There are 20 people that are currently ill due to the seasonal endemic disease, quite a low number if you ask me. Hygiene do play an important role after all. This beg a question, just why did Qis the only one with such severe symptoms while others in the castle get off with mild to moderate one? Hmm... I should ask them what have they done the past week, maybe it will give me some clue

"Is this fine?" [Yefefiah]
"Perfect! Now, told her what to do next" [Ash]
"Right!" [Yefefiah]

Yefefiah is currently treating a young maid, well she's older than I am, but still can be considered young. I told them that I would supervise their actions, and as for the cure magic part which combine magic and also making the antibiotics from it

"Listen here, healing magic, cure magic, and those magics that have similar effect can be derived from three sources, water, light and neutral magic" [Ash]
"Ehh? Neutral?" [Yefefiah]
"What?" [Diana]
"Is that true?" [Young healer C]
"You heard that right. There're this misconceptions that only those with light or water magic can use it. In a way, that's true as they've easier time to use this kind of magic, but in truth, since everyone can use neutral magic, then in theory everyone can use healing magic" [Ash]
"..." [Maid]
"..." [Knight]
"..." [Yefefiah]
"..." [Diana]
"Well, moving on..." [Ash]
"Wait? Can't you explain more!" [Diana]
"Sigh... later" [Ash]

I can't blame them, unlike me who get this knowledge directly from Goddess Achalasia, they're studying and researching about magic by their own, and thus, it's logical for them not to know about it. But, I just can't get used to their reactions

"Well, onto the next part, for this part, you need to integrate both your scan magic as well as your healing magic. To do so, focus your scan magic into your eyes and focus on the organism that you want to destroy." [Ash]
"Like this?" [Rafiah]
"Good" [Ash]

She has calm down now, her crying just then really make us worried, but now she is actually having fun I guess? The young healer seems to be reluctant to let her join at first, but Diana and I scolded them for it. "So what makes you different from them?" is the question the both of us thrown to make them reflect their action. Of course they're still kinda reluctant, but at least they're not going to stop her from learning, which is good. Should take it slowly, I can't hope miracle to happen and they suddenly become friendly

"They're many red spot! Forming a sea of red in her abdomen area!" [Rafiah]
"Really! Where! I can't see it" [Yefefiah]
"Umm... can you show us how you do it!" [Young healer A]
"Ri.. right" [Rafiah]

Alright, that's far quicker than I thought. Not that I would complaint about it. They're fellow healers after all, they should work together. Right now, they're sharing tips on how to do it effectively, even Diana and the castle worker join in as well. If course, I guided them. When the last young healer finally manage to see the sea of red

"I did it!" [Young healer E]
"Good, now to destroy that bacteria. With your healing magic, you should make different type of healing properties to it, and test out which one of it works best for the particular disease. Once you manage to find the best one, keep on using it until the sea of red completely disappeared. And I do mean COMPLETELY. Human aren't the only living form capable of adaptation. This guy right here are far more ferocious than us. If you let even one red dot left untreated, it will multiply back and the same treatment won't work again, this could prove fatal" [Ash]

As I said that, I show them how to manipulate one own mana to have different type of healing properties. This process is one of important factor to evolve one healing magic to cure magic, and even after this, they're still many forms of diseases, with some not even due to infection. They should practice it more and more with different kind of disease, plus having to memorize each disease and their treatment, all of which necessary for them to be branded as healer, and along the way, their healing magic will surely become cure magic

With that being said, I have to monitor each one of them. They're struggling, that's to be expected but nonetheless, they're doing their best. They really need good mana control, even more precise as compared to that of knights and adventures. Controlling their mana is one thing, changing it to treat the disease is another thing, but slowly

"We did it!" [Yefefiah]
"We did!" [Rafiah]
"Not quite, they're still some red spot left" [Ash]
"But, its colour is lighter as compared to before" [Yefefiah]
"That still will give them the chance to proliferate later on, so kill them" [Ash]
"Right!" [Rafiah]
"I'm tired, Rafiah, please support me!" [Yefefiah]

She nodded. It's an exhaustive process, but they just have to get used to it. Slowly but surely

"We have done it!" [Yefefiah]
"Let me check" [Ash]

Well, they did a good job. I can't find any red spot, not inside the digestive tract nor anywhere else

"Great job, now onto the next one" [Ash]
""!!"" [Yefefiah, Rafiah]
"Joking, just take a break first" [Ash]
""Yes!!"" [Yefefiah, Rafiah]
"Pretty sure you aren't" [Diana]
"Who knows" [Ash]

Well, there are only 20 of them, so I guess they can take their leisurely time for now. As for me, better to treat the other first, don't want them to wait so long for it.

As I treat each worker, the young healers ask me to check their treatment effectiveness, they still struggle to eliminate the colonies of harmful bacteria completely, so I have to pushed them for that. Plus, this is only mild to moderate case, if it's a severe one, they need to spend more effort to wipe them out, a far harder task than this one. Well, thank to mom for teaching me, and also thanks to Goddess Achalasia for giving me her blessings, I didn't find it difficult, but I'm sure it's a difficult process, so that's why I didn't scold them for trying it for the first time.

Time move on, at its near dusk when

"There, don't forget to find us if you experience the same symptoms. Plus, take this yogurt and make sure you're adequately hydrated throughout the day" [Young healer C]
"I will, thank you for healing us!" [Butler]
"Welcome!" [Young healer D]
"We did it!" [Yefefiah]
"Nice work everyone!" [Young healer A]
"You guys did a great job" [Diana]
"They sure do" [Ash]

That completes today treatment (and teaching session)

"Still, you're not only good at healing magic, but also with other magic" [Rafiah]
"Yeah, you really can use neutral mana to cure them" [Yefefiah]
"Plus, we also saw how you use light and water magic to do the same when teaching us" [Young healer A]
"Is it true that you can use every kind of magic?" [Young healer C]
"I can" [Ash]

It's an open secret, everyone knows about it (I think)

"Can you teach me magic as well?" [Diana]
"Sure, just come to the mansion, I can teach you there along with my siblings" [Ash]
"Can I bring them as well?" [Diana]
"Why not, but..." [Ash]

Should I just make an open class? Some young adventure, kids around the neighborhood area and some common soldiers have requested me to teach them.

"Can we? Rafiah included of course!" [Yefefiah]
"!" [Rafiah]
"Well, I have got a lot of requests, might as well just make a schedule for it. I'll come back to you guys later when I sort it out" [Ash]
"It's a promise then!" [Diana]
"Yes" [Ash]
"Now then, follow me. I had asked father, Ram and Gizzere to met with you so that we could discuss what to do" [Diana]
"Can I skip, I'm too lazy right now" [Ash]
"I don't know, can you?" [Diana]
"Fine" [Ash]

I can't win when she makes that terrifying smile, so it's better to just give up

"Rafiah, can you wait here for a while? I'll come as soon as possible" [Ash]
"I will" [Rafiah]
"A scandal?" [Yefefiah]
"NO!" [Rafiah]
"Don't worry, I will accompany her, can't let a juicy story goes unheard" [Yefefiah]
"Thank you, let's go Ash" [Diana]
"Right..." [Ash]


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