I remember their reaction last time when I was asked to investigate the king behemoth incident, they're all reluctant to let me go. This time around, another S rank monster appear, plus, I'm going far, to the neighbouring country in fact, so it comes to no surprise that they're all once again, reluctant to let me go

"But last time you're up against the king behemoth, you almost lost!" [Rean]
"If it wasn't for the help of other four behemoths, who knew what will happen to you back then!" [Elise]
"And now you're up against the monster closest to the god of death, Thanatos itself!" [Mara]
"Another S rank monster... Brother Ash, are you sure you wanted to go there?" [Kara]
"Isn't there anyone else well-suited for the job?" [Karon]
"Are they involved as well?" [Claude]
"Most likely" [Ash]
"I see, that is..." [Rafiah]
"Who are "they" you guys talking about?" [Zerolith]
"Looks like Brother Ash didn't tell us the full story here" [Farhah]
"It's still under investigation, so I might not even deal with them" [Ash]
"Will you be going against bad guy?" [Savel]
"Brother Ash is strong... but going against a bad guy and an S rank monster at the same time is..." [Singa]
(Oh boy, this isn't going well. I'm reluctant to go in the first place, and they're making it harder for me to go. I can refuse but if what King Estel fear do come true and this Achalasia Externa group achieve their objectives...) [Ash]
(...) [Charlotte]

Charlotte suddenly get up from her sit and sit in my lap.

"What's wrong Charlotte?" [Ash]
"Last time Brother Ash does that face, Brother Ash does for us. I don't understand but I'm sure Brother Ash doing it the same thing now" [Charlotte]
"That's..." [Others]
"But do come back quickly and bring us some gifts!" [Charlotte]
"Haha, sure. I'll be sure to bring you all some nice gifts" [Ash]
"..." [Others]
"Remember what I said back then? Instead of making a sad face like this, why don't you all send him off with a bright smile" [Claude]
"That smile does pull me through during my fight with the king behemoth, and I'm sure it will do the same when I'm going up against the Corrupted Thanatos" [Ash]
"Like this?" [Charlotte]
"Now that's cute" [Ash]
"Fine..." [Elise]
"But please come back safely this time" [Rean]
"If you're coming back like last time after the fight with king behemoth..." [Kara]
"We won't forgive you!" [Singa]
"Noted" [Ash]
"I'll be sure to support your brother with everything I have" [Haliza]
"That's goes the same for me" [Mira]
"Do take care of him" [Claude]
"I guess that settle it then" [Alice]
"Will you be telling my father directly or do you want me to relay the message?" [Diana]
"I have to send the four of you... no the five of you back to the castle with the bus golem, so I'll be telling King Estel myself. Alice, I'll be also dropping you to the inn, and then I'll join the night patrol" [Ash]
"Actually, why don't you just rest, no need to go patrolling when you're this tired" [Diana]
"Agree, I'll be asking other adventures to cover you for today" [Alice]
"If you insist" [Ash]

After telling the kids about it, I send those five (including the rude Captain 2.0) back to the castle. Alice at first are quite reluctant to follow me as she can simply take the carriage back home. But, I insist on her taking the bus golem together with all of us for safety reasons. Plus, I do finish my business quickly since all I have to do is to send the five back home and telling the king regarding my decision. That's all and done. The king also seems tired and he noticed that I am tired as well and thus telling me to get some well deserved rest for tonight. I'll do just that (after I send Alice back home)

At the inn

"Thank you for sending her back home" [Alice's mom]
"Don't worry, it's nothing much" [Ash]
"Ohh please, you know this isn't right. You yourself take good care of the siblings, I'm sure you can relate to our feeling. No, maybe it's because you can relate to us, that's why you force Alice to take the bus golem with you" [Alice's dad]
"Maybe, I might do it subconsciously" [Ash]
"Well, thank you once again Ash" [Alice]
"You're welcome. Well, I'm off" [Ash]

As soon as I arrive at the mansion and lap right into my bed, I instantly fell asleep. It's a tiring day but there are a couple of things that's needed to be done. I just list it out tomorrow
Morning come, after breakfast, I went into the adventure guild and make a formal request to Ram so that the adventure guild can protect the mansion against any kind of threat during my absentees.

"I'm sure the adventures here don't really mind even without a request, but I'll just process it for formality sake" [Ram]
"Thank you" [Ash]
"Still, do take care" [Ram]
"I will" [Ash]

After that, I went to meet Gizzere at the merchant guild so that I can receive my part of loot sell. It went well without a hitch and she also pray for my safety. Thanks Gizzere

Next, to make the camper van golem as quick as possible. That say, I need to make sure that it's a comfortable one, so I called in the now free Erinmorlin to join me. The kids also join us as we make the camper van golem. It isn't really that hard as its concept is similar to that of a bus golem but I have to make sure that they're enough space for all of us. Not to mention the bathroom, the kitchen and some space for comfortability. All and all, I make a large Camper van golem, roughly around 2.5 times larger than the bus golem 2.0 at the spend of two days.

"Well, I'm off" [Ash]
"Do take care" [Rafiah]
"Make sure to come back safely" [Claude]
"-... -.-- . / -... -.-- ." [Housey]
"Meow" [Behe]
"Bye bye" [Kids]
"Bye" [Ash]

During the departure day, I went to the castle first as to get the official letter from Estel Kingdom as a formality, so that me going there is agreed upon by the kingdom. This is needed, kinda like a work visa, and

"Shall we depart now?" [Haliza]


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