"Ray, just what are you doing here?" [Ash]

Ray, the eldest son's of Borg and Lin, He's around Rean's age, and he follows his father blonde hair with blue eyes

"That..." [Ray]
"Answer me" [Ash]
"Please don't scold him, we are all to be blamed as well" [Mile]

Mile, the second child, she's 11 years old, the same age as the twin. Mile also follows her father in term of hair and eyes colour, basically blonde version of Lin who have southern Asian looks

"That still didn't answer my question" [Ash]

As for the other two, Kat, the third child follow her mother appearance, but she is smaller than Farhah despite both beings 9 years old. Lastly Blanc, having the same hair and eyes like his mother, 5 years old, same height with Charlotte.

"Sigh..." [Ash]

They still didn't answer my question, maybe I am being too harsh here but that's because I am worried

"Look, I promise I won't scold you. So please just tell me, I can't just ignored the four of you, not when your parents are one of my friends" [Ash]
"Promise?" [Blanc]
"Promise" [Ash]

As they're looking at each other, I can see their pouch are full of Pitchy flower, and based on the knowledge blessed to me, it's used to treat diarrhoea...

"Something happen to your parent?" [Ash]
"Mother and father, both of them contracted the endemic disease, and they're both in dire state" [Ray]
"Ehh? Your mother was alright yesterday" [Ash]
"She had been taking care of father who contracted the disease earlier, plus..." [Mile]
"The endemic this year are lethal as compared to previous year, and with how the church racking up the price of medicine and healing services..." [Liyana]
"I see, so that's what happens" [Ash]

Basically, they're desperate for cure. Their parent were on dire state, and they couldn't afford any sort of treatment, so the only thing left is to make the medication itself and hope for the best. That's admirable, still...

"Sigh... tell me, did your parents know you are here" [Ash]

They shake their head

"Did you at least tell Syah or Mimi?" [Ash]

As expected, same response

"Sigh... don't worry, I promise I won't tell them about what you did" [Ash]
"Really!" [Kat]
"Yes, I'll say I accompanied all of you today to enter the dungeon, but do me a favour next time will you?" [Ash]
"?" [Ray]
"Next time, don't do something so reckless, Ray, Mile, you did realize what you are doing are dangerous. If I wasn't there, all four of you will be death, guarantee." [Ash]
""Yes..."" [Ray, Mile]
"And next time you want to enter the dungeon, tell me, I'll make time to accompany all of you" [Ash]
"Really!" [Ray]
"I will" [Ash]

They look happy, I did promise that I wouldn't scold them, but that doesn't mean I should praise their actions just now. They're literally being treated as hunting material by the orc, and the orc treated it like some kind of sport.

Well, I should postpone our training session for now, don't want to make Borg and Lin, and by extension Syah and Mimi worries about them.

I bring out the bus golem back and let all of them enter. Rean and Zerolith seem to be having a chat with Ray, while the girls are chatting with Liyana, Mile, and Kat. As for the younger group, they're playing with Blanc and Behe. Oh, better bring out some food for them, they must be hungry and thank god there are enough foods for everyone,

"..." [Ray]
"What's wrong?" [Rean]
"Can I, bring some of it back home?" [Ray]
"I see..." [Zerolith]

Judging by the conversation, I can guess what happen. They have no food left in the house, no good, I'm sure Syah and Mimi help them though, maybe they themselves are having problems and yet still lend a helping hand. Yup, that's most likely the case, I should do the same

"Don't worry just eat them, I'll treat all of you for dinnering tonight, and the Pitchy flower as well, I'll buy extra for you guys later" [Ash]
"But the cost!" [Mile]
"Did I ask about the cost? Don't worry, it's the adults job to worried about this kind of thing" [Ash]
~giggle~ [Rean, Elise]
"You'll get used to it" [Kara]
"?" [Ray, Liyana, Mile]

Even Liyana seems confused by Rean and Elise's reaction just now. Well, that nostalgic line sure bring back memories.

(Hmph, I guess that traveler isn't as conceited as I thought) [Guards]
(Mehh, he's just faking it) [Guards]

I can hear you, but let not spoil the mood. Plus, they're enjoying Claude's homemade cooking, and those grandpa baked bread should be enjoyed in harmonious environment. As for Behe, I just sliced some meat from the orc, grilled it with my fire magic and feed him that along with water treated with my light magic.

(Better take some photos) [Ash]
"Brother Ash, how rude!" [Elise]
"Don't take our photos when we are eating!" [Kara]
"Don't worry, you guys look great, except for Elise and Kara of course" [Ash]
"Let me see!" [Mara]
""Don't!!"" [Elise, Kara]
"Photos?" [Others]
"Well..." [Rean]

Since Liyana, Ray, Mile, Kat and Blanc doesn't know what photo is, Rean explain it to them. I just listen quietly as Rean explain about light principle, I still haven't explained to them fully as since I want to teach them basic alphabet and numbers first, so it came to no surprise that none of them fully understood, especially when Rean himself explain it poorly, until Kara explain it to them

"I see!" [Liyana]
"That's easier to understand" [Ray]
"It does" [Mile]
"You sure are bad at explaining thing" [Kat]
"I'm sorry" [Rean]
""Sis Kara is a good teacher!"" [Charlotte, Blanc]
"Thank you" [Kara]

She sure is, if they were in same classroom, Rean would be your average student at academic while Kara will be the smart one, maybe even the topper

After exiting the dungeon

"Can I, come again and practice with you next time?" [Liyana]
"Of course, isn't that right Brother Ash" [Elise]
"It might be hard if you wait for us here, instead how about you come to our home the next time" [Ash]
"Sure, please teach me more about Ice magic Teacher Ash!" [Liyana]
"Just Ash is fine, but teacher sure have a nice ring to it" [Ash]

Well, if she insist on calling me teacher, I won't mind it

And there she goes, taking her carriage back to her home (after I tell her where our home is of course).

Next stop, Borg and Lin's house, but before that, have to buy some Pitchy flower as well as dinner for all of them.


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