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Chapter 57: Getting the water crystal part 1


"Claude, we will be out for quite sometime and I will increase my mana input into Housey as to prevent anything happening to the mansion, especially to Rafiah" [Ash]
"Understood, and do come back safely" [Claude]
"That's a given. Ohh, Rafiah, that thing about being a witch and upgrading the difficulty rank of zombies in training hall, don't do it now. We will think of something to cover it up" [Ash]
"Yes. Don't worry, I will not do that. Plus, I'm not confident on doing so" [Rafiah]
"Then I'll leave both the mansion and the training to the three of you" [Ash]

Before going to sleep, Claude, Rafiah and I talk about the safety measures that we can implement to keep the mansion safe

My ten cutie pie wanted to follow me so bad to the dungeon that I actually can't help but to said yes to their request.

(Well, they're someone that will one day be chosen by the goddess to fight the fallen god, and even Goddess Achalasia wish nothing but happiness for them, so I should spend more quality time with them) [Ash]

And since those tens wanted to come along, I have to make sure they're adequately prepared. So that's why I double checked all the item that I have bought from the store for the last time before going to bed. Diana actually get angry when I buy those items for them, saying the castle can provide them with the necessities, but this time, I had firmly refused the offer. I can understand and accept that the castle will provide me with the necessary fund and item because I'm the one that will do the jobs of searching for the water crystal stone, not those siblings of mine. So the fact that Diana wanted the castle to provide for their necessities as well just doesn't stand right with me. I do know that the castle providing for additional ten kids is like giving an ice cube from an iceberg, but it's just felt wrong in my opinion

(Everything here. Perfect) [Ash]

Should go to sleep now
Morning have come and this time around, we are eating breakfast made by Claude and Rafiah.

"How's the pancakes?" [Rafiah]
"Delicious!" [Karon]
"It truly is" [Farhah]
"How about you Zerolith, care to give some comments. Savel and Singa are free to give comments as well" [Ash]
"It's delicious!" [Savel]
""..."" [Zerolith, Singa]
"Thank you" [Rafiah]

Well, at least Savel have open up a bit to Rafiah. As for Singa and Zerolith, let just give them some more time.

We depart soon after breakfast, using the bus golem as usual

"Take care" [Claude]
"Bye bye Grandpa" [Charlotte]
"Bye" [Kids]
"Claude, Rafiah and Housey, be careful and take care" [Ash]
"We will" [Rafiah]
"-... -.-- . / -... -.-- ." [Housey]
"Yeah, bye bye Housey" [Ash]

With that, eleven of us with Behe stopped by the adventure guild first as Ram have promised me to give some information regarding the water crystal stone that I am looking for.

Crystal stone can actually be made by combining few magic core that we can obtain from monster with magic stone, but the chance of success is pretty low. Plus, if its fail, then all the valuable magic core and magic stone will be destroyed as well, so that's why finding a crystal stone is much better option

"You guys are early" [Ram]
"They're excited to enter the Rock and Sea dungeon, that's why" [Ash]
"Understandable, all of you come here, I will explain about the location that you will be exploring" [Ram]
"Yes!" [Kids]

Rock and Sea dungeon, as we know it, comprise of a main road that stretch from one floor to another. The main road length is short, only a kilometre, but the width and depth of each dungeon on the other hand is nothing to laugh at. The more periphery you go inside the dungeon, more vicious monsters and traps will show up.

That's the basic that i have been told long back. Plus, the 50th floor dungeon follow the typical dungeon structure in this world, with the center of the dungeon being the hardest. So that mean that from Estel to the 25th floor, the difficulty level will be increasing, and from 25th floor to Malsia, the difficulty level will slowly decrease

"And as for the water crystal stone, there are reports stating that it can be found in following floors. The 9th floor, 14th, 15th, 17th, and 20th to 25th floor. That said, since you're bringing the kids along, I wouldn't advice you tackle the 20th floor onward. Sure you're strong and the kids safety can be assured if they stayed in the main road where the monsters won't attack, but it's better to be Safe than to be sorry" [Ram]
"Just a question, is there a chance we can encounter an S rank monster on those floors?" [Rean]
"Unless you stay clear from 20th to 25th floor, then you're good" [Ram]
"I see, and what S rank monster can we expect?" [Ash]
"Plenty, the sea are pretty deep, who knew what's lurking underneath it. To give you few examples, there's the Emperor Megalodon, corrupted mermaid king, Monstrous Jellyfish, Monstrous Kraken, Mutated Hydra, and god forbids, but please by all means don't encounter Leviathan." [Ram]
"That's actually a lot more than I thought" [Ash]
"Believe me, there's more" [Ram]
"Seriously!?" [Elise]
"Yeah, that's why we tell them not to dive too deep even on the first floor." [Ram]
"Well, as long as I don't go too deeply and stay as close as possible to the centre, then everything will be fine" [Ash]
"Please do that, don't want anything bad happens to these kids" [Ram]
"How about Brother Ash, aren't you worry about him!?" [Farhah]
"He is strong, he can take care of himself well. Have some confidence in him" [Ram]
"Nice dodge" [Ash]
"Is that so? Well, I have spoken all that I know, good luck on your job" [Ram]
"I will, thanks Ram" [Ash]
"You're welcome, and kids, be careful" [Ram]
"We will!" [Kids]


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