For today, let us take those kids to dungeon once again. Only fighting generated zombies in safe environment is a good practice but too much of it will only dull their learning process, making their critical thinking goes down the drain as time passed, so variation are often needed. Plus, it's not good for kid of their age to just sit inside the house doing nothing

"Alright then, let us go to the open field dungeon, the rock and sea dungeon as well as the icy dungeon are still too much for you guys to handle" [Ash]
"Yes!" [Kids]
"Be careful out there" [Claude]
"Can Behe come?" [Singa]
"Sure" [Ash]

And we're off, taking the leftover kebab from yesterday and storing it inside my item box, as well as some fresh lunch being made by Claude.

"Brother Ash, you're not going to the merchant guild today?" [Rean]
"No, they tell me not to" [Ash]

At first, I thought of going to the merchant guild once again to search for workers, but Gizzere's son already told me that they are currently busy and that they are still searching for suitable candidates. I don't mind any inexperienced worker since this paid training hall concept is still new but the problem lies when they show sign of discomfort, knowing that I live together with non-human and twin, plus Housey still can't differentiate between friends and foes and if they come to our mansion with such negative feelings towards those kids, then I'm afraid Housey will start attacking name in order to protect my siblings. Well, can't blame them much since they're all still adhering to the old teaching, instead of the new one being spread by the Saint and Saintess

"Brother Ash, can we not take the carriage?" [Kara]
"Sure..." [Ash]

Sigh, I should have known it, one of the reason whys they are all still quite reluctant to go out is because of the nasty eyes they get when taking the carriage, only when I am there or some other nice adventure are with them will they feel safe. Those people who give them a nasty looks are still in minority (maybe around 20% roughly speaking), still quite a number. But, what other options do we have, I don't want them to walk as they usually do

"If only I knew golem magic, then I can transport us all" [Mara]
"How?" [Elise]
"I mean like the autonomous carriage the rich always use, wouldn't it be nice?" [Mara]
"Mara..." [Ash]
"Huh?" [Mara]
"Nice idea!" [Ash]
"Ehh?" [Mara]

Well, since I can use fortress defense magic, then golem magic should be easy since golem magic in a sense is one grade below fortress defense magic. Fortress defense magic is more toward defense whereas golem magic is more towards transportation and offense. The name golem magic came from, well... golem, and golem are known for defending treasure (through attacking those who dare robb the treasure) or transportation, especially weaponry during wartime

Now, what image should I use
No need to think much, since there's 11 of us, car shape golem won't do so

(Imagine a school bus, school bus) [Ash]

As I put my hand into the ground, a rectangular shape bus started to appear In front of us. It's a crude product since the hardening of earth do leave some crumbles like line, but its sturdy so that's what important. There are magic that can transform earth into steel but it's a high level magic that are still far within my reach. Maybe a legendary smith can do that but not me, yet. As for the seat, I use wood magic and place number of seat inside the school bus golem, and made one nice chair for the driver seat.

"Hop on" [Ash]
"Yeah carrsy!" [Charlotte]
" No, its name is bus golem" [Ash]
"Bussy?" [Charlotte]
"Bus golem" [Ash]
"Goley?" [Charlotte]
"Bus golem, final" [Ash]
"Hmph" [Charlotte]
"Hah! Serve you right Charlotte" [Ash]
"Hmpphhhhh!!!" [Charlotte]
"Brother!" [Elise]

Elise now try to cheer the now sulking Charlotte since she can't give the bus golem a name, but I'm not going to make it easy, so I continue to tease Charlotte.

"I will not talk to brother Ash!" [Charlotte]
"Oh really, too bad, guess this banana cake is all mine" [Ash]
"!" [Charlotte]
"So delicious" [Ash]
"I want one!" [Charlotte]
"Ehh, I thought you don't want to talk to me?" [Ash]
"!" [Charlotte]
"Brother Ash!" [Elise]
"Fine, fine" [Ash]

As an apology, I give Charlotte the privilege to seat beside me (I make another seat beside me) and her mood quickly elevated, but now the other are jealous of her, so I promise them that they will get their turn later on.

"How do you run this golem?" [Karon]
"Good question, first the autonomous carriage that Mara spoke of have a special magic stone imbued with control magic and golem magic at minimum to be functional, but I have no good magic stone at my disposal right now, instead, I'll keep on supplying my own mana so that the bus golem can move" [Ash]
"Sound hard" [Karon]
"It is, plus it's not efficient for human to do that, but for now, let just do it that way, once I get some good Magic stone or core, I'll make a proper bus golem" [Ash]

Well, time to start the engine (by supplying my mana) and

"It hurts!" [Farhah]
"It is" [Savel]
"My bad"

Yeah, better buy some cushion for them, with how bad the road conditions are, it came to no suprise this will happen. Plus, the tyre are also made up of earth, should use my wood magic to make a rubbery like substance to cover it for now

"There, now we are set for another ride" [Ash]
""..."" [Farhah, Savel]
"It won't hurt to have a little trust you know" [Ash]
"".."" [Rean, Elise]
"Just get in!" [Ash]

And there goes the second problem, the traffic, since this bus golem are something new, kid from the neighborhood surround my bus golem, so with my illusion magic

"Roar! I will eat you all!" [Bus golem]
"Kyahhh!!!" [Kids]

And there they go, running for their safety, poor kids

"Hahahaha!" [Ash]
"That's so immature of you Brother Ash" [Elise]
"Maybe, but its funny" [Ash]

I should bring them to a ride one day, but to do that, Rean and the other need to befriend them first, and I'll do everything that I can to make it happen

The road is still large enough for my bus golem to pass through, other carriage and the passerby look in awe at what kind of transportation did I make. Farhah, Singa, Savel and Charlotte start to wave their hand outside.

""Its hot"" [Kara, Mara]
"Hold on" [Ash]

And there's our third problem, but the solution is quite easy, just use ice and wind magic to circulate chill air inside the bus golem, basically air conditioning, and the look on their face, well photo magic it is then

""Brother Ash"" [Kara, Mara]
"Hahaha, such funny faces" [Ash]
""Discard it"" [Kara, Mara]
"No" [Ash]
"Sigh... why are you acting so immature today" [Elise]
"What was that, you want one funny pictures of you as well Elise?" [Ash]
"No!" [Elise]

After some attempt, Mara manages to snatch the photo and shred it to pieces with her wind magic, but unknown to her, I actually took two photos just now and one of it is already inside my item box, which I'll put inside an album later on

"And there's the shop, so.. Zerolith, don't run inside the bus!" [Ash]
"Too late!" [Zerolith]
"Meow!" [Behe]

and there goes the two of them, rushing to buy the comfiest cushion that they can get on. Still, his action just now are dangerous, not only to himself but others as well

"Zerolith, do that again and I'll not let you inside the bus ever again, you got that!" [Ash]
"Ehh, come on..." [Zerolith]
"No, that's final! I won't tolerate that action, and that's goes for each and every one of you, Behe include" [Ash]
"Meow..." [Behe]
"Understand!" [Ash]
"Yes..." [Zerolith]

For now, let just buy them some cushion, and let's not forget the neighborhood kids, should buy extra one so that the neighborhood kids will feel comfortable. For now, let just buy three cushion for each sit. The money from King Behemoth subjugation are still plenty, so I don't think it will cause any dent into my wallet. Once outside, come the next problem, parking space. Yup, the golem bus cause traffic to be halt, and this is entirely my fault, the public carriage here only stop in their designated place, and even if they stop somewhere else, the time they do so isn't as long as I did just now, so I just went and apologize to the carriage driver behind me.

And finally, we arrive in the city center, where the adventure and the merchant who sees the golem bus have a surprise face, well, they are seeing bus for the first time so it's understandable, but once they can clearly see who's the driver

"So it was him"
"no wonder"
"Well, he is out of the norm"
"How rude, I can hear that!" [Ash]
"Well, try not to break our common sense so often then"
"Agree" [Rean]
"Rean!" [Ash]

And now, for the final problem of our first test drive, where should I park my bus, I mean I kinda reluctant to just leave the bus behind, plus it's larger than the usual carriage so people might complaint.

"Well, only one thing to do" [Ash]

I just park the golem bus inside my item box, making a large entrance, I just drive straight inside, and once I come out

"There he goes again, breaking our common sense"
"And we literally told him not to do so just a minute ago"
"You guys, would you like to taste my shoes?" [Ash]
"Hahaha, spare us"
"Well, to tell you the truth, I kinda want to ride that thing as well"
"Same here"
"Maybe one day" [Ash]

And that's for our first test drive, there are couples of issues but I can give a passing mark this time. If only father is here, he can point out to me room of improvement to be made all at once, he is an engineer at NASA after all. Still

(This must be how a car enthusiasts feel like) [Ash]

I can't wait to improve this golem bus of mine, but for now, I should train them inside the dungeon


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