It's morning, the four of us (Jacks, Rean, Elise and I) formed a temporary group last night to ward off those pesky ghost monsters. While Jacks and I still have much energy left, the same can't be said for Rean and Elise, they're extremely tired right now

"You guys must be tired, it's morning now and those monsters won't come out. Since Alice's inn nearby, I will rent you a room so that you can rest" [Ash]
"No, it's alright. I think it's better for us to go back to mansion" [Rean]
"Agree, we can still walk" [Elise]

They said that but looking at their state right now

"Jacks, I'll send them to the inn first, so can I request you to report what we have been doing last night to guild master" [Ash]
"Will do" [Samurai Jacks]
"Thanks" [Ash]
"No problem, still I must say I'm impressed. Based on the watcher, you just fought a group of A rank monster inside the dungeon, exit the dungeon through the bus golem that run on your mana and then joined us to fight those ghosts monsters, just what is your secret to be this strong?" [Samurai Jacks]
"Let just said I met some good teachers" [Ash]

Technically speaking, Goddess Achalasia and God of death blessed me with their blessings and knowledge, so in a way, I'm not lying when I am referring them as my teachers

With that, the three of us headed towards the inn. Along the way

"Just what happen..."
"Is this, a sign of devil invasion?"
"Same thing happened in Malsia right? Is this their doing?"
"My child. Did anyone see my child?"

Last night is a total havoc, I do run around and use an enhancement magic as well as flight magic to cover as much area as possible (and thus leaving Jacks to watch Rean and Elise. Well, watching them is not a good word here, the two of them did provide a much needed support to Jacks) but I couldn't cover them all. It's regrettable but what could I do

"Morning, is everything alright here?" [Ash]
"Ash, Rean, and Elise!" [Alice]
"What are you guys doing here?" [Alice's mom]
"Well, how about you come inside first" [Alice's dad]

Looks like everything fine on their end. Thank goodness. As I explained my intention of renting a room for Rean and Elise

"No need to pay and we will include breakfast and lunch for them" [Alice's dad]
"I can't do that" [Ash]
"Don't worry, you did save Alice back then, think of it as a way to repay you. Plus, having them here is like having a grandchild with us" [Alice's mom]
"Agree" [Alice's dad]
"MOM! DAD!" [Alice]
""Hehehe..."" [Rean, Elise]

We have our breakfast in the inn as I told them about (especially Alice) the type of monsters we encountered yesterday. Alice ask me to follow her afterward to discuss this thing further with Ram. While I do agree, I ask her to go ahead first as I need to check on the mansion. She agreed. Last thing, I also told the innkeeper as well as Rean and Elise I'll be taking them around afternoon so that they wouldn't need to take the carriage.

"You're such a sweet big brother to them" [Alice's mom]
"Agree" [Alice]

After making sure Rean and Elise get their much needed rest, I used my flight magic and flew to the mansion. I need to check on Claude's condition first thing first as well as the other. Still, my mana is depleting as my control of this spell is still below average as well as the fact that I have been fighting non-stop last night, so I might arrive a bit late than what I calculated, nevertheless, it's still faster than dashing around
As soon as I open the door, the aroma of pancakes hit my nose. Yeah, Claude is totally fine. I'm relieved

"Where's Rean and Elise?" [Karon]
"Well..." [Ash]

I told them what happen last night, and when I finish telling my side of story

"You see, yesterday a ghost eater as well as lower wraith were attacking me simultaneously with the grim reaper. As soon as I'm inside the mansion though, Housey, Rafiah and I quickly get rid of them. Afterward, Rafiah and the kids have been helping around the neighborhood once we sense that your mana signature moving further away from the mansion" [Claude]
"I see, I have failed to detect those two monsters, furthermore I caused unnecessary trouble to you guys as well" [Ash]
"Don't worry, they aren't that much monster left afterward. Plus, most of them are low ranking monsters anyway" [Rafiah]
"Just like brother Ash, Sis Rafiah helped our neighbors, as for us, we take turn on guarding and helping the area nearby the mansion" [Kara]
"Grandpa Claude warned us not to wander far from the mansion. Behe help us to detect the monster, Housey uses it energy and expand the area of coverage even further to help us" [Zerolith]
"Singa, Savel and Charlotte were asleep one hour after their turn started though... Seriously but not that I can blame them" [Mara]
"""Sorry...""" [Singa, Savel, Charlotte]
"Haha, but last night sure was crazy" [Farhah]
"Do you have any idea what just happened?" [Claude]
"Jacks mentioned that similar thing is happening in Malsia albeit in a much larger scale, though he himself didn't know the exact details of it" [Ash]
"I see, so what should we do now?" [Kara]
"First, I'll strengthen Housey fortress defense magic by enhancing it with materials we got from the Rock and Sea dungeon, afterward I'll meet Ram and ask him what happen. For today, you guys should just stay inside the mansion" [Ash]
"Good thing today is weekend, so we do not need to open up the training hall" [Rafiah]
"I don't think they will come to use it after what happened though" [Claude]
"Well then, I'm off" [Ash]
"Take care" [Kids]
"I will" [Ash]

Now, I should see how the clothing shop aunty, the kebab stall owner and several other people that I knew before meeting Ram. Along the way, the people who recognise me started to thank me once again as my timely intervention saved quite a number of them. It's overwhelming but I'm grateful.

"Man, I wish my son can use magic like you"
"Can you teach us magic big bro?"
"And here I thought the orphanage thing is just a gimmick, but your actions with the katana wielding boy and the fox girl yesterday prove me wrong"
"Haha, thank you" [Ash]

The neighborhood have warm up even more to us. That's good.
"I see, well take care" [Ash]
"You too" [Kebab stall owner]

And he is the last one, I'm glad they're all fine. I should head to the adventure guild now.


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