[Diana point of view]

I'm bored, with nothing to do but just standing at the by side alongside Liyana who has been nervous this whole time being left all alone with me. You don't have to be that nervous, my title might be higher than you are, but that doesn't mean I will consider it a capital crime if you talk to me. Then again, my brother and sister did just that, so I guess it's understandable.

(She's Linda's little sister but I didn't know much about her, I should be the one initiate the conversation) [Diana]

Just when I'm about to say something, an incident happen (or about to happen)

"Rafiah! Let's go home!" [Old follower B]

Isn't she Rafiah's friend back then? She looks desperate, and not only that, there's something different about her. I don't know what but its just felt somewhat off

"- .... .-. . .- - / -.. . - . -.-. - . -.." [Housey]

No good, Housey is glowing in such a threatening way. Ash did say that he will tune it today so that Housey will become more sensitive to any malice especially towards his siblings, but this is just to sensitive

"Housey, it's alright. Let me handle this" [Claude]

Thank goodness Claude is quick to act, otherwise who knew what will happen.

Still, there're some people left to seek treatment, if they make a ruckus out of this, the orphanage reputation might plunge down. I guess I should handle this and let Claude handle Rafiah.

"Light, disperse and show yourself, Rainbow!" [Diana]
"Woah, look at that"
"A rainbow inside the hall"
"And the light emitted, it's so... warm and pretty"
"It's soothing as well"

Since the distraction cause by the old follower is just a small one, this should be way more than enough to distract them from Rafiah. Looks, Claude already get this under control and its look as if the old follower is still trying her best to get back her old friend. She is doing it politely though, asking Rafiah to thoroughly think about it. Not only that, other adventures are trying to protect Rafiah as well in case something bad happen

(I can maintain the rainbow long enough, but it will quickly become dull) [Diana]

Ohh look, Liyana and Ash siblings are admiring it as well. Rather than seeing it

"Liyana, how about you make it snow" [Diana]
"But, without Teacher Ash..." [Liyana]
"Don't worry, I'm here to help you out" [Diana]

I'm no where near Ash level when it comes to magic proficiency, but I'm sure I'm decent enough to guide her.

Now then, Liyana should follow her big sister elemental affinity which is ice. And

"Snow!" [Liyana]

Just a single word, and I can clearly felt the amount of mana gush behind it. No good

"!" [Liyana]

I quickly grab her hand. She instantly turned as pale as a snow

"Don't worry. I know it's hard for you to control it. Your big sister also had the same issue" [Diana]
"..." [Liyana]
(Still, I'm also to be blamed during that time) [Diana]
"It's alright, I will guide you, here, release your ice mana slowly. Imagine releasing each snowflake from the tip off your fingers towards the air" [Diana]

As I said that, I corrected her mana flow, so that the gush of mana won't come out in one shot, but instead flow like a calm river in a single direction

"snow" [Liyana]

She's still not able to use chantless spell even though her teacher is Ash. It's understandable, chantless magic is quite hard plus, I can see that she only just recently attend Ash teaching session with his other siblings.

"It's cold"
"And the snowflakes are pretty"
"Couple that with the rainbow and it suddenly becomes romantic"

As the public become distracted, Qis give me a signal that everything is clear and we could just end it here. It's regrettable, I myself just started to enjoy it as well

"We should stop using the magic" [Diana]
"Yes!' [Liyana]

Now that the old follower isn't here, the treatment can continue as usual. I must sat though, the three of them did a splendid job. They quickly treat all that have come here as well as teaching Elise, Kara and Mara at the same time. The three siblings are currently treating a pair of mother and son, and by the looks of it, they know each other. The other orphans are also doing a great job, Rean for example keep on explaining about the benefits of ORS and yogurt to an old couple who keeps on repeating the same question again and again, Farhah helps on adjusting the wooden furniture to tailor some old lady hip as she complained about her back pain. As for Zerolith, it might be brief but I can sense that he's actually concern about Rafiah safety. I guess it's nothing to be worried about, just like how Qis and Alice can communicate instantly even after not talking to each other for so long, I believe they can find the solution toward their problem.

"Thank you for the distraction just now Princess Diana" [Claude]
"It's fine. Still, what happen?" [Diana]
"The old follower try her best to persuade Rafiah to follow her back into the church, or so it seems" [Claude]
"I see, even you felt something off just now" [Diana]
"This might be rude as I suddenly slip into this conversation, but I do agree, I don't know why but somehow, instead of begging her to come back, I felt like it was the exact opposite" [Samurai Jacks]
"Same here, her eyes are begging Rafiah to stay safe" [Qis]
"..." [Zerolith]
"You should go and protect her, Zerolith" [Diana]
"No!" [Zerolith]

Oh my, I guess he really is concerned about Rafiah. Look, even Claude and the others can't help but to giggle a bit. Now I really want to know what actually happened

And with that, the treatment continue without any sort of trouble until the evening, when

"I'm back, and here's some orange grass" [Ash]
"Welcome back!" [Charlotte]
"Charlotte, im "Charing a lot" of orange grass" [Ash]
"Hahaha, that's funny brother Ash" [Charlotte]
"See, I told you she will appreciate it!" [Ash]
"I give up" [Alice]
"That dad joke and pun wasn't even punny" [Lisa]
"Sigh... its spreading" [Erinmorlin]

What's with that pun. This might be rude but I just wanted to throw my shoes into his smug face now. Looks, even Rean and Elise can't help but to felt embarrassed by it

"Both of you are early, and isn't that the three that we met when rescuing Alice" [Diana]
"Yeah they're. You guys, this is Princess Diana, and Diana, this is Flinar, Erinmorlin and Lisa respectively" [Ash]

He said that as he pointed towards the elf, dwarf and the lady.

"So, did you guys found out about the cause?" [Diana]
"About that, your father just gave us a new job" [Ash]
"!?" [Others]


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