With the commotion happening right now, you will think that the castle will at least send someone to back us up, at least to escort Diana back. But no, there isn't even a single soul there from the castle to help her sort out this messed. No, King Estel must have sent somebody, but the other might have done something to prevent any help from reaching Diana. Sigh... it's obvious, with the gossip that I heard from the adventure the other day and how kind Diana is to the commoner like us, she must have little to almost no power in the castle, and yet here she is, still thriving. I must say, I'm impressed, which lead me to another question

"Diana, suppose I do take your offer and works under you, will your condition in the castle change?" [Ash]
"Suppose huh... maybe, who knew" [Diana]
"Sigh... and here I am hoping for an answer" [Ash]

Well, I am still a traveller, so she does made the right choice to remain silence. Well, time to take the carriage, and as for the other that we have caught, I use my earth magic to make a mobile prison carriage, resembling that of a cage you find in a circus that store and transport any wild animal they have. I purposely made it like that, why? Because I felt like it, in worse case scenario, should the Duke's son escape from any sort of punishment, at least he will be humiliated by this experience, a petty move but not that I care. The Duke's son and the judge refuse to be carried in such manner, that is to be expected, so...

"Look, I don't have the time nor the patient to entertain your request, so either you get your ass there by yourself or I will break every joint in your body before throwing you inside it" [Ash]
"You can't do that, that is a sin!" [Duke's son]
"My, so stabbing a woman isn't a sin then?" [Diana]

Diana took the word straight out of my mouth, and convey it in much more menacing manner. Well, at least it gets the job done. Before the horse pulled the carriage, I reinforced and give the horse some of my mana, so that it wouldn't get hurt, since it have to suddenly pull the weight of my earth carriage and those inside it, poor horse. Lastly, with my illusion magic, I create a magic, functioning similar to that of a loudspeaker, placing one of it above the earth carriage and another one with me, and as we start moving

"Greeting everyone, as you can see, this is all the face responsible for hurting a single lady. Can you imagine? An army fulls of knights and soldiers being used by an irresponsible noble just to hurt a single lady" [Ash]

And done, now I just have to use my control mana and put it on auto play. Done

Oh look, the bystander, they are all laughing and looking disgustingly at the idiot Duke's son, good!

"Ash!" [Diana]
"What?" [Ash]
"Ohh, don't 'what' me, you do know what you are doing are wrong!" [Diana]
"Maybe, but I just felt like it" [Ash]
"Unbelievable" [Diana]
"Well, I'm not that great of a person all of you think I am, so sorry for letting you down" [Ash]

She looks disappointed

"Sorry, you might be thinking of settling this down peacefully, and sincerely speaking, so do I, but I'm sure even you know what he have been doing is clear abuse of power, from threatening to mishandling the soldier" [Ash]
"I do, but I'm worried about you, the rules of the country favour the noble and royal more than that of a commoner, so please, just mentioned that this is all my idea" [Diana]
"Negative, I can't do that" [Ash]
"Ash!" [Diana]
"Diana, you are too nice, and while I don't know much about the political situation inside the castle, I do know they're all looking down at you, its plain obvious. Even the Rude Captain wasn't listening to your command the other day, and he is just a knight!" [Ash]
"..." [Diana]
"Well, I'm no genius, so I don't know much about how to handle all this political stuff, so I'll leave that matter to you, but just know one thing, as long as you keep on working hard for the benefit of others, I will gladly support you" [Ash]
"Haha, you sure know your way with words" [Diana]
"Say the princess" [Ash]

And shortly afterwards, we arrive at the castle gate, ughh... now I am reminded by those eyes.

As Diana and I get off from the carriage, the Rude Captain (sigh... why does it have to be him) come

"You there! Just released those inside the carriage, don't you know what you are doing are wrong?" [Rude Captain]
"Well, Diana?" [Ash]
"No, they will all meet my father in this state" [Diana]
"But, Princess..." [Rude Captain]
"Ohh..." [Ash]

Truthfully, I thought she will ask me to release them, but she herself insist on not letting them go. Well, I don't know what she's thinking so let just play along with her plan

Since the castle door are large, the earth carriage that I made passed through it without any problems. Once we are inside, the noble and royal eyes (except King Estel and Diana), they can't believe what they have seen

"Oii you commoner, release my son right now!" [Duke]
"How there you lay your hand to a noble" [Duke's wife]
"..." [Ash]
"What are you, deaf? Or maybe you are scared right now?" [Duke]
"Ash, I now permit you to speak" [King Estel]
"Thank you your highness, I do believe mannerisms make a man, and as such I hope you will forgive those two for speaking and shouting before getting their permission to do so" [Ash]
"Very well, I'll consider it" [King Estel]
""!!"" [Duke, Duke's wife]

With that, let the trial begin!

"Your highness, I present to you, the son of Duke... something, he is here today after Princess Diana and I with the help of other brave adventure caught him trying to harm the daughter of an innkeeper to whom I'm indebted." [Ash]
"Not only that, he clearly abused his authority, using the castle and his brother asset as his please. Now, most of the soldiers are injured due to his reckless action. Not only that, he clearly defies any order given to him, Sir Ceanu as well as myself had prohibited him from making any move to the lady involved, and yet here he is, going against the order" [Diana]
"..." [Duke's son]
"Your highness, my son, as reckless as he is, he's still young and as such he has a bright future ahead, so please spare him. Instead, why don't you punished this traveller as well as those adventure, who dare to hurt our soldiers" [Duke]
"Please your highness, I'm regretting my reckless action, I promise you I will do better in the future" [Duke's son]

And there goes the noble inside the hall, trying to lick each other wound so that they can save the Duke's son. Sincerely speaking, I'm impressed by how low they are right now. Still, there are few new faces that I don't remember. Not only that, they're not uttering a single word to help the Duke's son. Should remember their faces for now.
As they become louder and louder,

"Silence!" [King Estel]
(That's king for you!) [Ash]
"I have decided, he should be punished for his actions" [King Estel]
"But your highness!" [Duke]
"Silence, I will not stand the degradation of our system, his actions bring nothing but shame to us noble, if I did not punished him now, the citizen will lose their trust to us and that's the last thing that I want. Plus, I don't want our country to be a laughingstock to others, have you had no shame to proclaim yourself as a noble, letting other noble do as his pleased, breaking the law of this country as he please. Unfitting, he is without a doubt unfitting to become a noble" [King Estel]
"..." [Others]
"His trial will be conducted at later date, and for now, they will be placed inside the prison" [King Estel]
"But your highn..." [Duke's wife]
"That's all. You are all dismissed, Diana and Ash, you are to meet me afterwards" [King Estel]
""!!"" [Diana, Ash]


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