With the raging sea didn't even shown any signs of stopping its violence, I decided to just straight dive into it, but not without any sort of protection first

(Hmm... there are several issues that I have to deal with. Air is without a doubt an essential component, then there's a problem of the raging current, which without careful planning, can swept me away to the bottom of the ocean floor in an instant. There's also the fact that the sea is swarming with monsters of various ranks and sizes, and how to fight them effectively. Lastly I have to keep on tracking the wavelength of the water crystal stone) [Ash]

Well, the first problem shouldn't be much of a problem as long as I can maintain adaptability magic, a spell under the neutral mana that can allow one to survive in any hostile environment so long as you maintain the magic. Of course, the more hazardous the environment is, the larger the amount of mana needed to maintain it.

(I said it's no problems but if my mana supply exhausted from prolonged usage or fighting, I'm in deep trouble) [Ash]

Yeah, should be extra careful. The second problem may be solved by using extra amount of mana into the adaptability magic, and if not I can just use water magic to steer my way through the raging current.

The third problem is obvious, I just have to avoid any unnecessary fight, that mean not killing a rare monster just because it dropped a lucrative loot. Never

(Alright, maybe one or two treasure turtles, but not more than that) [Ash]

Yeah, treasure turtles are highly sought, just like it's name suggested, it will drop it shell (which usually made up of highly valuable material like gold, diamond or even legendary metal)

As for the keep on using my search and scan magic to detect the wavelength of water crystal stone, I think that's manageable. It can also serve to function as trap detector, so I should keep it activated all the time

Now then, to cover my whole body with adaptability magic. Slowly convert the neutral mana into the spell and

"That's a nice glow" [Rean]
"Yeah, the silver aura emitted means that the magic is successfully used. The more refined the colour is, the better" [Ash]
"That mean that if I can use this magic, I can swim right?" [Charlotte]
"Yes, I won't..." [Charlotte]

Instead of sulking, now she's sad. Can't be helped, it's for her own safety. Still, I do feel bad

"Fine, I will try to make a pool in the mansion, that way you can swim whenever you like" [Ash]
"Really!?" [Kids]
"Ohh, that caught not only Charlotte, but all of you as well. Yes, I will. I will fetch an extra crystal and used it for the pools, it's a promise. So promise me not to dive into the sea" [Ash]
"I promise" [Charlotte]
"Good" [Ash]

I don't know whether my actions just now is a good one or a bad one from a parent standpoint of view. Maybe I should ask Claude, Ram, Gizzere, the clothing shop aunty as well as Alice's parents for advice. Oh, let's not forget Borg and Lin as well

"Well, I'm off" [Ash]
"Careful" [Kids]
"Yes" [Ash]

And off we go, and after 100 meter dive

(Shit!) [Ash]

Without any warning, there's a cannon ball being shot toward my direction. It doesn't pose much problem to me since only one of it is being fired and I can easily avoid it, but

(There should be more of it...) [Ash]

And I am correct. Why! Can't I be wrong on this one thing. What more

(The one operating it is the cannon crabs, I see. This should be easier then) [Ash]

Cannon crabs, they got their name due to their one of their claws literally have cannon attached to it, and they can shoot anything, from cannon ball to magic from it. The baby one will use detach cannon from dead crab and slowly merge it to its claw, and thus slowly turn into an adult cannon crab

(There's another shot fired!) [Ash]

Maybe because it's only the 9th floor, or maybe it's because of the goddess blessings, but it doesn't take much for me to avoid any of the shot fired, but it sure is annoying

(Let see, how about this. Ice Shark missiles) [Ash]

With my commands, three ice shark emerge and crunch those crabs. The dead crabs in turn dropped a loot of mini cannon.

(Should I take it? There's still no way to utilize it. Unless... yup I should take it) [Ash]

I just thought of an interesting idea. Well, I'm pretty sure just like the scythe, that weapon should not exist in this world, and even if it does exist, it would not be widespread much. Plus

(Let see, Elise, Zerolith, Kara, Farhah and Charlotte should benefit from it) [Ash]

Yeah, I can't wait to develop it, but then again, I have plenty of things to develop. The Polaroid camera, upgrading the bus golem, the pools, the camper van, and now this, a pistol for mage and archer to use. Yup, it's a lot

(Well, I have to grind those loot, but I still have to look for the water crystal stone, so...) [Ash]

I command those ice shark missiles to come back to me, give them my golem magic and command them to hunt and bring me the loot of cannon crabs, or something similar to it. That way, I can keep on focusing on my task. I should increase their number to six, and done

(Go forth!) [Ash]

And off they go, swimming into different direction. As for me, I keep on diving straight down, to the direction where the wavelength is strongest

There are couple more of those cannon crabs, as well as some small light platinum alloy treasure turtles, for which I instantly slayed it. This should be good for Rean's armor should he become a high ranking adventure. No, it not just Rean, the other nine will need it as well.

(It might be small in amount but the dungeon resources are nothing to laugh at, so I should only sell small part of it while keeping the rest so that I can develop some armor for them) [Ash]

Well, there are few more valuable metal than alloy platinum, but I shouldn't be too greedy. I mean, back on earth, platinum itself is one of the strongest material available, so I should be grateful since I can get it from slaying a turtle

But my luck spree come to its end, there are no more treasure turtle nearby, and because of that, I created and send another six Ice Shark missiles to look for it

After twenty minutes of diving, I finally found the water crystal stone. I don't have any idea how deep I have dived, but I'm sure with the adaptability magic that make it easier for me to swim, couple with the body blessed by Goddess Achalasia and the fact that I started using wind magic to propel my way through just after five minutes of diving, I'm sure I have dive for at least five kilometres deep, if not more

Unfortunately (or fortunately if I must said), a regular giant squid is protecting the said crystal. From the looks of it, it's much smaller than that of a regular giant squid, so it should be around C rank monster, B at best

(Well, Rean will have to cook some sushi for us tonight) [Ash]

Yeah, sushi sounds nice. Rean does look like a Japanese, so who knows, maybe he can cook us one.

The squid try to trapped me with its tentacles, but

(Giant Ice missile shark) [Ash]

And done, such an anti climatic fight, well at least my food didn't struggle much in its final moments.

With that, I stored the water crystal stone inside the item box. It's much smaller than the one found inside the drainage, so maybe I can use this one for the kids pool.

As I ascend upward, there are few more cannon crabs which got slaughtered by me, one of which dropped a long barrel cannon, maybe a variant among the common loot. Good, that mean that there's much more materials for me to play with

(Experimenting will always brought you a good result. Should you need my help, then just call me) [Vincent]
(Father!) [Ash]

Just now, his voice came out from the scythe. Still, if he said that, that mean I can summon him in near future...

(I'll look forward to it) [Ash]


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