In a meeting room at a castle, King Estel and Princess Diana talk about Ash

"I see, such a powerful magician" [King Estel]
"Right! I still can't believe my eyes when he successfully used the fortress defense magic without even chanting!" [Diana]
"Still, it's unfortunate that we couldn't get him to work with us" [King Estel]
"I agree, still just having him in our country is beneficial, but we have to make sure that other noble doesn't pissed him off" [Diana]
"I'll do what I can, but their greediness knows no bound. Diana, just continue to be friends with him, you don't have to persuade him, just make sure he won't turned his back from us" [King Estel]
"Sure, he do regards me as a friend so the feeling is mutual, plus it doesn't looks like wanted to be friends with me just to take advantage of my position, which is nice!" [Diana]
"I see" [King Estel]

It have been three day since we move in to our new home, most of the room have been thoroughly cleaned, as expected of Claude, that's one dedicated butler. Eventhough he loves the mansion, he have to make it looks inhabitable to ward off potential buyer, until now. While I have my own room, the boys and the girls decided to stay together in one big room, for which both Claude and I disagree, and so we make the two largest room as the boys and girls room. They aren't that happy as this is the first time they are separated but they'll appreciate it when they get older

The kids and I then visit our neighbors, bringing sweet along to introduce ourselves, most of them are happy to have us, saying that they feel safe as someone who can solo a Behemoth are among them (what am I , a security guard! Joking Joking) but a small minority of them show a clear disgust toward the non human kid, even slamming their doors while asking us to leave (how rude! I wanted to scorn them so bad but I don't want my reputation as a good neighbor to drain down, so let just take it one step at a time to win their heart. How? I'll think of it later)

And for the fourth day after moving out, I decided to train those kid some magic and fighting style that suit them, well I can do just fine with magic but for those with weapon, I'll be in trouble as I myself used a scythe and I never fought a monster before, only the freaking behemoth that show out of nowhere. We enter the dungeon at the centre of the city. There, the entrance of the dungeon is buzzing with activities as merchant, stall and adventure doing transaction after transaction. Even the Adventure Guild quarter are here as well. Seeing the headquarters, I can't help but to be reminded how Alice, the Innkeeper daughter give me the guild recommendations letter. They asked me to join their ranks and I can start working as an A rank adventure, but I just refused it since being a high ranking adventure means I have to take a job outside the country as well, and for now I don't want that.

As I enter the dungeon with all of them, we see three different path taking us to three different kind of dungeon, while the entrance and exit remain constant, the other layer of dungeon weren't. As per advise by Alice, I decided to take the one that goes to an open field since I just wanted to train them, it's the safest one according to Alice

There, the lush green grass with the sweet aroma smell of the fruit being carried by the wind are really soothing, and we haven't begin to properly descend downward yet, this is still the fixed part of a dungeon. As I am about to descend, something strike my eyes, a young noble lady, sitting by herself at a public seat, looking down at the other children playing there, wanted to join but something preventing her from doing so, well, if I met her again, I will ask her why. For now, I have to focus on training the kids

As we enter the first floor of the dungeon, the same scenery greets my eyes, the kids become excited for which I understand, even I can't help but to feel excited. As we walk down the road, a group of zombies appear. Perfect for our target practice

"Well, remember what I have thought you about magic?" [Ash]
"Yes!" [Farhah]
"Well, let just applied it straight away" [Ash]

Magic, the phenomena that happen when one transfer their mana from one body parts to the outside or from one body part to another, all of us in Achalasia can use magic and as such in theory all of us can use all type of magic, but this is where the individual differences come in. While the Goddess Achalasia did tell me that I can use all kind of magic, she make it so by modifying my body, so that I am compatible with all magic, let said the baseline of it is 100. For some people, for example Rean, his baseline mana for Fire Magic are 250, while his darkness magic are 70, and the rest were around 10 to 30, thus he is highly compatible with fire magic as compared to other magic. So he can dished out strong fire magic with ease but let said if I ask him to use water magic, his body just wasn't compatible with it, and so try as he might, he can only produce a tearful of water. But that's all more than enough as he can still operate the bathroom which uses the water magic equipment

So basically

1. In theory, all living being can use all type of magic, it's just their body aren't designed to do so
2. This theory is supported by the fact that all of them able to operate a magical equipment even one that they are not compatible with (For example Rean operating the bathroom, Zerolith with poor light mana compatibility can switch on the light)

Well, that's the basic theory of it.

Still, those ten kid sure are hesitating so much, well let just give them an example shall we

"Listen up, I'll show you again how to imbued your mana into your weapon without chanting, so remember the theory and look at me carefully" [Ash]

As I said that, I unfolded my scythe, imbued it with wind mana and throw the scythe towards the horde of zombies, gosh they sure are slow, maybe because it's still daytime

As I do that, well, let just said I should ask the little one to stay back at home, as the head of the zombie one by one, detached from their body, their limbs as well, but to my suprise Charlotte and Savel were actually clapping, showering me with praise. Once the scythe come back to me, there's around 30 zombie left, well I have killed around 90% of it, so let just make them take out the remaining zombie shall we

"I'll start first" [Rean]

Seeing my performance, Rean fired up

"Good luck!" [Ash]


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