"Are you sure you can handle this one?" [Ash]
"Yes!" [Kara]
"Well, if you insist" [Ash]

She seems to be enjoying this, so let not dampen her spirit

Once again, she uses her magic. This time, she uses both the light and wind magic, shape it like a bird and infused it with neutral golem magic and

"Those two birds are dancing in the sky!" [Neighbors kid]
"She makes it look so easy" [Lin]
"That she does" [Gizzere]

I see, so she just show them how to do it first as to make her students more engaged in her lesson. She sure is natural in this kind of field, maybe I should push her in this direction

"Now, a quick question, what magic did I just use?" [Kara]
"Is there a spell to make bird shape magic?" [Centaur kid]
"Transformation magic?" [Succubus kid]
"Ohh, it's looks like the golem magic effect have worn outs" [Diana]
"It's a pity" [Liyana]
"Haha, sorry. I'm still not that good with my neutral mana control" [Kara]

As the neighborhood kids keeps on guessing the answer and becoming more and more engaged with the lesson, Kara finally told them

"Truthfully speaking, I don't know what kind of magic I used to make the bird shape but I do know I don't have to worry about it as I can simply use it without knowing any sort of spell, that's the benefit of chantless magic" [Kara]
(Such an odd approach but...) [Ash]
"Is that so!" [Kids]
"That's so cool!" [Centaur kid]
"That mean that we didn't have to bother learning any spell and magic circle just to use magic!" [Thin boy]
"Such frightening thought" [Flinar]
"But useful nonetheless" [Erinmorlin]

Kara proceeds to teach them about chantless magic, but first

"Now, Mrs elf adventure there, why do you think monster are so good at magic?" [Kara]
"That's an interesting question" [Lisa]
"Hmm... because they have magic core inside them?" [Female elf adventure]
"Partly, but the answer I'm looking for is because they can use chantless magic the moment they're all born, and as a result, they incorporate the magic into their lives. From catching prey to hiding from predators, they subconsciously use their magic without any sort of spell or magic circle to aid them. It becomes so integrated in their lives that its feel natural for them" [Kara]
"I see, then how about some of the high ranking monster that can use the circle and spell?" [Lisa]
"That's..." [Kara]
"Well, magic circle and spell that those monsters use are for augmentation of their power, that's all. They're still able to use chantless magic even without one" [Ash]
"I see" [Female Elf adventure]
"And just like monster, we can also use chantless magic, but we're hardwired and being told that we have to use spell and circle to use magic. Just like breathing and walking, one wouldn't yell breath in and out every single second right?" [Kara]
"She's repeating what Ash told us" [Diana]
"But now it make more sense as compared to last time" [Qis]
"Agree" [Alice]

Alice and Ram's family have come here just now and Alice naturally went beside Qis, so much so that it startled Qis for a moment. As for Ram and his two children, they join Gizzere and the clothing shop aunty as well as the Kebab stall owner

"But how?" [Borg]
"Easy there Borg, she will get to it" [Ash]
"Haha, sorry about that" [Borg]
"Geez..." [Lin]

Well, it only shows that they're really enthusiastic to learn about it

"The process is hard since unlike monster, we don't have any magic core to aid us to drawn out our mana effectively, that's why most people rely on spell and circle, but like I said just now, we can still use chantless magic as natural as breathing. So for starter, how about you breath out your mana and turn it into an element you're good with" [Kara]
"Ehh..." [Other]

Haha, Kara is too excited that she skip part of my teaching

"Well, what she meant is that she wanted all of you to channel your mana and incorporate it into your breathing cycle. For each breath you take in, imagine drawing out your mana and once you exhale out, exhale those mana with your breath. You don't have to start straight away becoming like a dragon who can breathe out fire, it's suffice to just feel the flow of mana inside your lung and make it feel natural. That's the first step to learn about chantless magic. Of you find it difficult, you can take your time and inhale and exhale deeply, that will aid you" [Ash]
"Haha, I see" [Syah]
"A slip of tongue because she's to excited to teach someone" [Claude]
"How adorable" [Mimi]
"Haha..." [Kara]
"She's beet red right now" [Mara]
"She sure is" [Rafiah]
"You're one to talk" [Yefefiah]

Like Mara say, she's beet red right now, but that's fine, it's only natural to make some mistake especially when you're just a beginner

Now that the teaching lesson become a practical one, I guided them all with the help of Claude and my siblings.

The thing is, Goddess Achalasia blessings enable me to use chantless magic from the get go, so I don't even need this process, in fact, I created this method just to teach the ten of them about chantless magic, so in a way, you can say that this is my school style

"Ice Flowers" [Liyana]
"Ohh, that's pretty" [Kid]
"That sure is quick" [Succubus kid]
"She didn't even use long spell" [Kid]
"But she does say Ice Flower to use the magic" [Kid]
"My concentration and power are still lacking, that's why I still have to chant the name of the spell that I am about to use as to aid me" [Liyana]
"Don't worry, you're still making a good progress, unlike them, you can only practice when I'm around with you, and I could tell that you're not negligence on your training, so good job" [Ash]
"Thank you teacher" [Liyana]
"You're welcome" [Ash]

I really mean it, from the number of flowers to how complex and pretty it looks, she didn't skip any training

After two hours

"Mini rainbow" [Diana]
"Now that's quick!" [Ash]
"Not as quick as Charlotte though" [Zerolith]
"Yeah, Charlotte did it in an hour" [Savel]
"She's naturally gifted" [Singa]
"That's pretty!" [Charlotte]
"Thank you Charlotte" [Diana]
"Just how?" [Qis]
"Can you teach us?" [Alice]
"Me too!" [Young healer A]
"Well, Remember what Kara and Ash said, about how magic should be as natural as breathing and walking? I just apply those concept here once I felt comfortable with the breathing exercise, I channel the mana within me to my fingers and just like Liyana, I chant the spell name instead of the long chanting to aid me" [Diana]
"What Diana told you just now is the next step, when you're comfortable with the flow of mana inside your body, try to redirect the mana into elsewhere, preferably to your fingers and make a small magic out of it, and keep on repeating it. This is the hard part, but once you pass this stage, you're good to use any sort of spell without chanting" [Ash]
"That easy to use chantless magic?" [Ram]
"That easy" [Ash]

It sounds easy but they still need to put effort to it. Just like how a baby learn to crawl then to walk, and then running, you have to keep on struggling doing it. Still...

(I can understand the ten of them being a fast learner since Goddess Achalasia will choose them in the future to fight the fallen god, but Diana herself ain't that bad) [Ash]

But like they said, not as fast as Charlotte. Charlotte literally use chantless magic an hour after I taught them all while the rest of them took some time to use it

As the dawn embrace us, I stopped the teaching session for today


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