And that's the exit to Estel's side of the Rock and Sea dungeon, the kids are all sleeping soundly, so I guess it's better for me to just went straight home.

It's night and when I arrive at the mansion Rafiah already call it a day as she and Claude have been managing the training hall. A single glance and I know full well that she's still tired

(Maybe I should increase the amount of worker again) [Ash]

Plus, I do have the marine Spawning Block right now and I do plan on integrating it to the training hall sooner or later

(Let just not tell her yet) [Ash]

On a related note, Claude seems totally fine. Maybe because butler is a demanding job and thus requiring great amount of stamina, or maybe simply because he's a ghost, ghost do have large amount of mana and stamina

"Watch your step" [Claude]
"Yes" [Kids]

The drowsy kids are woken up by me, and I told them to go straight ahead to their bedroom and get some good night rest. As for me, I thought of giving the crystal to Diana and King Estel, but I decided not to. Those two are human and they also need some rest

"Claude, I'll be giving the crystal to the castle early in the morning. If I'm late, tell them to have breakfast without me" [Ash]
"Sure. And you should just went to bed now, you look tired as well" [Claude]
"I am, thanks Claude" [Ash]

Those kids had once waited for me until noon to ate their breakfast. They're all still growing, so I don't want any of them to do that, but at the same time, I feel happy that they do just that.

After bathing and changing my clothes, I dive straight to my bed, and just when I am about to fall asleep, I detected a rise of mana just outside the mansion

((((!!!)))) [Ash, Claude, Rafiah, Rean]

I went straight ahead with my Scythe ready. So does Claude, Rafiah and Rean and...

"God of death!?" [Ash]
"Who?" [Rean]
"You mean that monster there?" [Rafiah]
"That's one strange monster, and why do you said that thing is a god?" [Claude]
"Yeah, on a second inspection, it isn't. That's a grim reaper" [Ash]
"?" [Rean]

They're almost similar, in fact, they only differ in three things. The scythe of the god of death is made out of highly valuable material unlike the one the grim reaper is using (even the shaft is made out of wood), the god of death height is around 1.8 meter, basically the average human height but this thing here is at least 2 meter tall. Lastly, the skeleton colour of god if death is white, the same as newly arrived skeleton plastic model back at school, and this grim reaper aren't, in fact its colour is like a buried skeleton you often find in movies

"Grandpa!" [Rean]
"Mr Claude, are you alright?" [Rafiah]
"Yeah, I'm fine, just feeling strange" [Claude]
"Rean, Rafiah, both of you bring Claude inside and ask Housey to heal him. I will defe..." [Ash]


The sound of two metal hitting each other. The Grim reaper wanted to use this chance to strike Claude, but too bad, I'm not gonna let him do that easily.

As the three of them enter the front gate of the mansion, Housey immediately activate a defense barrier around the mansion.


This grim reaper, it has good skill, but


The scythe as well the right arm being sliced off neatly

"Sorry, but my skill is a gift from god of death itself. I don't think you have the chance to beat me" [Ash]

It tries it best to run away, but with my light magic, I simply make light dome magic and entrapped it inside, killing it in an instant

The problem is...

(Housey, take care of the other, I'll patrol and beat the other ghost monster around) [Ash]
(-. . / -.-. .- .-. . ..-. ..- .-..) [Housey]
(I will, and you too) [Ash]

Just when I am about to head out

""Can we follow?"" [Rean, Elise]
"..." [Ash]

That's quick. Still...

"Understood, but you should always stay beside me, got it?" [Ash]
""Yes!!"" [Rean, Elise]

I simply let them, Rean wanting to be an adventure wouldn't want to miss fighting (or at least observing me fighting the ghost), and as for Elise, being from fox tribe, her knowledge regarding mystic related is good

~Horse neighing~
"Help us!" [Neighbors]

They're two headless horsemen trying to barge inside a house near my neighborhood, I use light ball magic on one of them and as for the other one

"Slash" [Rean]
"Take this" [Elise]

Both Rean and Elise manage to beat them in a well timed and coordinated surprise attack. I must said, that headless horseman mana signature is around E~D rank monster, so

"Both of you sure are strong" [Ash]
""Hehe"" [Rean, Elise]
"Thank you for saving us, WAIT, you are!"
"Ahh, good neighbor, you wouldn't mind someone from a fox tribe saving your family right?" [Ash]

I just realized that this is the house of an avid old follower, still

"Thank you so much!"
"What are you doing!"
"But dear, they save us!"
"No time to hear you guys bickering, they're still monster roaming around so closed the door and barricade it with any furniture and don't go out until you see the morning sunrise" [Ash]

They simply nodded and do as I

"Lets go" [Ash]
"Cheer up Elise, at least the wife is kind enough to thank you" [Rean]
"I will, thank you Rean" [Elise]
"An adventure and a female knight in the making, I'll be sure to support both of you so do your best" [Ash]
""Right!!"" [Rean, Elise]

The three of us continue to defeat the monster roaming around. Fortunately, they're mostly low ranking monster, even the dazzled and drowsy adventure and soldiers manage to fend them off once they're back on their feat

The hard one however, is the grim reaper, they're four of them in number, and three of them are slayed by me. One Infront of the mansion, another two alongside other monster. As for the last one

"Wind slash" [Samurai Jacks]
"..." [Grim reaper]

The skeleton of the grim reaper started to fall apart, and they don't show any sign of regenerating nor does sign of stacking back up

"Good job Jacks" [Ash]
"Just what's happening, no, actually this is..." [Samurai Jacks]
"Master, you know something?" [Rean]
"Tell us" [Ash]
"Well..." [Samurai Jacks]


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