[Elise point of view]

It's morning already. They're all still sleeping, Charlotte even giggle in her sleep. I wonder what she's dreaming right now.

We are all tired. Yesterday, many things happen, from the bus golem that Brother Ash make, to us making new friends as well as our training session inside the open field dungeon. It was fun. Usually, only high Knights, and nobles will receive proper education including magic education, so what us commoner can do is just begging them to teach us. But brother Ash is different, he didn't even mind teaching us all about everything, from mathematics to magic, even going as far as to lend a helping hand to a young noble lady, Lady Liyana. Plus, we get to make new friends yesterday, Liyana, Ray, Mile, Kat, and Blanc. They're all nice people, so I hope we can continue on being friends.

Mile's parent contracted the endemic disease, and in bind, they searched the open field dungeon for any plants to actually cure them, but they're almost killed by an orc. If it wasn't for Behe and Brother Ash, who knew what will happen. Then, Brother Ash actually managed to cure them. Unbelievable. Brother Ash, just who are you?

"Alright, wake up everyone!" [Elise]
"Ok..." [Kara]
"5 more minutes" [Mara]
"10 more minutes" [Farhah]
"Hehehe..." [Charlotte]

They didn't even bother listening to me.

"WAKE UP!" [Elise]
"!" [Others]

There, removing the blanket should do the trick. I understand that the bed here are soft, and our way of living improve significantly as compared to living in those slump, but that doesn't excuse this behaviour.

"Meany..." [Farhah]
"Agree" [Mara]

They're angry, but as an elder sister, I have the duty to guide them properly. Grandpa Claude and Brother Ash themselves said that. Should take a bath and clean up our room first.

"I'll go to bathe first, you guys clean the bed " [Elise]
"Too late!" [Charlotte]
"Charlotte don't run inside the bathroom!" [Kara]

I guess Mara, Farhah and I will clean the bedroom first then.

Once everyone gets themselves ready

"Brother Ash still hasn't wakes up?" [Elise]
"No, he's still sleeping" [Rean]
"That's rare" [Farhah]
"Indeed" [Zerolith]

Usually, both Brother Ash and Grandpa Claude will be the first to wake up, but today, he is still sleeping

"Maybe he's tired since he had to treat Ray's parents yesterday" [Karon]
"Might be the case, so let just give him some more time to sleep" [Claude]

Agree. I'm sure treating someone and using such a difficult magic would take a great toll on his body, so

"Let us prepare some breakfast for him!" [Elise]
"Toast! He loved our toast!" [Singa]
"How about some grilled cheese as well? It's delicious" [Savel]
"It's decided" [Claude]

As usual, we will divide ourselves to clean and cook. Since I'm task with cooking today breakfast, I will do my best to cook something delicious! Last time, Brother Ash did praise us for the food, but I'm sure he just fake it.

"Toast bread grilled cheese, toast bread grilled cheese!" [Elise]

It's simple, but why did the toast keep getting burned... maybe I don't have any talent to cook something delicious

"Take your time, there's no need to rush. Rushing something only proves that you're aren't prepare for something, so take a step back and evaluate first. Think what action you're going to do first and then start doing it" [Claude]
"I will!" [Elise]

Grandpa Claude must have realised what I felt just now. How embarrassing... but it's a nice feeling. Getting guided by him in such lovely environment, this orphanage really are a blessing from the goddess.

(I will do my best! Can't keep on making a burned toasted bread!) [Elise]

And today, we will even add cheese to it. Its look simple, and I hope I won't fail to do it. If Grandpa Claude can do it, then so do I

First try...

"Nope!" [Elise]

Total failure. How can I messed up this badly...

Second try

"You're improving" [Rean]
"Not yet!" [Elise]

third try

"It's started to take shape of my perfect grilled cheese toast" [Elise]
"Are you satisfied?" [Grandpa Claude]
"One more!" [Elise]
"As you wish" [Grandpa Claude]

Can't stop now, I'm sure I can do better than this. I just need to keep on going until

"I did it!" [Elise]
"Nice job" [Grandpa Claude]
"Yes, can't wait to surprise Brother Ash!" [Elise]

He will think Grandpa Claude will be the one that makes this grilled toast, then that's when I tell him the truth. I can already imagine his reaction.


(He's still sleeping, is he alright?) [Elise]

Should I just wake him up...

"Princess Diana!" [Kara]

Huh? Princess Diana is here? But why? Better see it for myself. Even Grandpa Claude and Rean have gone and greet her. She's nice to us but that doesn't change the fact that she's still a royalty. Can't be rude to her. Kara, please don't hug her tightly...

"Why are you here today Princess Diana?" [Claude]
"Ash, is he here?" [Diana]

She looks worried? Has something happened?

"Charlotte, please tell your brother to wake up" [Claude]
"Ok" [Charlotte]

There she goes, happily running upstairs.

"Is he always like this?" [Mimi]
"No, this is actually the first time he woke up this late" [Zerolith]
"Yeah, usually he will be the first one alongside Grandpa Claude to wake up" [Rean]
"Guess he's tired after treating Borg and Lin yesterday" [Mimi]
"Can't be helped, using such magic must be tiring" [Ram]

Even Sis Mimi and Guild Master Ram are here.

"Brother Ash say he will wash his face first" [Charlotte]
"Let him do that" [Diana]

Brother Ash, is it really alright to make a princess wait for you? Last time we did that, her guard became angry, which makes me wonder, where is she?

5 minutes have passed, and there's Brother Ash,

"Ash, please, help Qis" [Diana]

Princess Diana? I see, so that's the reason why she come here. Sis Mimi then explains to us as to how the princess knew what happen yesterday

"I see, poor Jacks" [Ash]
"Right!" [Mimi]

That's the point of the whole story! Still, I can't say I don't feel pity for him

"Can we go with Aunt Mimi?" [Farhah]
"Aunt Mimi huh..." [Mimi]

Farhah! That's rude! Brother Ash, don't make it worse! See, she's angry with you right now. Still, we do want to go out, so I guess it's fine? No, it isn't, must not let Brother Ash poor example to be planted inside my mind

Brother Ash then get himself ready quickly, and there he goes, taking my perfect grilled cheese toast bread! Time to tell him

"Thank for the food Claude!" [Ash]

And he left...

"But I'm the one that make it!" [Elise]


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