"Princess Diana! Jacks! Ash!" [Alice]
"Tch, a nuisance have come" [Duke's son]
"Get away from her!" [Samurai Jacks]
"Guards, get them!" [Judge]
"Ye..." [Knights]

And there goes the remaining knights, getting a free trip to the ocean depth with my raging sea current magic. Let just hope they don't drown.

With the opening I have created, Jacks instantly rush towards Alice. That idiot noble try to stop him, only to get his sable slice by Jacks wind katana before getting thrown to the sea just beside him by Jacks.

"Jacks, Jacks!" [Alice]
"Thank goodness you are safe!" [Samurai Jacks]
"Jacks, Jacks!" [Alice]
"Alice..." [Samurai Jacks]

"Diana, is it just me or are those two really, really really close" [Ash]

Yeah, couldn't emphasize the really part enough

"They sure are" [Diana]

So it wasn't just my imagination then.

"I should let Jacks become her knight in shining armor just now" [Ash]
"Well, that will be a nice story to tell their children in the future" [Diana]

Oh, the idiot son try to get back up, and that old man looking like a judge try to help him, well-then, how about I give both of you free lift

"Whaat?!" [Duke's son]
"This water magic?" [Judge]

Getting inspired by Charlotte's water ball magic, I try to do the same, entrapping both of them in a giant sphere made out of sea water from the dungeon, only leaving the head free for them to breath while keeping the rest of the body submerged. As an extra protection so that they wouldn't do anything stupid, I freeze the water surrounding their bodies so that they wouldn't move. Seeing this, Diana takes a step and move towards both of them, and naturally I follow suit

"Now then, where should I start" [Diana]

Her royal aura radiates once more. The two of them try to think of an answer

"Well, how about we begin by asking the judge there, why do you agree to do such a thing" [Diana]
"That's..." [Judge]

So he couldn't think of any answer, should threaten him a bit

"Answer her quickly or else you will be sleeping inside a Megalodon stomach!" [Ash]

And there he goes, getting dragged down quickly towards the ocean depth by my magic before quickly emerge back after a short 200-meter dive. He is now gasping for air, looking at his pathetic state, Diana then proceeds to ask the idiot son some questions

"Now, if I recall, your brother Ceanu Reaves had told you not to lay your hand towards Alice, and here you are, trying to stab her, do you have any good excuse for that?" [Diana]
(Wait, his brother name, mehh... I must be overthinking, I mean it's just a coincidence, yup, a coincidence for his brother name resembling a certain famous artist) [Ash]
"That's because she wouldn't accept my proposal, she should be grateful and yet!" [Duke's son]
"Such petty reason, and here I am, looking up to your older brother, but look at his younger brother now..." [Diana]
"Why does it always have to be him! Just why!" [Duke's son]
"Maybe because Sir Ceanu Reaves isn't someone like you, a sissy that only knows how to lay his hand towards children and women" [Samurai Jacks]
"Jacks, can I just said that is probably one of the sickest burn I have ever heard in my life" [Ash]

Yup, Jacks sure is angry there, well, who wouldn't when. His (girlfriend? Maybe...) are constantly getting harassed by this sissy idiot and just now, about to get stabbed... Still, there's something that I just don't understand

"Diana, I just don't understand, why can't a country rules being implement inside a dungeon, It just doesn't make any sense to me" [Ash]
"Sincerely speaking, even I don't understand the reasoning behind it. Sure, I can understand the dungeon, being part of a wormhole are being governed by the Goddess Achalasia own will and as such any sort of interference will lead to us contaminating her good will. Still, looking at the current situation, I can't help but to wonder is it really fine to let these kinds of things to keep on happening. And those higher up at the church, especially the old follower keep on insisting that we shouldn't implement any sort of rules!" [Diana]
(That sure is honest, well-even I don't understand that, and the strange part is, the knowledge given to me by Goddess Achalasia doesn't forbid any sort of interference inside a dungeon, so could it be that the old follower or more specifically the Achalasia Externa group try to keep it that way, so that they can carry out their plans without any interference?) [Ash]

As our conversation about the strange rule come to an end, three figures can be seen, coming from the 4th floor entrance walking toward us. An old male dwarf and male elf, both looking around their forties and a female scholar around her twenty, no nearly thirty. They seem to be traveling from another country, and if I'm not mistaken, this dungeon connect Estel to Malsia, could the three of them be from there?

"My my, what do we have here?" [Scholar lady]
"I'm sorry, did we interrupt something important?" [Mid life elf]
"And that lady over there, is she injured?" [Mid life dwarf]
"Crap! I forgot to heal Alice!" [Ash]
"I see, allow me to heal her then" [Mid life elf]
"Thank, thank you" [Alice]
"Please do so" [Samurai Jacks]

Just one question, are the three of you really going to ignore the two giant sea sphere that entrapping two live persons? Well, the dwarf and the elf seems pretty strong, not as strong as Jacks but I wouldn't want to mess around with them. While the elf used some medication to treat Alice, Diana explain to the scholar lady about what happened, and after getting her treatment, we decided to just went back outside the dungeon together with the three of them. As for the soldiers and Knights...

"You have three choice, one, surrender yourself peacefully, two, if you still try to resist, Ash here will beat you up and entrapped you just like the two of them, or lastly, you can try to run away but I warned you, I will ask Ash to pursuit those who try to run!" [Diana]

Diana, please don't use my name to threaten them. And surprisingly it works wonder. What am I, a gangster?

With that, we went back to the dungeon entrance. The three of them seems to be filling up something, kinda like how we have to fill up the form when traveling to other foreign country. As for Alice, her parent are waiting for her together with Ram and Gizzere. Oh crap! I forgot about my meeting with Gizzere

"Don't worry, I am not angry, in fact, I will be angrier should you decide to ignore her" [Gizzere]
"Well, I will meet you later, for now I will escort Diana back to her castle" [Ash]
"Please do so" [Gizzere]

As we are about to leave, Alice and her parents come to thank us

"Thank you so much all of you for saving our daughter!" [Innkeeper's wife]
"Don't worry, in fact, you should thank Diana and Jack more" [Ash]
"Thank you Princess, we are really grateful for what you have done" [Innkeeper]
"It's fine, plus I do remember Alice befriending Linda which happen to be one of my close friends, so it's just one friend helping each other" [Diana]
"Still, thank you so much Princess Diana and Ash, who knew what will happen if he is..." [Alice]
"Don't worry, it's fine, why don't you go and hug your boyfriend Jacks there" [Ash]
"He isn't!" [Alice]
"Say what!!!" [Innkeeper]
""Ehh...?"" [Ash, Diana]

Wait a minute, wait what? I mean, even Diana said that the two of them are close, so why did Alice have to deny it? And the innkeeper, he looks like he wouldn't let me go anywhere without any sort of explanation, and Jacks... Jacks! Don't be disheartened! I will ship your relationship with Alice so hang in there. And Alice's mom, please help us, don't just stand there giggling

"Umm, we should take our leave" [Diana]
"Yeah, if you excuse us" [Ash]
Nice save Diana...


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