"That much!" [Ray]

Yup, that much, sincerely speaking, I love to drill a hole right into the skull of those merchants and peek inside their rotten greedy brain, just to see for myself how greedy their thoughts were. To think that they're people that will increase the price of medicines during an endemic just to make profits. Then again, there's similar cases happening back on earth, so I guess human greed do know no bound.

"Come again" [Merchant]

Yup, if only I can drill their skull right now

"Is this really alright?" [Mile]
"Like I said, just leave about worrying these kinds of things to us adults" [Ash]

Have to keep smiling, keep smiling or else those four will feel they're only a burden

(This must be how parents feels like, having to hide their pain In front of their children) [Ash]

One step to adulthood I guess, and a bitter one at that, still...

"With this, mom and dad will be cured!" [Blanc]
"They sure will!" [Kara]

It's worth it, rather than seeing them suffering.

As for dinner, there's stand that sell food similar to that of Nasi Lemak, staple food for those who originate from Southeast Asia. Similar that is, but the taste is a bit off. I guess it's ok? I have only tries it few times back on earth, so I'm not one to judge.

"I have always wanted to try food here" [Mile]
"Guess it's your lucky day" [Ash]

Well, that Nasi Lemak are for us (I buy extra as well, just in case if we happen to meet with Syah and Mimi), as for Borg and Lin's dinner, I buy them a chicken soup alongside with plain water which I planned to add with sugar and salt afterward to improve their hydration status

Time to ride the bus golem once again, but it's getting late, should I send Rean and others back home first or should I have them visit Borg and Lin's house. On one hand, they're tired after the training session and on the other hand, it's just doesn't feel right, in fact, it felt rude to do that. Still, they can be expose to the disease...

"Rean, Elise, come here for a second" [Ash]
""Yes"" [Rean, Elise]

Should whispers to Rean for now

(I'll bring all of you to their house but make sure you guys don't enter the house, just stay inside the bus) [Ash]
(But, why?) [Rean]
(Few reasons, first, I don't want any of you to get the disease. Second, Borg and Lin are a nice person, should they see all of you visiting them, they will force themselves to welcome you properly, I don't want that to happen since sick people should get more rest and lastly, they might not be in condition that allow us to visit them) [Ash]
(Understood, and you want us to take care of the other, right?) [Elise]
(That's my little sister! Quick to catch) [Ash]
(We'll do our best!) [Rean]
(I'm counting on you) [Ash]
"Have you guys finish whispering to each other?" [Farhah]
"Yup" [Ash]
"Sorry..." [Kat]
"No. No. No. No, we don't talk anything bad about you guys, trust us!" [Ash]
"Yes, please forgive us if we hurt your feelings unintentionally!" [Rean]
"Hey Kat! That's not nice!" [Ray]
"Sorry!" [Kat]
"Yeah, same here..." [Ash]

Goddammit, me and my common sense, I really wish I can rewind back time and do it again! I mean, Ash! There's four kid here whose parents are sick and you can't even... sigh... and here I was thinking I'm slowly ascending to adulthood few minutes back, I'm such an idiot

"How about we start moving? It's going to be dark soon" [Elise]
"Agree" [Mile]
"Yeah, give me a second, I'll bring out the bus golem" [Ash]

And there you go, perfect! I'm slowly getting better at driving this bus golem. Along the way, I can see both Syah and Mimi, heading toward the same direction, so naturally I give them a lift

"You guys! What are you doing here!" [Syah]
"And where have you guys been? All of us are dead worry!" [Mimi]
"Well..." [Ray]
"They're with me all this time, they asked me to accompany them to pick some Pitchy flower inside the dungeon, to which I agree" [Ash]
""Really?"" [Syah, Mimi]
"Yup" [Ash]
"Sigh... If that's what 'really' happening, then I guess it's fine, but tell us first the next time!" [Mimi]
"Yes, we will" [Mile]
"And thank you for 'accompanying' them Ash" [Syah]
"You are welcome..." [Ash]

I guess we can't completely fool them, should I come clean... no, better not.

And we have arrived.

"You guys stay here inside of this golem!" [Mimi]
"Don't want you guys to get infected" [Syah]
"Yes!" [Kids]
"I see, that must be what you had told Rean and Elise just now" [Ray]
"Yup, sorry for making it looks suspicious" [Ash]
"Guess even someone as strong as you have their own shortcomings" [Mile]
"Naturally, we are human after all" [Ash]
"Agree" [Syah]

Glad they can understand my true intention. They're grown up after all, so I should treat them as one. Maybe I should have been honest with them from the very beginning, I guess that's another lesson that I learn today

As soon as I enter the house... it smells, just like how the washroom smell like after someone with diarrhea use it. I sincerely wanted to vomit. Just endure it, endure it for now.

(Fishy diarrhea smell, differential diagnosis, Cholera) [Maria]
(Cholera huh, wait! Mom's voice, again. Just where is it coming from? Don't tell me, it's from the scythe!) [Ash]

The smell aside, the house is in such a horrible state, that just show how weak they are, unable to properly clean the house.

(Improper drainage system, share toilet, easier for cholera to transmit) [Vincent]
(Poor sanitisation, fever, secondary infection to be ruled out) [Maria]
(Just now, that's dad voice. Plus, share toilet?) [Ash]
"Ray, you guys have toilet here?" [Ash]
"Inside the house? No, we don't have one" [Ray]
"There's a public toilet outside if you want to use it" [Syah]

Oh, there they are, lying down, they're obviously weak and yet

"Welcome..." [Borg]
"Sorry, we can't properly welcome you Ash" [Lin]
"That's alright, you guys are sick after all" [Ash]

Just like I guessed, they will try to properly greet us.

"Ray, where have you guys been?" [Borg]
"They're with Ash "the whole day" inside the dungeon, looking for Pitchy flower" [Mimi]
"Is that so?" [Lin]
"It is!" [Kat]
"I see, thank you" [Lin]

Ray and Mile eyes, they're in conflict, between being honest vs lying to their own parents. Plus, I'm sure what I had told them before just sinks in. What would happen if we didn't meet brother Ash, what will mom and dad's feels like when receiving such bad news. All of that must be running in their mind right now

"Here, Ash brought you some food, so we should all eat together" [Syah]
"Let us do just that, you must be hungry" [Mimi]
"STOP!" [Ash]


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