"I'm hungry" [Singa]
"Hungry, hungry" [Charlotte]
"Well, the older group are the one preparing meal today with Sis Rafiah whereas the younger group have to clean the mansion with Grandpa Claude when they show up, but with this many people..." [Kara]
"Don't worry I have some warm food that's always kept ready inside my item box, that said, it's rude to serve our guests like that, so is it alright with all of you?" [Ash]
"I don't really mind" [Diana]
"Same here" [Haliza]
"We don't mind" [Kids]
"Still, we will prepare some nice warm foods for all of you later, so do look forward to it" [Claude]
"Yes!" [Other]

With this many guests showing up, I bring out the tables and chairs from my item box. Good thing I bought it last time

"Mr, your item box really is large!" [Little boy]
"It can store a behemoth! Of course it's large" [Blonde boy]
"I wonder how large it is?" [Haliza]
"Truth to be told, even I have no idea myself" [Ash]

And that just show how large my item box is. I have breakfast in the castle really early in the morning, but a second breakfast sure is a welcome one, especially with them serving large Cockatrices meat presented similar to that of a turkey. There's enough serving for everyone, but I still bring out the warm food that's store inside my item box so that everyone can eat without any reserve

"Did the orphanage usually eat these kinds of thing?" [Haliza]
"Pardon?" [Rafiah]
"I mean, eating some nice foods together" [Haliza]
"Well, I bought large amount of Cockatrices meat since I wanted to spurge some money for them, but I'm a bit greedy there so that's why there's excess amount of it" [Ash]
"Oh yeah, mother told me to say thanks to you Mr, for the nice Cockatrices meat that you give us" [Succubus girl]
"Same, father ask me to say thank you as well" [Blonde boy]
"Same here" [Kids]
"Make sure you guys finish it! Don't waste, it got it!" [Ash]
"Yes!" [Kids]
(So he is not only nice to the orphanage, but also to his neighbours as well. Seems like the rumour regarding him being a muscle head that only knows to threaten people are false then) [Mira]

After breakfast, Haliza and Mira ask us just to continue our usual daily activities. Well, there's not much that I wanted to do beside resting my body as I overexert myself last night, but they're here to visit the orphanage, so I guess I should just brace myself

"Brother Ash, how about you make the Camper van golem?" [Karon]
"No! The Polaroid camera!" [Kara]
"The pistol you say also seems nice! How about you make that! That way I can shoot more thing with both pistol and bow" [Farhah]
"Meow!" [Behe]
"-... . .... . / .-- .- -. - / - --- / --. --- / --- ..- - ... .. -.. ." [Housey]
"Is that so, sorry Behe, you can't go out today, and thank you Housey for translating it" [Ash]
"Meow..." [Behe]
"Swimming pool!" [Charlotte]
"How about magic practice!" [Savel]
"We can join in as well!" [Kids]
"But I do love the pool" [Succubus girl]
"Easy there all of you. How about this, those who wanted to use the pool will come with Rafiah while those who wanted some practice can join me. Let Ash get his rest since he doesn't sleep last night patrolling and keeping us safe" [Claude]
"I'll take care of them as well, so please get some good rest" [Rean]
"Same here" [Elise]
"Sorry for asking you to make the Polaroid camera" [Kara]
"It's fine, really. I'll accompany our guests so you guys just do what you normally do. That say, since all of you are here, why don't we start today as the first school day? So, please don't neglect your study, and that includes all of you as well!" [Ash]
"Ehh..." [Kids]
"Playing pool" [Kids]
"Magic..." [Kids]
"I thought it will be next week" [Centaur kid]
"No but!" [Qis]
"Yes!" [Kids]
"Guess we will oversee their study first" [Diana]
"This orphanage serve as school as well? And wait, do commoner get the chance to study here? If so, that sure is nice" [Haliza]
"I just implement it few days back, though the idea had been there for some time.Thus, we are still at early stage but with Diana support, along with other like Qis, Alice and Lisa that volunteer teaching them, it's up to a good start. Needless to say, there's still so much to do to make it a proper school" [Ash]
"Still, it's a wonderful idea" [Mira]

For one,we still didn't have any syllabus in mind. So the one volunteering (Me, Rafiah, Claude, Alice, Lisa, Qis, Diana and Gizzere rarely as they're busy, Jacks and few adventures all according to their times of availability) really just taught them what they know (of course we use the noble school syllabus as our guide) . For me, I'll teach them science and magic. Plus, the issue of resources should also be considered, not to mention the fact that if the school did bloom, I have to consider kids from other places as well. It's a big project so that's why we are threading it ever slowly. Not to mention, unlike school back on earth, we didn't have a predetermined time, but classes is usually conducted every alternate day with weekend as off day. Still, I'm grateful that most of the parents don't really oppose this idea which is nice

"Now then, let begin... Charlotte. How about you spell Diana!" [Diana]
"That's easy!" [Charlotte]
"She's enjoying this" [Haliza]
"That she does" [Mira]
"Ohh, the school started today?" [Alice]
"Don't worry, we are just starting, since the kids are all here, Ash decided to just roll with it" [Qis]
"Is that so... My apologies, it's nice to meet you Princess Nurhaliza and her friend Mrs Mira" [Alice]
"Ohh... you already knew who we are" [Mira]
"Guild master Ram had told me about both of you being here" [Alice]
"Why are you here though?" [Qis]
"Guild master Ram ask me to accompany Ash since he's worried Ash might do something embarrassing In front of Princess Nurhaliza" [Alice]
"How rude!" [Ash]
"From how you behave, I'll do the same" [Mira]

With that, the first day of school suddenly started. Well, it's a good topic for another day. Overall, they begin to learn the basics thing like alphabet and numbers as some of them didn't have those basic.

Noon arrive, our guests are now watching the usual operation of the training hall. I explained to them regarding the payment system as well as how the Zombie and Marine Spawning Block works. Housey efficiency really taken them back. That's nice. Interested in trying out the Marine Spawning Block function, Mira wanted to try it herself but it proves difficult for her. Guess she's just a normal civilian. Qis and Alice however, seems comfortable. Well, Alice is weaker as compared to Qis, that's to be expected, but they're good. Other young adventure seems surprise as well. They're now fighting the generated zombies really well

"They're synchronizing well. Guess they really are friends back then" [Ash]
"The three of them really are close" [Diana]
"Three of them?" [Ash]
"Liyana's older sister, Linda include" [Diana]
"I see..." [Ash]

She tried to hide her sad tone, and with how Mira been glaring at me signalling me to stop asking her the question, I stopped

After closing the training hall, as promised, Claude cook some nice food, inviting the kids as well when they're about to go home. They refused as they wanted to eat dinner with their family members. How nice, even Claude don't feel bad getting rejected when presented with such pure reason. Well, we still give them some of the foods for them anyway

After dinner

"That's nice" [Mira]
"Thank you" [Claude]
"Still, this orphanage really is a nice place! Maybe I should do the same in Malsia" [Haliza]
"I'm sure other of similar fate like us will be delighted" [Rean]
"Agree, this orphanage is a dream come true for us, and I'm sure they will think the same thing" [Elise]
"If you need some help, I'll be happy to help" [Ash]
"Thank you, I'll be asking your help in the future" [Haliza]
"That said, you still haven't told us regarding your decision" [Qis]
"Decision?" [Rafiah]
"Well..." [Ash]

I told them about King Estel request


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