Huh, she wanted me to come there to investigate the cause is it? I'm pretty sure her knight had told her regarding my decision, but maybe the word doesn't reach her, so let me just repeat myself

"I'm sorry, I would like to deny the request, I have ten siblings to take care of, and I am reluctant to take a request that cause a prolonged absence in the house" [Ash]
"Ohh, that's not what I meant. I already heard about it from one of the knight" [Haliza]
"?" [Ash]
"She wanted you and your siblings to live in Malsia" [Mira]
"Exactly! I can grant you a citizenship in an instant, even make you a high knight or a noble, of course those kids include. So what do you say" [Haliza]
"Sigh... same as always" [Diana]
"Deny" [Ash]
"Ehh!" [Haliza]
"Obviously, well maybe not but I can see why" [Mira]
"Tell me why then!" [Haliza]
"Well..." [Ash]

My reason is simple. First, We would have to leave Claude and the mansion behind since he still believes that his master will one day return. There's no way we could agree to that. Claude really loves the mansion and won't even consider moving out from it. Plus, we have a grandfather to grandchildren kind of relationship with him which we would not sever in any sort of situation. Second, there are already few people that we had acquainted with. Well, we are still not that close (or maybe it's just me, who know) but I'm sure both sides would feel sad not being able to see each other again. Diana, Qis, Liyana, Alice, Jacks and more.

There are still disadvantages living here though namely some of the noble, knight, merchant and the old follower really, really hate us (or to be exact me) and sincerely, it's not surprising. But, I can live with that, they knew if they lay their hand on one of my siblings, they should be ready to fight against my wrath

"Well too bad, but I will not give up!" [Haliza]
"Should you decide to accept the proposition, you could always come and find us" [Mira]
"I'll keep that in mind" [Ash]
(That's to be expected from both of them) [Diana]

And with that, we move on to our meeting, there, Princess Nurhaliza and Mira told us something interesting

"You meant to say that this person actually managed to drove out those monsters?" [Noble]
"It is, we take it as a grain of salt at first but then three days ago, the ghosts monsters suddenly disappeared and stopped attacking us. Obviously the masses were overjoyed during that time and we contacted him to hear his explanation but the church already took him in and had refused letting us talk with him" [Mira]
"We investigate further and found out that he had been contacting the priest of the church several times in the first. We are still unsure of their connection neither does the method he used" [Haliza]
"Hmm, could it be..." [Ash]
"Looks like we have the same idea" [King Estel]
"Mira, when you say drove out, do you mean that person defeated the ghosts monsters or something else?" [Diana]
"I'm there during that time and I did saw the ghosts monsters running away from that person, that's why I chose the word drove out" [Mira]
"Is there a report or list of monsters sightings three days ago in Malsia?" [Ash]
"I have it with me, should I read it out?" [Mira]
"If you would" [Ram]
"Well then..." [Mira]

She list out the ghost monsters seen during that day, and...

"It's the same monster that attack us back then!" [Qis]
"How suspicious" [Noble]
"and the corrupted Thanatos?" [Ash]
"From that day onward, there isn't even a single sighting of that monster, not to mention other monsters have stop appearing" [Haliza]
"Well, quite a straight forward case it is" [Diana]
"And I suppose the mysterious guy is a supporter of an old follower?" [Ash]
"That seem to be the case" [Mira]
"Ash, did you find it?" [King Estel]
"I did, though I only found one of it" [Ash]

I presented the portal stone which I stored inside my item box and explain to them (especially to the Princess and her best friend)

"You meant to say that those ghosts monsters that are driven away and start to appear in Estel due to this portal stone?" [Haliza]
"That seem to be the case, although..." [Ash]
"This still doesn't explain the corrupted Thanatos part" [Noble]
"Plus, how can they control those monsters" [Knight]
"Exactly, but at least one piece of the puzzle is in our hand" [Ash]

They do raise a worthy points and sincerely speaking, I felt the same, but I just can't think of a reason and from the looks of it neither does the other. Try as we might but we keep on heading to a dead block

"This is tiring..." [Ash]
"How about you come and investigate there with us?" [Mira]
"Like I say..." [Ash]
"Maybe you should" [King Estel]
"!" [Others]

Now that's surprising. I should hear the king reasoning first

"If this really is due to the underhanded work of the old follower, it's best for us to solve it as soon as we can. We already had the case of a king behemoth appearing inside the 3rd floor of the open field dungeon, and now, Corrupted Thanatos appearing in Malsia. If they keep on doing these kind of things, they should be able to achieve their objectives and when that happens, it might be too late for us to stop them" [King Estel]

A sound argument but

"Aren't there any S rank adventure inside the country or in Malsia? You could send them instead of me" [Ash]
"If they are we will not have this problem, can't you think a little!" [Rude magician]
"He is a traveler after all" [Rude Captain]
"Big talks coming from someone who didn't contribute a thing" [Ash]
((He really is outspoken and frank)) [Haliza, Mira]
"Well, S rank adventure and the SS rank adventure the saga are constantly on the move, they rarely stayed inside of a country for too long" [Ram]
"Sound just like a traveler to me" [Ash]
"Well, they didn't bother about money and all, most of them are quite eccentric but not to say they're bad, they're nice it just that we have troubles requesting them to stay inside the country. They will usually explore the dungeon or other countries and as such will constantly be on moving, that's why it's hard for us to contact them" [Ram]
"That sure is an opposite lifestyle compared to mine" [Ash]
"Isn't that what traveler always do as well?" [Noble]
"I meant compared to my current lifestyle" [Ash]

That's close... still...

"Your highness, can I get some time to think about it?" [Ash]
"That you can, but do give the answer by end of this weekday" [King Estel]
"I will, thank you" [Ash]

With that, we end our meeting. As I am about to leave

"Can we met those siblings of your?" [Haliza]

I really wanted to reject but...

"Fine, but the rude Captain 2.0 should stay here" [Ash]


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