This is strange...

As i opened up my eye, what I see instead of the ceiling of a hospital, is a bluish sky that spread across the horizon, in a wide open field fill with lush of green and strange plant straight out of a fantasy world, one could even said straight out of sci-fi world

Now that I think about it, wasn't the Goddess said something about reincarnation

As I look around in frantic, one thing stood out

"Ehh! My body! It's younger and..." [Ash]

I move around, trying to walk, and enjoying the feeling of my new strong body, I can't help but started to run, while tear of joy started flowing down my cheek, I can feel that this is different from the usual crushing tear, instead it felt like my chest becoming so light that I might even ascend upward, reaching the heaven

"So the god did gave me a strong body, and that mean!" [Ash]

Magic, I can use magic and if im not mistaken, she gave me the power to use all type of magic, but there is a single tiny bit of problem

"Dear god... how do I use my magic?" [Ash]

Just as I racked my brain into it, suddenly, just like how a file being downloaded into a computer, a surge of knowledge come directly into my brain... they contain various fact and information about this world and also some instructions that I should do first

"I see, random malignant chest" [Ash]

Malignant chest, eventhough it sound pretty horrifying, it's nothing but a chest that spawn outside a dungeon, and just like in every game ever made, there should be an item inside of the chest

As i wonder around in the direction instructed through those download information, searching for the Apple tree (though it have a different name here but never mind that) I finally stumble across the said tree. Well, based on the information, it should be obvious, but this is just way too obvious!

"How come the branch of the tree spell out it's name! It's weird, definitely weird!" [Ash]

Well, not like I would complaint, its a huge tree to begin with and it's the only apple tree around here, so only an idiot will not found his way.

"And there's the chest!" [Ash]

Sprinting, I arrive at the front of the chest rather quickly, oh god, this feel like I'm an Olympian sprinter, well might not be at the level of Usain Bolt just yet, but since this is a magical world and I had confirmed that the standard body enhancement magic do exist, maybe I can become even faster than him (though back on earth, it will only be a pipe dream for me)

Inside the chest, there's a map, some item bag and also a weapon

"A scythe! And what's with the note, it's a gift from God of Death itself!" [Ash]

Well, not that I mind it, eventhough based on the information that I received, a scythe doesn't even exist in this world

"Does that mean I'm the first Scythe wielder?" [Ash]

Well, not like I would mind it, in fact, it would be cool if I can imitate the god of death, but he (or she) or maybe even the skeleton god of death, now that I think about it, it doesn't even utter a single word to me, the only conversation that I had was with God of Achalasia herself

Well, no point of thinking too much for now, and I should scan this gift first


Ash's Scythe

The first Scythe weapon on World of Achalasia, it's a gift from God of Death to Ash, created with part of Ash parents soul after they pressure the god of death itself, it had become an intelligence weapon that will grow alongside it's user. Can only be used by Ash or those that Ash had approved.

Full potential not achieved yet


Ahh... there's the tear, flowing once more, and this time, so in short, I have receive three blessings ever since I come to this world, from the goddess Achalasia, the God of Death as well as my own parents.

Well, this is only my own selfish thinking, but as I hug the Scythe, I can feel that there's two person hugging me back, might be my parents, or might be my own subconscious mind playing a trick on me, not that it matter. No it does, it might be their way of saying, we are watching you from the heaven for once, and second, this scythe with my parents soul in it, if I ever commit any crime, it's the same as making them committing the crime which is unacceptable

As I put the weapon to the ground, I checked the contents of the item bag, well... let just said there's quite a few gold coin as well as some changes of clothes,

I will really imitate the god of death with this... It's a set of cloth similar to that of an anime protagonist, or even antagonist and seriously it's cool beyond any doubt, and there's even a place to hold my Scythe with it, well better just suit up

hmmm.... I wonder how I look like....

"Ice mirror!" [Ash]

Ohhh!!!! It's quite nice, and with the folded Scythe behind me, ahh... let not get too ahead of myself

And lastly the map, looks like I'm not that far away from the Estel country... better head there fast

Well, the world of Achalasia is basically a number of small countries that float in an unknown space-time kinda thing, it's quite hard to imagine but based on the explanation given, we can imagine the country of USA as a single planet, connected by other country said for example Malaysia (which is like another planet by itself) and those two are connected by a mysterious space-time force akin to that of a wormhole, only the said wormhole is an ever changing dungeon and to make matter worse, somehow just somehow, without any sort of explanation given, there's a "cinema" or "CCTV" like thing that will observe those traversing the dungeon, usually situated at the centre of the country and it's a natural phenomena. I just can't racked my head as I try to think of a scientific reasoning behind it...

Well, atleast this country still follow the same 24/7 four season a year just like the earth, and if I'm not hurry, the gate surrounding the country will be closed!

As I said that to myself, I begin to sprint toward the Estel country

P/s moving forward, should I write based on first person perspective (aka Ash view)?

A note from Azumiazmee94

Moving forward should I write as a first person perspective (aka Ash view)

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