"What are you saying, that's impossi..." [Old follower leader]
"Yeah, yeah. It's impossible, you are a commoner/traveler, what would you know about treating an illness. Got anymore of that? If so, please tell me within the span of 5 seconds since I don't have enough time listening to your babbling. Thank you" [Ash]
"You, you should pay some resp..." [Follower A]
"Yeah, yeah. You should pay some respects, don't you know he is something something, do so or else you will get punished by god. Anything I miss?" [Ash]
"Why you!" [Follower B]
"Guess it's a no then, bye" [Ash]
"Wait, we are following you, there's no way we can let you treat someone important without our supervision!" [Old follower leader]
"Oh my, I thought you don't want to treat her just now? What happen? Or could it be that you're lusting to see her body? For a holy person, you sure are a pervert" [Ash]
"HEY!" [Old follower E]
"Looks, I would "love" to talk to you about how great you are, and how it's impossible for me to treat her according to your who knew from where standard, but ALAS I'm too lazy right now, so either you give up or get lost!" [Ash]
"Wait, you two there, how about you come with us, Qis is a lady after all, that way, there are people from the old follower that can see the process" [Diana]
"Is that alright?" [Ash]
"Of course, they do insist on seeing it. If they don't, they can simply say that Qis heal by herself, or worse, proclaim it's their doing" [Diana]
"Well, they can still say it's theirs doing even after I cure her" [Ash]
"There's 80% chance that will happen, unless the high priest here remember that lying is a sin" [Diana]
"Tch!" [Old follower leader]
(She sure is savage) [Ash]
"Yefefiah, gather the other and ask them to come to the treatment room as soon as possible!" [Diana]
"Understood, Princess Diana!" [Yefefiah]

There she goes, running to call her other companions. According to Diana, Yefefiah is from the angel race, they can usually hide their wing inside their body, but most chose not to. Their wings colour usually follows their hair and eyes colour, and in Yefefiah case, it's white, similar to her hair.

Well then, guess the two of us will be stuck with followers B and D for a while. Both of them, they're glaring hard at me, almost felt like a laser beam can suddenly be shoot from their eyes. Well, just ignored them

"Hey you, why do you associate yourself with those non-human?" [Follower B]
"..." [Ash]
"Answer me!" [Follower B]

Guess I can't ignore her, sigh...

"Why shouldn't I?" [Ash]
"Huh, that doesn't even answer my question!" [Follower B]
"And you, why would you kill them?" [Ash]
"That's because..." [Follower B]
"Yeah, yeah, judging by your tone, I can already guess the answer, do me a favour and just keep quiet" [Ash]
"Haha, you really are funny Ash" [Diana]
"..." [Follower D]
(That girl seems to be thinking of something, wonder what is it?) [Ash, Diana]

And after a brief walk, we can see a group of young healer waiting for us In front of the treatment room. They're all excited to learn how to treat this disease. Good, when the students are enthusiastic to learn, so does the teacher that will teach them. Guess I can't betray everyone expectation

Yefefiah open up the room for us, and thank god, it doesn't reek like Borg and Lin's house (sorry both of you, but it's really reeks yesterday). Guess the castle hygiene standards really are good.

There's only Qis inside the room, lying on the bed. I asked Diana whether there are other beside Qis who have similar illness, but most of them are in mild stage according to her and the Queen forces them to works. Well, it wouldn't be long before the disease progresses, so better cure Qis and then the others

"Princess... and... you, what are you doing here?" [Qis]
(She's in much worse conditions than I thought) [Ash]
"Qis, It's fine, I call him here so that he can treat you" [Diana]
"Really?" [Qis]
"What's with that doubtful voice" [Ash]
"Ash!" [Diana]
"Joking" [Ash]

Well, should start the treatment now, according to mom, I should see her hydration status first. Well, in her case, it doesn't take a genius to figure it out, so I should give her the homemade ORS. Still, mom did say something about building a rapport first, so...

"Qis, you're severely dehydrated, so please drink this first, it's better as compared to plain water" [Ash]
"Alright?" [Qis]
"?" [Diana]

I'm trying my best here to imitate mom, so can you please not make that face Diana! Still, she sure is struggling to drink the water, guess it just show how weak she is right now. Well, since she's taking her time, I should teach them about the ORS properties, plus, all the young healers are whispering to each other, asking about those ORS but none knows what it is, so

"Well, inside our digestive tract, water are absorb along with salt, so that's why I put some table salt as to increase water absorption. Plus, during diarrhea, both water and salts are lost, so we have to replenish those two together, as for the sugar, it follows the same principle, getting absorb along with the salts" [Ash]
"I see" [Yefefiah]
"Well, afterward, we will ask the patient to drink and eat this chicken soup. Just like the ORS, they will help to replenish the salts as well as providing extra boost in energy, plus, it's good for an upset stomach" [Ash]
"How much should we give them?" [Young healer]
"I'm not sure of the exact quantity, but as long as the patient can eat and tolerate it, you should give it to them. If possible, take it at regular intervals" [Ash]
"Well Qis, you heard what he says, now eat this chicken soup, and don't force yourself too much" [Diana]
"I will..." [Qis]

and there she go, eating the broth first. I should explain my next step

"Right, now it's time for the next step, searching for the causative organism as well as treating it" [Ash]
"Organism?" [Yefefiah]
(I see, no wonder mom used the word agent yesterday, now then, how to explain...) [Ash]
"Basically, there's this very tiny living form, smaller than a grain of sand that can cause havoc when they enter the human body. They will try to settle inside of us, multiplying and then, these kinds of things happen" [Ash]

As I said that, I showed them the image of bacteria entering the human body through food, good thing I practice my illusion magic, it sure comes in handy. I wonder if I can use it to teach other subjects as well? As for the young healers, they're all taking in notes, their handwriting however... well they're doctor. Even the two old followers, Diana and Qis seems focusing on my explanation just now.

"So, how do you plan to search this organism?" [Follower D]
"Good question, by scan magic. Since this endemic disease targets that of the digestive tract, we should focus on that one, but it doesn't hurt to search elsewhere" [Ash]

With that being said

"Qis, will you allow me to examine you, I'll use my scan magic and mainly focus around your abdomen area, afterward, I'll use my cure magic and destroy the said organism" [Ash]
"Please, do so" [Qis]
"Thank you" [Ash]

And here we go, using the scan magic. Mom's mana sure have it effect on me as well, my scan magic suddenly become better, and in no time I can find the causative organism

"Here are the list of organism involved" [Ash]

As I said that, I display the scan magic result to them, even explaining how I did it in the process, basically you just have to know what you're looking for. The normal scan magic in this world will give you basic information, more powerful scan magic will give more results, here however, mom taught of searching for that specific organism, making the scan magic more reliable

"How do you treat it?" [Yefefiah]
"Another good question, simple, we destroy it" [Ash]

Well, back on earth, we have antibiotics, here, we have magic, but mom however, combine both of them. She literally uses her magic to make an antibiotic and destroy those bacterias. Then, she replenish Borg and Lin's mana supply yesterday by channeling her own. She said that since this world do have magic, the bacteria and other microorganisms here also affect the magic, but she said not to worry much, as she couldn't find the bacteria that directly affects the magic right now.

Well, time to show them how it's done

"Qis, I will start the treatment now, I'm sorry if you felt uncomfortable during this whole process, but please bare it for a while" [Ash]
"I will" [Qis]

And here we go, supplying the magic just like how mom taught, basically pouring my cure magic, make an antibiotic and see which antibiotics are effective and then replicate it further, but have to be careful or else they will become resistance to it

"And done, how do you feel!" [Ash]
"Qis!" [Diana]
"It, it doesn't hurt!" [Qis]
"Qis!" [Diana]
"Princess, please don't hug me, I'm still dirty" [Qis]
"Nonsense, plus I can just clean myself afterward" [Diana]
"Well, we should get out first, don't want to disturb them" [Ash]
"Ash..." [Qis]
"What?" [Ash]
"Thanks" [Qis]
"Qis, thank him properly!" [Diana]
"Yeah, don't you know basic manner" [Ash]
"Ash, I know you're joking, but please don't make this any harder" [Diana]
"Thank you for treating me, I owe you one" [Qis]
"You're welcome, get some good rest, clean yourself properly afterward. If your condition suddenly become worse, don't hesitate to call me" [Ash]
"We will, thank you Ash" [Diana]
"Don't worry, well, we should get moving now. The old follower as well, don't just stand there!' [Ash]
""..."" [Young healers]
""..."" [Follower B, D]
"Just move now!" [Ash]


Ohh, almost forgot, better give her some yogurt. Why? To replenish the good bacteria inside the gut


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