According to the bystander, Alice went to the dungeon at the city center, being dragged against her will, she took the carriage together with that guy, crying while hoping for someone to save her.

(I don't know how much time have passed since she was taken away, so should move ASAP) [Ash]

Without bothering about the amount of mana spend, I use my acceleration magic to the max, and as to avoid any unwanted accident to both the bystander and myself, I hop up the roof and begin jumping from rooftop to rooftop.

While flying magic do exist in this world, my proficiency toward space or wind magic aren't that good, so I'm afraid of wasting more time if I activate the flying magic.

(Should train my wind or space magic later on. If things like this happen again, I can just rush and save more time) [Ash]

While closings in to the city center, I stumbled upon two familiar figures, and they also seem to be rushing towards the city center, better approach them first

"Mimi, Lin. By any chance do you.." [Ash]
"Yes, we have informed Princess Diana, and she is currently rushing towards the dungeon with Jacks" [Mimi]
"Don't bother about us, just go straight to the dungeon!" [Lin]
"Understood, thanks" [Ash]

Diana and Jacks, they are both level-headed people, at least better than I am. And, if Diana can sort it out nicely and legally, then I would let her do just that, but I doubt that will happen.

(And here I am teaching them to use force as last resort) [Ash]

Well, no time to bother the small details. Let just hope they can understand the reasoning behind it

And here I am, at the city center. As expected, there's a commotion happening, some of the adventure and soldiers are injured

"Hoii kid, if you're interested in what happen, I'll tell you quick but just rush towards the princess and the samurai towards the rock and sea dungeon afterward"
"Let me guess, you adventure tries to stop that idiot noble, fight with the knight and.." [Ash]
"Yeah, now go!"

I look at the watcher for a moment, I can see Alice and the knight on one watcher as well as Diana and Jacks on another watcher. Just like what the adventure had told, they are at the middle entrance of the dungeon, the rock and sea dungeon.

(Let just catch up to both of them first) [Ash]
[Inside the rock and sea dungeon]

The rock and sea dungeon, a fairly straightforward dungeon. The dungeon comprise of a straight path in the centre made out of sea rocks surrounded by the sea. To get from one level to another, one just have to follow the straight path. It's only a short distance walking for a dungeon floor, around a kilometer to get from one end to the other end floor. As long as they are use the straight path, they should be safe from any sort of hazard made by the dungeon. While the dungeon shy in its length, it's width and depth however, shouldn't be underestimated. There are different numbers of path, branching from the centre to the periphery, and if one felt like using this path, then get ready to be attack by monster or stumble upon trap. And should they managed to overcome those things, they get rewarded with random chest or treasure at the end of the path, not to mention the loot dropped by the monster.

On the third floor of the rock and sea dungeon

"Goddammit Alice! Why, just why do you have to do such idiotic things!" [Duke's son]

Alice, currently lying on the ground, even after shielding her stomach area with earth magic, the punch from Duke's son still hurt her
As soon as the Duke's carriage arrived at the city center, Alice instantly jumped out and shout for help. The adventure, act by their instinct, rushed to rescue their favourite guild staff. They all knew the bad relationship between Duke's son and Alice, and seeing Alice how Alice shouted for help, all of them instantly figured out what had happened. This causes havoc in the city center as the adventure who tried to rescue Alice confronted with the soldier and knight performing their duty. The adventure manages to stall some time, in fact enough time for them to inform the castle about the incident happening. This prompted Diana to rushed towards the scene and with Jacks by her side, they pursuit Duke's son. The Duke's son, in response, when further into the dungeon, ordering his underling to stop Diana and Jacks from pursuing them. But, it's an easy win for Jacks who is dead serious about rescuing Alice vs the knight who were afraid of hurting the princess, even when they are inside the dungeon. Jacks special katana imbued with his own wind mana just need a swing or two to defeat the hesitate knight. Seeing his power, the knight become agitated and start fighting back, worthy of their title and managed to buy their lord, the time needed

"Still, those knight of yours did a wonderful job, now you just have to force her to sign this contract, and then we are done" [Judge]
"Very well, Alice, if you would?" [Duke's son]

The Duke's son, take out his pen, and give it to groaning Alice. Alice, in desperation, try her best to push him away, only to once again, getting beaten up. Her earth magic shield slowly fading away with each stomp from Duke's son. When her mana ran out, Duke's son stop his assault, just grab Alice's hand and try to force her to sign the contract

"No!" [Alice]
"Ohh... please struggle as much as you like, only make it sweeter for me once you become my wife" [Duke's son]
"Why you!" [Alice]

In anger, Alice grab the pen, stab the Duke's son left ear. This causes her to be slap by Duke's son, the Duke's son choke Alice due to his anger

"Oh dear, strug..."


Alice action causes her to be thrown. The raging Duke's son drew out his sable

"Now then, this should be a good lesson for a filthy commoner. Since you are going to be my wife, I let you choose, which leg do you love more, right or left?" [Duke's son]
"Go to hell!" [Alice]
"Both it is then" [Duke's son]

An earth wall suddenly emerge, protecting Alice from the incoming sable

"Ohh, I'm impressed, you still have some fight left in you" [Duke's son]
(That wasn't me...) [Alice]
""What do you think you are doing to Alice!!"" [Ash, Samurai Jacks]

[Few minutes ago, on the second floor of rock and sea dungeon]

"That's!" [Ash]

Jacks can be seen, struggling to get past a group of knight. He is supported by Diana, who is constantly healing and invigorating his stamina as well as shielding him from any incoming attack by her light magic.

"Diana, Jacks, get away from them!" [Ash]
""!!"" [Diana, Samurai Jacks]

Upon hearing this, both of them take a few steps backward. Perfect! Now, they won't get swept away by the sea current. Since this dungeon is surrounded by sea, I should just use water magic as much as possible, and there goes the soldier and Knight, getting swept away by the raging sea under my control

"That was quick" [Samurai Jacks]
"Just leave the incoming soldiers and Knights to me, I'll just swept them away" [Ash]
"Understood, now let us hurry and save the kidnapped maiden" [Diana]
""Yes"" [Ash, Samurai Jacks]

We started to run once more, but Diana are quite slow. Don't get me wrong, she is trying to keet up with a B rank adventure as well someone with the goddess blessings but at this rate, who knew what will happen.

"Diana, Jacks, I'll use my acceleration magic and apply it to both of you as well, so get ready" [Ash]

And with that, we transverse the dungeon with ease, and if those knight try to stop us, just swept them away with sea current magic.

Midway at the third floor, we can see Alice, lying on the ground, about to be stab by a sable

"Oh no you don't! Earth wall!" [Ash]
"Nicely done Ash" [Diana]

in anger, Both Jacks and I shout

""What do you think you are doing to Alice!!"" [Ash, Samurai Jacks]



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