this is worth investigating more" [Haliza]
"When that guy was taken by the church, did you ever met him after that?" [Mira]
"No, but..." [Little boy]
"He did tell us that he might not see us again" [Seo Ah]
"I see" [Ash]

And here I am, thinking that guy might be the culprit, but it might be the other way around. I mean, if he really is a culprit and coorperate with the church, I'm sure he won't even bother to tell this orphan anything. That means that he does actually used his power to drive out the ghosts monsters and the church then taken him away somewhere else before this kingdom get to him. At least that's the impression that I got by talking to them.

Judging by the story thus far, could he be a male witch? Witch tend to be a female for an unknown reason, Rafiah for an example, but they're cases of male being born with witch power and thus, they can manipulate monster and strengthen or weaken them at their whim, which lead me to few questions. Why does he drive them out to the portal stone that the church use, did he purposely did it? Was he also the one responsible for converting Thanatos into a corrupted one? Is he really the one behind all this, or he is just at the wrong place and time. Whatever that might be, he is one of the keys to solve this mystery.

"I wonder if he's safe" [Seo Ah]
"Yeah, the church threaten him by using us after all [Oldest boy]
"Pardon?" [Haliza]
"Well, he actually admired the behemoth slayer for opening up the orphanage and thought of doing the same. We were happy at that time but that's when one of us saw that the higher up at the church uses a dirty method to take him in" [Seo Ah]
"When that fail, the church threaten to hurt us. He is at a weaken state and couldn't resist much and that's when..." [Oldest boy]
"I see, thank you for the info" [Ash]
"Someone blushing" [Haliza]
"That's a nice feeling if you ask me" [Ash]
"?" [Kids]
"Oh, you guys still haven't realized? Ash here is the Behemoth Slayer, the one that opened up the orphanage in Estel" [Mira]
"Ehhh!!!" [Seo Ah]
"Really!" [Little girl]
"Didn't I tell you all, about how I opened up the orphanage yesterday by showing you guys the photo album" [Ash]
"But you didn't tell us that you're the behemoth slayer!" [Seo Ah]

Yeah, my bad. I did tell them my name but I just thought that it wouldn't matter much about my nickname. Apparently, people in Malsia do know about the orphanage back in Estel and that the Behemoth Slayer is the one managing it, but my real name didn't pop up as much and thus, the kids here couldn't come to the conclusion that I am the Behemoth Slayer

Still, I did receive an unexpected but valuable information from them. I should prioritize searching for the mysterious man itself, but first

"Let us buy some clothes for you guys!" [Ash]


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