[At Malsia]

In a road where trading between merchants are currently taking place, lies someone who is out of place. One of the regulars there who happens to know the real identity of that person approach her

"Princess, just what are you doing here today? Like usual?" [Girl]
"Ohh, nothing, I'm just here to investigate something" [Princess]
"Could it the recent rise of ghosts likes monster that been haunting us lately?" [Girl]
"Exactly, can you tell me more about it and if possible, can you bring me to someone who witnessed those ghosts monsters" [Princess]
"I will" [Girl]

Along the way, the girl relay the information about the types of ghosts monsters that she have heard haunting Malsia. Among them are vengeful spirit, wraith, skeletons, white lady, headless horseman, pontianak, pocong, jenglut and more. The list seems endless but after interviewing and asking the witnesses, few common points were told

"The appearance of a strange monster with a strange weapon seems to be the cause of all of this" [Girl]
"That's right, plus I'm sure that monster is the one that shown up first among other" [Princess]
"Plus, the number of people getting killed and the number of ghosts shown up do correlate, that mean..." [Girl]
"No doubt, that monster is responsible for it, but just why?" [Princess]

As the two keeps on talking about the endless possibilities, the princess found herself In front of castle and the girl bid her farewell. Along the way, the girl also talked about a certain traveler from Estel

(If I'm not mistaken, Diana did mention to me about the sudden appearance of a young man opening something called an orphanage. He is strong, able to solo an A rank behemoth with ease as well as slaying an S rank King Behemoth) [Princess]


With that, the princess reach a pen and begin writing a letter addressed to Princess Diana from Estel Kingdom

(I'm pretty sure, no 1000% sure I said to myself, don't hunt too many monster, but this... this is just absurd) [Ash]

Yeah, those ice shark missiles bring me quite some loots, mostly cannon from cannon crabs, as well as some luxurious shell from the treasure turtle, one of which is a large gold shell, and when I use my scan magic on it

(Just how much money will I get from this...) [Ash]

Yeah, a 24 carat gold is no joke, and this shell is quite large itself. Even the boys group couldn't help but to keep staring in awe.

"It sure is big, and pretty" [Rean]
"I'm sure this will fetch a good price" [Zerolith]
"Agree" [Karon]
"If I can make a shield out of it, it will match well with my golden hair" [Singa]
"That will be nice!" [Savel]

As for the girls, their reactions are exactly what I thought

"Just how will we wear this?" [Elise]
"Can we even wear this in the first place" [Kara]
"Impossible" [Mara]
"Still, I would love to have some gold with me" [Farhah]
"So pretty!" [Charlotte]

Yeah, about that...

"Sorry girls, but I would just sell it to Gizzere. If you want some jewelry, wait until you're older" [Ash]
"Ehh!!!" [Girls]
"Sell it?" [Boys]

Huh, even the boys seems suprises, but I'm sure their reason are totally different from the girls

"Can't we have it even just a bit of it" [Kara]
"Please!" [Elise]
"Puppy eyes won't work here, so just give up" [Ash]
"..." [Girls]

They're pouting, understandable. Still, it's for their own good. First, I just don't want the orphanage being targeted by thief since some outsiders can easily watch what's happening right now through the watcher. Me telling them out loud about my plan to sell this golden shell is simply to ward off those potential thief. Plus, I don't want any of the girls to experience excessive jewelry just when they're still small. I mean, I can let Elise wear some since she's approaching teenage age, but for the other, a big nope.

(Maybe talking to Diana about this kinda thing will prove beneficial) [Ash]

On a second thought, how about I consulted with Rafiah, Alice, Mimi, and Lin. Yup, they're far better than some princess raise in such a magnificent castle in this case

As for my other loots, I now posses quite some amount of cannon. They don't look like they can shoot something from it, so I don't have the slightest of an idea how I will turn all of this into a pistol, but I'll just have to make some trial and error to see how it will go.

"Well, enough talking. There are still some time left, so I'll hear you out about what you guys wanted to do, but swimming is without a doubt, prohibited. The options here is whether you want to camp out here or move to different floor. Should you want to camps out here, then I'll use the spare time to train you guys, and should you want to move to different floor, we might find something interesting down there" [Ash]

After some heated discussion among themselves (as the pouting girls seems reluctant to move to another floor, I don't know why but maybe they wanted to stay here longer and ask me to catch another treasure turtles... maybe), I decided to follow the majority and goes down the floor (Singa and Savel manages to bring Charlotte to their side by telling them that I might allow them to swim should the ocean be calm on other floor)

With that, I told them to once again, take their seat inside the bus golem (with the girls having some hard time separating themselves from this floor), we begin to descend down

"Ahh..." [Kara]
"Bye gold..." [Farhah]
"Hope we meet again" [Mara]

Now I feel awful, but this is for their own good so I should steel my heart

We move down until the 14th floor, Ram did say there's a record stating that there will be another water crystal stone here, so I should camp out here. I thought of train them here before preparing for dinner but their first day of long distance traveling sure worn them out quickly. Even so, Rean brace himself and try to make us dinner like he promised back then

"Just sit down there, I'll be the one preparing it" [Ash]
"I'll help, I did promise just now" [Rean]
"I'll help as well" [Karon]

And the three of us started to cook, sadly, Rean didn't know how to make a sushi. Still, the salted egg fried squid came out nice


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