While driving the bus golem, Flinar, Erinmorlin and Lisa keep on asking me question after question about the bus golem, how do I make it move without any magic core or magic stone, from where did I get the inspiration to make the bus golem, how I make the bus golem etc. I started to see how those three become friends with each other, which bring me to ask them

"Where are you guys from?" [Ash]
"Oh, we didn't tell you this yet, all three of us are from the Beastman Kingdom, Ledang" [Lisa]
"I see, that's pretty close" [Ash]

Well, you just have to travel through the open field dungeon to get to Kisarre and from Kisarre to Ledang through another dungeon called beast dungeon. Plus, you can go to the Demon Kingdom by going through the darkness dungeon from Ledang.

"Have you guys went to the Demon Kingdom before?" [Ash]
"Before the current ruler, yes. After the war of succession though, we still haven't gone there yet" [Erinmorlin]

War? What war? Plus, they're starting to discuss some political issue about the Demon Kingdom that I have lost track of it.

"Ash, could it be, you don't know about the war?" [Alice]
"Enlighten me" [Ash]
"Unbelievable, simply unbelievable" [Flinar]
"Well, I guess telling you about the basic should do. If you're interested more on it, you can certainly ask me" [Lisa]
"I'll appreciate it" [Ash]

Firstly the terminology, even though I know the difference, it won't hurt going through its once again. Demon and Devil, they're always interchangeably use by the human, especially by the old follower. Well, demon is a race similar to other race, with their notable features being silver colour horn protruding out from the temporal bone. They're different classes of demon such as vampire, succubus and many more with only few differences between them. As for the devil, they're the follower of the fallen gods who reside in the nothingness beyond Achalasia, and the reason why demon and devil are interchangeably use is simply because most of the devil are from the demon races. I don't really know what happen, even the history books don't really mention what makes the demon races at that time follow the fallen gods.

"The toilet here are way too dirty!" [Flinar]
"Well, same goes for the well" [Ash]
"Is that another dad jokes?" [Lisa]
"100% sure it is" [Alice]

As we have reach the next location, Lisa stop her explanation for a bit so that we can focus more on our investigation, once we enter the bus golem back

As for the war of succession, it all started long ago, during the time of the first Saint and Saintess, the time when the first ten heroes chosen by Goddess Achalasia to defeat the fallen god itself. Due to the war period during that time and also due to the fact that most of the demon races become the fallen god follower, the demon king of that time loses his support from the masses as well as being punished by other countries. The Prince, seeing the dire state of his kingdom, ask the help of the saint and saintess at the time and one day, just like the saint and saintess, he was bestowed by the goddess with the same blessings to defeat the fallen god. Unfortunately, the prince die in the process and didn't really choose his successor properly and thus start the period of war of succession.

Moving forward to the current time, before the period of war, they're three major power that try to get ahold of the power, and

"The faction lead by the Prince Druser with her trustworthy Female Paladin, Aries manage to get majority of the power, but many sacrifices was made along with it" [Lisa]

Prince Druser and the female Paladin Aries, they both manage to garner massive support from their citizens, but the other two groups in unison, started a rebel which quickly became out of control, even involving other countries, including Estel itself. The war became massive with each passing year, and as to financially support the rebel group, their leader make a daring move, that's to permit any sort of violence, even war to other countries just to get the fund needed, and Estel are among the list of countries that the rebel leader put to be raid upon.

"And to make matter worse, the church didn't even want to get involved in it, only when the newly appointed Saint Louis and Saintess Rumia show their support to Prince Druser do the war begin to subsided" [Lisa]

The new saint and saintess themselves to begin with aren't that favoured by many, but their involvement to stop the war are said to be crucial, especially on manipulation of the goddess orb. By supplying their mana to those orbs, they can detect any rebel groups that are about to launch an attack to the country, and thus alerting the soldier and knight

"Well, this is the last well" [Ash]
"Can you stop with the dad jokes and pun, it isn't funny" [Alice]
"I bet Charlotte will laugh" [Ash]
"Putting that aside, we do have a solid data on our hand" [Lisa]
"Plus, the entrance to the underground drainage is here" [Flinar]
"True, but we do need a permission from the Duke's household to enter" [Alice]
"Meehh..." [Ash]

Who cares about permission, well I do care about it actually, but the situation now doesn't permit me to get the permission. Plus, I do have the contract from the king, so...

"Oh look, they don't even close the door properly" [Ash]
"Pretty sure you simply use a brute force there" [Flinar]
"Oh really, well too bad the door doesn't match well with my strength" [Ash]

And when I'm about to take a step forward, my body reflexively take ten steps backward, urghh... no, just no! You don't need me to spell out why right...

"Allow me" [Flinar]

Flinar uses his wood magic to cover us with nice and excessively strong fragrance smells, so much so that it started to choke us, but it's necessary plus, I would rather be choke to death by this smell as compared to THAT smell

"I should add some extra layer of protection" [Ash]

As for me, I covered our bodies with my cure magic from the three mana. I don't want any one of us to be contracted by the disease later on, so it's a necessary step

"Are you sure you want to follow us?" [Erinmorlin]
"Yes, I might not be as strong as the three of you here, but I am certain that I can protect myself well" [Alice]
"If you said so. Flinar, Erinmorlin, both of you will focus on protecting the two ladies here, just leave the monster subjugation to me" [Ash]
""Understood"" [Flinar, Erinmorlin]


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