The little girl around Charlotte age can't help but to drool heavily with the warm fried rice just inches within her sight. She's starving but at the same time scared of something. Maybe, just maybe, they received the same treatment as my cutie pie back then. I do remember vividly, Elise begging the Kebab stall owner for free food only to get harsh treatment and get charcoal thrown to her. But still

"It's fine, I won't do anything. Trust me" [Ash]

This time around, I kneel down so that my eye can meet with the little girl eye. She's hesitating but taking one step at a time together with the teenage girl until they quickly take the Fried rice and run away to an alley. That's unexpected, and here I am thinking that the title bestowed to me will have some effect, like making children trusting me more.

Without any complaint from my side, I just follow them until I find the group of orphan sharing the fried rice with each other. They're all starving but still prioritize other over themselves. How nice. I guess this is what emphatic really mean.

"There's still more if you want" [Ash]
"!" [Others]

They're to focus on the food that they failed to notice my presence. I just hope any bad people with bad intention won't use this kind of thing to their advantage. That said, I still bring out the foods and drinks stored inside my item box and quickly give it to them. They're around 25 of them here, quite a large number as compared to my siblings. Still, I can't find myself to abandon them.

"Thank you" [Little girl]
"You're welcome" [Ash]

The little girl thanks me. Sigh... how come no one take care of them. And how did they survive this long...

(Wait a minute) [Ash]
"Something wrong Ash?" [Haliza]
"Yeah, is there a report of these kids here being injured by the ghosts monsters attack?" [Ash]
"Now that you mention it..." [Mira]

From the sound of it, there isn't one. Good, but a question arise, how did they survive. I can't feel any sort of witch or any powerful magic from these group. Sheer luck might play a role but it should be considered as the last option. Witch? No, they doesn't emit wavelength of a witch like Rafiah does. They're being the perpetrators are plain impossible in my book but I'm sure others (especially the old follower and those hating the non human) won't think the same as I do

"They're the perpetrators" [Guard]
"You can keep your rubbish opinion inside your brain please. Thank you" [Ash]

Yeah, 3 second didn't even passed and the guard has proven my point. Well, I should just ask them straight but

~eating like there's no tomorrow~
"Let them eat first" [Haliza]
"Yeah" [Ash]

I will feel like the bad antagonist in the children book should I disturb this blissful moment of them, but someone didn't share our common sense

"Hey you! List..." [Guard]
"Let them eat first!" [Haliza]
"Yes, Princess Nurhaliza!" [Guard]
"Princess..." [Teenage girl]
"Nurhaliza..." [Cat boy]
"Sigh... quick question, do all the guard of noble act like this? I know the answer is not but I can't help but to think that way" [Ash]
"Well..." [Mira]

Now all the kids have stopped eating thanks to that guard. They're clearly hungry, but despite of that, they stopped eating as to give the due respect to Haliza. Haliza didn't even hesitate to tell them to continue eating the food but they refuse to do so and thus a silent war between the two started which ended up with her win (after she forced them, saying that this is a royal order).

"I can see why Diana reacted like that when meeting you" [Ash]
"Like what!" [Haliza]
"Like that" [Mira]
"Seriously!" [Haliza]

Still, it didn't take them long to finish their late night dinner. As the last chicken being gulped down, I begin asking them the importance question first

"Did you guy have anywhere to stay?" [Ash]
"..." [Kids]
"Hey! Don't you know what to ask!" [Guard]
"I do, and that's why I'm asking them so can you please keep your mouth shut like, I don't know, forever" [Ash]
"Why!" [Guard]
"Sigh... they're like cat and dog" [Mira]
"Agree. Still, like what Ash have ask, did you guys have anywhere to stay?" [Haliza]
"We, don't..." [Teenage girl]
"This is our home" [Cat boy]
"!" [Haliza]
"I see" [Ash]

Again, I'm reminded by those ten when we first met. Well, the next step should be an obvious one

"Mira, is there any inn large enough to accommodate them all?" [Ash]
"Actually, why don't you use my home?" [Mira]
"Is that alright?" [Ash]
"Ohh, that small mansion wasn't it!" [Haliza]
"Interesting" [Ash]

Well, that's nice but

"No!" [Teenage girl]

The teenage girl protest. The guard snap as she refuses Haliza kind invitation but

"May I know why?" [Haliza]
"Impossible" [Teenage girl]
"?" [Haliza]
"It's impossible! There's no way those above us will see and treat us this kindly! You guys must have a hidden agenda!" [Teenage girl]
"You have gut saying such a thing toward the princess!" [Guard]
"!" [Teenage girl]

Afraid as she might from the guard stern and threatening voice, she still shield the other. That's nice of her. She's like Rean and Elise

"That might be true, I mean there's no way I will do it all for free" [Ash]
"!" [Others]
"Ash!" [Mira]
"Don't get me wrong, I won't ask them to do anything that will endangered themselves. But, I will ask for something bigger" [Ash]
"And that is!?" [Teenage girl]
"Simple, I will make you not to repeat what you say just now to Princess Nurhaliza in the future" [Ash]
"?" [Others]

Well, now all of them are confuse. Better explain it to them

"When your princess and her friend here ask about you well being, we do that because we care for you. For me, it doesn't matter whether you're a human, a non human, a twin, a slave, a noble or a royal. You guys are still kid if you ask me and it's the adults job to help all of you" [Ash]
"He's right" [Haliza]
"Princess!?" [Teenage girl]
"I'm sorry. I am also to be blame. All this while I am in the castle, trying my best to make a better future for Malsia and yet, here I am, failing to help all of you here" [Haliza]
"Starving, thirst, sadness. I'm sure all of you underwent each of that everyday. That's why, please trust us. We don't want you to keep on experiencing that. That's why, please trust the three of us" [Mira]

The orphans are swayed right now. On one hand, they're still cautious of us but on the other hand, they want to believe in us. Time to bring out my secret weapon, but first

"That's a nice light ball magic" [Mira]
"What is it for?" [Haliza]
"You'll see" [Ash]

As I illuminate the surrounding, I bring out the album that is meant to be given to Haliza as a gift from the orphanage and show it to them. I ask them to gather around me and show them photos after photos of Haliza and Mira with my siblings, all the while showing them other album and photos that I take. I tell them how I met those kids, how I opened up an orphanage with the help of Diana and how the kids are right now. Their eye, I can see they're envious of them. I feel bad, but, if this is what it takes to persuade them, then I should continue

"That sound fun" [Little girl]
"It is" [Elf boy]
"Well, what do you guys think?" [Haliza]
"..." [Kids]
"Fine... but if you are doing something bad, we will run away!" [Teenage girl]
"Don't worry, we won't" [Mira]

That's good. I'm glad it all went well.

(Any doubt about the title now?) [Goddess Achalasia]
(!) [Ash]

I see...

(Sorry and thanks) [Ash]
(Take care of them, guardian of children) [Goddess Achalasia]
(Yeah!) [Ash]


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