[Inside the open field dungeon, third floor]

A group of four children can be seen, two boys and girls, trying to collect herbs, quite a distance from the safe road

"Big Brother, is this really alright?" [?]
"Yeah, we have to do this, it will help to lessen mom and dad's burden" [?]
"But, Uncle Syah and Aunt Mimi said not to enter the dungeon" [?]
"Still, we can't just keep on burdening both of them as well can we!" [?]
"..." [?]
"Sorry, my bad" [?]
"It's alright, I know you're thinking about what best for all of us" [?]
"We have to hurry, mom and dad will be worried about us if we come home late, plus its dangerous for us to stay here long" [?]
"Remember, keep this as our secret, don't tell anyone about it!" [?]
"!" [?]
"What's wrong?" [?]
"I can hear something coming!" [?]

(Is it just my imagination, no probably not but somehow, one of the watcher just show figure of four children inside the open field dungeon before quickly disappearing...) [Ash]
"Brother Ash, let's go!" [Singa]
"Hurry!" [Savel]
"Uhm, ok" [Ash]

Woah, slow down there both of you, don't drag me like a ragged bag, the dungeon won't go anywhere, and we have plenty of time to explore it today as well.

"Rean, can you observe the boys, Elise, you observe the girls" [Ash]
""Yes!"" [Rean, Elise]

Taking care of all ten of them simultaneously are near impossible task for someone like me, I am after all the only child back on earth, so better safe than sorry in this case. Let just slowly learn to become a good elder sibling like Rean and Elise there, look, they already get them under control. As for Behe, he uses weight and size manipulation magic, or maybe that is skill for light behemoth, I'm not sure but the point is right now Behe become smaller and lighter and happily take a nap by using my head as his resting station. Not that I mind, plus it felt like I am wearing a hat which is nice

As we're about to enter the dungeon, a familiar figure strike my eyes, she uses the seat inside the park just before entering the dungeon, fidgeting around

(Isn't that the noble kid that I saw the other day? So she is all alone today as well, I see, she might find it difficult to approach others...) [Ash]

Poor kid, I don't know what or why she act like that, but I do know from her body language she is trying to approach someone to make friends with them, oh looms like Elise also notice her.

(Hmm... she and Elise looks the same age, plus Elise also doesn't have any friends yet) [Ash]

The neighborhood kids are to shy to approach the mansion, while this siblings of mine felt the same, they're orphan and homeless before this, so parents must have warned their kids not to approach them, as such I believe they couldn't interact much with other kids of their age due to that reason...

"Brother Ash!" [Elise]

As I approached the noble kid, Elise follows suit (and the other follow the both of us as well), she is shy but at the same time interested in making new friends, so let help her. Ohh look, the noble kid eyes become widen, and she looks happy, but her guards on the other hand...

"Stop approaching Lady Liyana you.. You're the behemoth slayer!" [Guard]
"Get called that a lot recently, and her name is Liyana huh, nice to meet you, I'm Ash and this girl here is my little sister, Elise" [Ash]
"Nic.., Nice to meet you, I'm Liyana from the Baron house" [Liyana]
"I'm Elise, Nic.., nice to meet you Lady Liyana" [Elise]
"Lady Liyana, there's no need for you to befriend them, come, let us go" [Guards]
"Why are you the one making the decision, let her decide by herself" [Ash]
"Tch, don't be conceited you traveler" [Guards]
"Whatever, Liyana, would you like to befriend Elise?" [Ash]
""!!"" [Elise, Liyana]
(Maybe I'm too direct here, we just met each other plus shouldn't Liyana or Elise started the conversation first. Oh well, to late) [Ash]
"But, but..." [Liyana]
"Something wrong?" [Ash]
"Of course! A commoner like you couldn't possibly befriend a noble, plus that filthy girl there is a non-human, shouldn't that be a reason enough!" [Guard]
"..." [Elise]
"You have a lot of nerve saying that right In front of my face, but I'll let it slide this time for the sake of both of them" [Ash]

I'm furious, but I don't want to ruin their chance of becoming friend just because of some stupid comment, plus both party look interested

"Can we? I might be from the fox tribe but, can we become friend...?" [Elise]
"Are you fine, with me becoming your friend?" [Liyana]
"Why, why do say so?" [Elise]
"I, I mean, the other noble didn't even bother to approach me, saying I'm a..." [Liyana]
"?" [Elise]

Looks like thing are going down the hill, both sides are hesitating, Elise because of her status and Liyana because of some unknown reason, but I can see that they're genuinely interested to become friends. Hmm... what should I do

"I know, we are going to train our magic today inside the dungeon, why don't you come with us" [Ash]
"Huh? No, no, it's dangerous for me to do so" [Liyana]
"Huh, why not, you have a large mana pool, and your affinity toward Ice magic is high" [Ash]
"Huh? How, how do you know that?" [Liyana]
"Let just said that's my expertise" [Ash]

I can actually felt her mana clearly, even without scanning her abilities, she has good affinity toward ice magic, and since Ice and water magic are closely related, it comes to no surprise her water magic affinity are high as well, but not as high as Charlotte

"..." [Liyana]
"Still hesitate, then how about this!" [Ash]

I use my ice magic to make a sculpture of her size. Yup, I created a sculpture using Liyana herself as a model, it only took me a moment to do it, so the end product isn't that polished, but

"How, how did you do that! Plus, you can use non chanting magic as well!" [Liyana]
"Hoho, interested aren't you" [Ash]
"If only I can do that as well..." [Liyana]

She seems down, so her reason not to befriend Elise just now is because of this? No, maybe this is just one of the many reasons why she doesn't want to, plus, I have a feeling there are bigger reason than that.

"Brother Ash will train us today, so if you don't mind, you can join us as well!" [Elise]
"Yes, we will be happy to have you" [Rean]

The other also agree, good, but there are some people that disagree

"Lady Liyana, you shouldn't bother befriending them, so let us go home now" [Guard]
"..." [Liyana]
"Lady Liyana?" [Guards]
"Can I really join you?" [Liyana]
"Sure you can, I will be more than happy to teach my little sister's friend magic" [Ash]
"Really!?" [Liyana]
"Absolutely!" [Ash]

Success! Look at the shine at her eyes, brimming with happiness

"But Lady Liyana, its dangerous!" [Guard]
"Its fine, I'll protect her since the best her guards can do is just shouting around" [Ash]
"What did you say!" [Guard]
"Well, unless you are incompetent, there's no way you can't protect a single girl right? Or am I wrong here?" [Ash]

Payback to what they said just now, they are furious right now but I'm pretty sure they can't just dragged Liyana back, and if they suddenly lashed out, they're not that strong, so I can take them down in non-lethal way that wouldn't hurt Liyana feeling, like tripping their leg when they're charging at me for instance

"Please treat me well, umm... Mr Ash?" [Liyana]
"Just Ash is fine" [Ash]
"Let us get going then, Lady Liyana" [Elise]
"Umm..." [Liyana]
"?" [Elise]
"Just Liyana is fine" [Liyana]
"Really!?" [Elise]

She nodded.

"You guys, make sure to introduce yourself as well" [Ash]
"Yes" [Kids]

Friends? Check


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