Gizzere then makes me registered as part of the merchant in the merchant guild, for few reasons, first because of the fact that I'm charging those who visited the training hall, as well as taking small percentage of their loot sales, so that were considered enough to brand me as merchant. Second, to make my life (as well as the merchant guild life) easier when collecting the loot percentage, this way, each transaction can be handled and recorded properly. Lastly, merchant in this world use the merchant guild to store their money, basically treating the merchant guild similar to that of a bank, so if anything happens to me in the future, the orphanage will still have proper funding. As for the merchant name/company name, I'm to lazy to think so I just put it as Ash, even using the same logo.

As for the marketing part, I just hope Ram, Alice as well as the adventure that comes to test the training hall will spread the word, hoping the power of mouth-to-mouth marketing will work since my primary target is the adventure.

As for the maintenance cost, well there aren't that much maintenance to be made, since Housey can just repair everything to near perfection, so even if no one came, it wouldn't put too much of a burden on me, plus those kids can still use it for their training.

Next day

"So many people!" [Ash]
"Brother Ash, what should we do?" [Rean]
"Well..." [Ash]

Just why? While I am happy that the training hall receive much attention, it's sincerely congested in here, so I make Rean and Elise tend the counter while I makes sure that the adventure make a straight line (and since they all know about my strength, let just said none of them make any unnecessary ruckus). Claude then guides them about the facilities in the training hall and told them about the rules and regulations of the training hall.

"Break them and the behemoth slayer will break you!" [Claude]

And with that, the hectic morning went on until dust, where the line gradually getting shorter until it's 830pm, when both Ram and Gizzere visit us

"Ash, we need to talk" [Ram]
"I can guess what you want to say..." [Ash]

Claude prepare us some tea and cake, while those kids have their dinner first

"None of the adventures are taking any requests today!" [Ram]
"Yup, as expected, I mean I can see sea of adventure from morning till just now" [Ash]
"Well, they are profiting a lot just by grinding the loot from the zombies, and as such which idiot will take the risk to explore the dungeon when stack of gold are easily available here" [Gizzere]
"Yeah, plus they also have to wait for long queue, so most of their time are wasted here instead of taking on a request" [Ash]
"Well sweetie, you have any idea how to tackle this?" [Ram]
"I do, Ash can you just open the training hall usage starting in the evening, those adventure won't have nothing much to do during that time so it won't affect the guild productivity, plus you should also decrease the time they can use the training hall so that it won't be congested here afterward" [Gizzere]
"Yeah, I'm thinking of cutting short the time, maybe to 20 minutes for each session, that way they can then go on doing whatever adventure are usually doing" [Ash]
"Is that fine with you? Won't your profit plummet?" [Ram]
"It's alright, I guess the reason why they all rush to come here today is simply because they wanted to see what all the buzz are about, so I'm sure as time passed by, they will stop bombarding us at once, instead coming at their own leisure. Plus, I noticed that most of them tired themselves out even before 20 minutes mark, so that's why I decided to cut down the session to 20 minutes" [Ash]
"I see, good call" [Gizzere]
"Well, I will tell them about your new operating hour then, as well as the change in session" [Ram]
"Please do" [Ash]

And with that come the second day, since Ram already told them about the new operating hour, the morning rush that we experienced yesterday was no more, thank god! However, some of the adventure (or should I say most of them) didn't hear about it, so I have to tell them to come back around 100pm. During the opening time, the number of adventure that come to use the training hall are lesser than what I would imagine, probably because of most of the adventure is busy out there, completing their request, that's good then since it won't be as congested as yesterday. They also don't mind much about me cutting down the number of minute in each session (and here I am drenching in sweat thinking what should I do if they react negatively to it)

And when night come, both Ram and Gizzere comes visit us once again, this time around the reception of the training hall are much better, but some of the merchants begin to file their complaints, like the number of potion sell reduced, or there are way too many adventure selling them scrap sword (which incidentally are one of the commonest drop item by zombies). Well, Gizzere said not to mind them much, the reduced number of potion sell might be temporary and the scrap sword can actually be used in other way, so even if the merchant doesn't want to buy it, other will do so as they can just recycled the materials to make better one at much cheaper price

"Well, I do hope things will be more stabilize afterward" [Ash]
"Let just hope so" [Gizzere]

and it does, for the next three day, nothing significant happen, those adventure just come as usual, pay as usual, train as usual and leave as usual, but I just realized a problem for which I decided to consult Ram and Gizzere about it

"Employee? I thought you are running the training hall all by yourself right now" [Ram]
"Well, for one it's tiring, but the most important problem here is that both Claude and I don't have enough hand, and even if we both can handle the work, I myself haven't even go outside for almost a week" [Ash]
"Well, here I am thinking that you will realize it sooner, guess you're a greenhorn in this field" [Gizzere]
"Greenhorn are too much of a praise here, in fact wouldn't the first logical step is to hire a worker. Now I feel dumb" [Ash]
"Well, just keep on learning then" [Gizzere]
"Well, tomorrow is your day off, so how about come and visit the merchant guild, my wife can help you find some reliable worker" [Ram]
"Yeah, I will" [Ash]

I'm grateful that I had decided from the very beginning, weekend is our day off! Seeing the both of them off, I decided to go to sleep early for today


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